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Can You Rent a Boat Trailer?

Transporting your boat safely requires the use of a boat trailer.

Unfortunately, buying a trailer can be expensive. Rather than buying your own, you could instead rent a boat trailer to move or ship your boat. 

If you’re having a professional transporter move your boat, let them know if you need to rent a trailer. They may have already have one that will work with your boat. You can identify the need for trailer rental in your shipment listing. This way, you can get transport quotes from companies that might be able to provide a rental boat trailer for the duration of the boat transport.

If you’re looking to move your boat on your own, you can find a boat trailer rental business nearby.

Boat trailers for rent can usually be found through marine sales and supply companies as well as local boating sales companies. When moving a boat on your own, the most important part of safe shipping is the trailer. Be sure to choose the correct boat trailer for transport.

Save time and money when you use uShip to find your boat transporter. Simply create your listing, outlining your needs for your boat transport and trailer rental, and carriers will send you quotes directly as they compete for your business. This ensures you get the best rate. Using uShip means you have extra protection and support throughout your shipment: