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College Moving Quotes

The easiest way to get an accurate, binding quote for your college move is to create a listing on with all the details of your move. You will need to have an accurate time frame when the move will take place, so be sure you know when move-in dates are for your apartment, dormitory, house or residence hall. Remember that summer is moving season, so the earlier you post your listing, the better.

When creating your listing, you will be asked to input all the details of your move. This accurate, detailed information will attract capable transporters to your listing. You can communicate with transporters using the Question and Answer forum on the listing. As you start to receive bids, field the transporters by checking out their uShip profiles, which contain information about their legal authority, experience, and feedback from previous customers. The transporter profile lends you a unique insight into the company. Your final decision should be based on your budget, criteria, time frame, and ability of the transporter to meet your needs.