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Off to a rocky start

This is my first experience using uship. The first gentleman I hired (Joe Baird) rescheduled on us numerous times. He was never in contact with us, I would have to call him and leave him a msg. only to find out he wasn't showing up. This happened 4 times. He then rescheduled the shipment for 2 weeks later. At this point I decided to give Uship one more chance. I accepted a bid from neptuno19. He c ...

4 u-cart concrete trailers

my service provider did a great job all the way from gilroy ca to dublin tx. it was great to use uship . i will use again if needed thanks


We have used UShip twice now and have had a good experience both times. It saved us a lot of money. Thank you!

The best there is on Uship!!!!!

My load was not ready when Bulldog went to pick it up. They called me right away and advised me of the situation. I live in NY and was having shingles shipped from MN. to my new home in VA. Between calls to the company from Bulldog and myself we got the load around and ready to be shipped. The driver waited 1 hour for the load and advised me when he was loaded and on his way. The people at Bulldog ...

Pair sea doos

We bought an item off of e bay and under this item there was shipping quotes. So we decided to buy this item thinking it would be easy to get here. ( From Florida to Iowa). So After we purchased this item we called to have the item shipped with the company ebay had listed and none of the shippers were even able to ship this item because of the wide trailer. So now we have these sea doos in Florida ...

would recommend uship

I live in Denver and have a house in Virginia Beach. I had to find someone to ship 3 tons of rough cut lumber from my house in Virginia Beach, to my brother in NY who could sell it. I used uship to find the right company to do the job. Everything worked out fine and I did it all from my home in Denver by phone and computer. Great system.

Great experence using USHIP

This is a great site. Not knowing exactly where to look for the service I needed I was getting quoted prices in the $3000.00 range. Once I found uShip, I was able to better describe the service I was in need of and post a picture of item's actual size too. This helped me get to job done for about $600.00. Thanks uShip!

cat D-3 bulldozer

Great personality/very help- full/real nice people to deal with. very patient,had trouble un-loading dozer wouldnt start,because they had crude oil in dozer instead of diesel/ fuel oil,or kerosene I had to use Back-hoe to drag it off. thanks Ray and Jeff will deal with again.

Two concrete trucks hauled/shipped

I purchased two concrete trucks that weren't drivable and used uShip for shipping bids. I received bids quickly and was able to research feedback to decide on my best option. The whole shipping part of my experience was great, DJtrucking/TXLongrun was my shipper and were friendly throughout the process. I would recommend uship to everyone.

Airplane back home via U-Ship

I had a single engine airplane that I had purchased from insurance company, but this aircraft wasn't able to fly. I needed to transport aircraft via flat bed trailer from Phoenix, AZ to Reno, NV so that I can do the necessary repairs at my shop at the aiport in Reno. I had received rather large bids from commercial shipping companies that were unafordable. U-ship gave my shipment the exposure th ...

Logs and Lumber

Full semi of logs and lumber delivered as promised. A couple of small pieces lost in transport. Shipper to address.

camper box from far away

We wanted to buy a particular camper box from the local dealership in September, but the local dealer didn't have any in stock and couldn't be bothered to get more until Spring. So we contacted and bought direct from the manufacturer (Indiana, we're in Texas) for much less than we would've paid locally. The manufacturer offered to help find us a spot on one of the freight truck services they reg ...

problems arose we handled them !

backhoe from idhoe falls idhoe to gillette wy loaded on step deck trailer with other and delivered no problems

Flyneagle gets the job done right!

We had a huge piece of equipment over 2000 miles away and needed to find a way to transport it to us. After a bunch of run around and dishonesty from another carrier on this site, we finally found Virgil. He did what he said he was going to do and communicated with us well the whole way. We will certainly use Virgil's services again. Thank you for coming through for us Virgil! We would definitely ...

Great experiance dealing with larry

My dad had passed 4 months ago and we have been trying to get my dads things shipped out to us since then it was a difficult experiance because of my cousin that kept messing everything up for everyone. Finally We met Larry on u ship and he worked with us and my brainless cousin.He was super professional and courtious,very trustworthy and did exactly what he said. He kept us up on what was going o ...

How to ship stuff from Texas

I was a little worried about how to ship our equipment to the partner to Florida, but mostly how to load it to the truck without damaging it, within a very tight space. Gentlemen, if you have no ability to load anything on your property to a flat bed, you have to call 1deerhunter. This guy will bring all his friends to your place and even at night they will load your things carefully, and your ...

no worries.....

with this guy. I was at ease just talking with Russ the first time. I was amazed he had a tire for my flat trailer tire before transit, much less turned around to get it when others would not. I am so thankful for all aspects of no worries when shipping my motorcycle and personal goods and antiques. I was truly amazed the cost was more than half that of other price gouging outfits. I had lost ...

great shipper

had arrangements for pic up and had vehicle problems and he was very understanding and patient which was very reassuring and almost unbelievable in todays society! A+ i would use outlaw anytime!

cat D5B Dozer

this job was handled completely the best, pick-up and delievery was exactly , I would reconmend these guys to anyone

Cut the price in half

I needed to ship a rather large and heavy item. Our usual carrier was going to charge quite a bit. A co-worker suggested uShip, and we were able to get bids for about half the price of what the other carrier quoted. Everything is so easy to use and keep track of on Uship. We are already planning our next shippment with Uship.

First Time

USHIP Never ship this easey before great co. to deal with.Can,t wait to do this again. Taylor

An excuse to not got to Vegas

I had the pleasure of using Uship for a shipment of Aluminum Plates moving from Vegas to LA. The only problem being that the warehouse with the material didn't have a forklift heavy enough to load the plates. I asked for the full service bid, including renting a forklift to load the material on the truck and ship to LA. I got it all done within my budget and since I didn't have to go to Vegas t ...

4 green tanks in a flash

i was needing 4 3000 gallon water tanks collected from arlington tn to pierson fl.the company with so called great freight prices had quoted me $2950 to ship my tanks i thought that was a lot. so i thought i would try the internet. well i tapped in freight and in know time found uship. all i can say is it was so simple. if you new me you would be shocked to here me say that ,i hate computers , ...

A pro Dacor range and dishwasher delivered.

I had a Dacor range and dishwasher delviered to Monetta SC from San Diego CA. The service provider was super nice, helpful, and very easy to talk to. I was assisted with finding insurance and and all the details were expained to me. This was my first time shipping something freight. The price was very reasonable compared to others. The item came in great condition. The truck driver was friendly a ...

Second Time the Charm

I was looking for a way to get a new trailer from Florida to Maryland and happened upon UShip. That transaction did not work out. When my boss asked me to find a way to get 100 Dumpsters from NC to PA, I gave UShip another try. This time the experience was excellent. This website solved our shipping problems without complications. I have since recommended the site to another company who als ...

Great web site for shipment savings

I never new about uShip until I stumbled upon it through a search engine. I had a hard time finding an affordable hot tub mover and this proved to be the solution for me. Not only did I get quick service, I got a great deal too. I would have never been able to be sitting in my hot tub today if it weren't for uShip. Thanks!

Great job

Martins Tractor and Red eagle trucking did a great job on getting the steel we needed into us on a short notice, hopefully can work with them again.

Big Savings and Perfect Outcome!

I recently needed to have a large load of steel (35,000 lbs.) delivered from Fredricksburg, WI to Houston, TX. I called a few different companies whose quotes ranged from $3,500 to $4,500. I could'nt afford this price. One of the delivery companies asked me how much I was targeting, I stated "approximately $2,000". They responded back with an email explaining to me that I will never be able to ge ...


would use him again

Decking Materials

U-Ship was the answer to my problem.

stump grinder


First time user with great results

I had a project that finished and needed to ship within a few days. My shipment was two 3-sided shelters containing expense analytical equipment. They were about 5' x 5' x 9' high. I needed a low boy flat bed that was air ride fully insured as the equipment had a value of about $80K. I liked the fact that I could post a photo of what the systems looked like. I sent out the inquiry on Thursday a ...

First time using a shipping company for vending machines.

I purchased several vending machines from a seller in California. I live in Missouri. The shipper provided a bid I was comfortable with and a service I was happy to receive. I could not have done this any cheaper on my own.

On-time and in perfect shape.

Our shipment was made up of two custom HVAC units going to a site in Nevada owned by a very particular individual of some celebrity status. It was important that these units arrive in perfect condition as this was our first sale to the building contractor in charge of the site. All went well and all parties have had a positive experience. We have already contracted for another shipment with these ...

u ship is number 1 in my book

great service here.will use this company agagin,again,again.

Good price, fast shipper Aplus service

Fast shipper and well cared for handling. Nice to know you get someone there quick and reliable to a auction site.


The Best Shipping Experience.delivered very fast, professional ,and commuicated well .Thank God for people like this.....would use again...lou Corpus Christ Texas,,,,,,,

71/2 ft snow plow

I have found this to be the best service available in my experiance! Great Price and great Shippers!! We ran into a problem with getting it to me,but we worked it out smoothly and overcame all obsticles to get it here unharmed!! the shippers were very pleasant to work with! I liked that i could have shippers compete for my business,which in turn keeps the price down and quality of service up!!!! I ...

Great shipping of my timber frame

I purchased a timber frame from someone who stated a day and time that the frame would be ready to load and an estimated weight for shipping. He vastly under-estimated the time it would take him for dismantling and the actual weight was 2.75 times as much as he estimated. I had used UShip to find Osborne, which worked really well. Once I was on site with the timber frame and found out the dismantl ...

53' trailer down a 48' road...

We had to get 54.5' timbers on a 53' trailer down a narrow, windy dirt road in the woods of upper NH. An excavator had to follow the trailer in to pull the rear end around to clear tight corners, even after cutting a couple trees out of the way. After unloading we had to swing the trailer a full 180 with the machine to get the trucker back in the right direction to head out. Fortunitely, we wer ...


I needed 49000 lbs of steel corral panels shipped from Texas to Az. as soon as possible. I posted on uship just to see if it would work. Had a Target price bid from a michigan broker who was new to uship. checked him out with S.A.F.E.R. a gov. license site and he checked out. He had a truck ready to pick up the load in Texas within hours of accepted bid. arrived ahead of schedule by Oregon trucki ...

Log Splitter

Ron transported an extremely heavy 3pt hitch log splitter and firewood for me to three locations. Ron is efficient and on time, customers were happy with the firewood. I would highly recommend the use of his services. I will use him in the future. Thanks, Clay

Great response

We had a rush shipment and Bilco responded after hours from his truck by email. THAT IS SERVICE!

Excellent place to find a shipper!

You can't beat the savings in finding a shipper for heavy items or anything that needs to be shipped long distances or short distances. Website is easy to use and to understand. I would definitely use it again!

Pickup & Delivery of CornPicker

Very easy to contact and communicate with. Would definetly use this Shipper again, Thanks!

BEST SHIPPER EVER!!! BEVBRY50 is the one to hire!!

Richard brought my 11,000 barn kit directly to my house on a 53' trailer that he backed into our yard w/ease! When he picked up the kit at the plant he looked over the list and found some items missing so he hand loaded the missing boards himself and made sure the list was complete! Our tractor ended up breaking so he left me the trailer to unload the next day at my convenience as we had to rent a ...

huge glass machine coast to coast

I own a glass workshop in Mexico and found a great deal on a glass beveler machine in NC, my customs broker is in CA, So I thought that the freight was gonna be a problem, I found on the net the Uship webpage and posted my shipment, the feedback was very helpful to find a provider like L3 Enterprices, their truck arrived on time, and the driver was very helpful on loading the machine parts on the ...

USHIP is the next best thing to sliced bread!

If I had not found this website I would have had to pay hundreds of dollars to ship my appliances that I won on Ebay. In the past I have not bothered bidding on items that were "pick-up only", but now that there is USHIP to save me hundreds of dollars I can buy anything I want anywhere in the U.S. Thank you so much USHIP!


U SHIP PROMISED $100.00 . Kindly credit my account

Livestock panels

Red Dog Ranch, tnt freight got my panels here right on time, witch was good considreing the nightmere I had with "SERGIO" the service provider from h$!% I accepted his bid paid the uship fee contacted him, set up a day and time he contacted the panel company got it all planed out and then never showed up they waited all day on a non work day to load him, he never called, I tried to call or email h ...

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