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How Much Does it Cost to Tow a Boat

Cost to Tow a Boat

The average cost to tow a boat can range from $125 to $250 for a 40-mile tow. However, depending on the towing company’s services and the distance traveled, this price can be much higher or lower. Other factors that can influence the price include the size of the boat as well as the time of day. Oftentimes, it is more expensive to tow a larger boat during “after-hours” (usually starting at 8 or 9 pm) than it is to tow a small boat during regular working hours.

More about Boat Towing Services 

In addition to boat transportation, some of uShip’s transporters offer one-way boat towing services. If you need a boat towed, you only need to create a listing describing your boat and your need for towing, and customer-rated transporters who specialize in towing boats will send you quotes directly.

Find A Carrier to Tow Your Boat with uShip

uShip is committed to helping our customers find the best boat towing companies at their best rates. Carriers compete for your business, guaranteeing you are getting the best quotes they can provide. When you use uShip to find your transporter, you get all of uShip’s benefits: