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Excellent Service from Graham

Having purchased Rose Quartz Lampsin south Africa, I needed them brought back to the UK. The problem was with the supplier,I ordered these goods in South Africa in January for shipment end February, My supplier was 2 months late, and still tried to deliver on Easter Saturday! I finally got them yesterday. And the invoice was wrong! Graham was so patient, with me and the supplier. When the ...

juliette balcony

i bought the item off ebay, to far to go for it so i contacted uship and just waited for the quotes, picked one and the job was done.

EASY trucking

i had a load in edmonton needed it to grande prairie fast and CHEAP tricor did the job great work!!!!

metal decking

my first shipment did not go well at all the shipper SH&T Trucking never picked it up and never answered his phone after booking the shipment, then he blamed it on the huricane Sandy but that took place after he was to pick up and deliver I would never use that shipper ever I had to find another shipper with a new auction that went very well maplewoodhauling did a great job and picked it ...

1 Pallets (Non-standard)

I was desperately trying to find someone to transport a garage from AZ to MN and I couldn't find anyone to do it. Someone recommended and I was leary, but I had no other choice. Now I am very happy that I found because I also found Matthews Transport and they are the best. Their bid was by far the best and their service was beyond excellent. They communicated with us the entire ...

First Time user

Introduced to the site by a neighbouring business. The offers came in quite quickley and most below our usual transport company. Will certainly be useing you again and reccomending to others.

rear fenders for pickup truck

bought some fenders off of ebay. contacted uship. put in all info, and accepted a bid from shipag. they emailed me and set up pickup and dropoff times. they said they could get it all done right away but i said it could be whenever, i was not in a hurry. but in a few days they called and said they were on the way to my house with the fenders. these guys are great. just leave them alone and let the ...

excellent service

This was my second uship experience and both have been great. I had seven pallets of stone vaneer shipped to my home that is under construction.



Best Value

I think there was one quote that was a few dollars lower than Will's. However, I was shiipng tooling valued at $90,000. His was the only quote that insured the shipment for up to $100,000 withou any additioanl charge.

Excellent service delivering Aluminium extrusion

I needed to find someone fast to make a delivery from London to Devon. I didn't want to use a courier service as the goods needed to be handled with care. I was ideally looking for a small family firm to make the shipment. I wanted a dedicated vehicle. Someone who regularly made shipments down to Devon/Cornwall direction. U ship were able to put me in touch with many service providers. SC ...

Great experience with my first ever shipping of large packages

I had never shipped any large items before so it was all new to me. Came across Uship and everything was easy to use and get shipping quotes. Uship was very helpful in finding a carrier at a reasonable price to ship my goods.

Dependable trucker

Trucker showed up right on time for pick up with very little notice. However, the tile distributer did not have any product available and didn't even notify me or the driver ahead of time. This shipment was cancelled, but I do recommend this delivery service as professional, reliable and reasonable.

Andy Gib Crane

No one got got the reference to the former BeeGee Andy Gibb, even though it was a Jib crane. HoHum

2 Pallets of Mailboxes

The individual shipper I chosed was on the road and in my opionion was not in a position to take care of my needs as expected. I wanted an immediate pickup and it was 4 days before I received a truck to pick up the pallets. My customer was not happy so it made me unhappy.

Punctual shipping from jobsite to yard.

I needed to have concrete pavers delivered to my yard. I contacted uShip and placed a bid request. I recieved bids immediately and settled on the best price. Contact was immediate and I set up the pick up and the delivery for the same day. They were at the pick up point when promised. They arrived at the delivery point as promised. The driver was experienced and manuevered the truckload so that ...

good job shipping my stone..

I broker all types of stone products @ wholesale prices. I used uship, because my former shipper dropped the ball to many times. I found a great shipper during this process and I appreciate the assistance I received from uship. Thank You..

Efficient shipping of 45000 lbs of pavers

I and some neighbors had the chance to take the pavers from a friends driveway about 70 miles away. We purchased pallets, and stacked the stones, and thenneeded to ship them. It was easier (I called multipled places and received bids), not to mention more cost effective, to find someone pretty quickly with the right equipment,and a good price. Were I to need to ship anything like this again, I wou ...

Awesome service

Freight101 contacted my vendor to arrange for pickup. My vendor then gave my freight to the wrong carrier, but Freight101 uses them as well so it worked out ok. I was notified of the problem right away so that it could be resolved. Freight101 took care of the problem so that I did not have to which was appreciated.

Great Experience with my shipment.

Needed something shipped in a rather quick time frame. I placed my shipment on U-Ship and had it to the customer in a short amount of time! I highly recommend UShip! Thank you! Amazon Metal


I had to have a sample rail delivered. The people that we normally use, was wanting to charge a small fortune and more than what we had budgeted for it. (Thier price changed due to it being a Wednesday. I got a better price and better customer service from the people that I chose. Thank you! I will continue to use Uship!

Great first time!

This was my first time using UShip and it was great. I'm excited to have found it as I often need materials delivered that I can not handle myself. Russ made the whole thing so easy - I never worried about anything. I hope he bids on my next job

Roofing Slate From California

Needed slate for a roof in Illinois. Found it in California. At that point also needed shipping from california; decided to use uship. Much to my surprise the transaction went smooth just like the delivery. I'd use this service again in a heartbeat. No hesitation what so ever. Thank You Again!! Mike @ Timeless Builders Inc.

Excellent Service

We have a difficult pickup area but this service provider not only navigated it easily but was very helpful in our first major shipment. The customer on the other end said he was prompt and courteous. We are amazed at the number of great bids we had for this shipment. We are getting ready to ship out another going across the US and will use uShip again.

Great service

Josh delivered a very arge load of natural stone for me which required the use of a soft wheel fork lift. His operating skill were great, his trailer was more than adequate and his $ value for service exceeded my expectations.

Ebay and USHip, a marrage made in heaven

We had the opportunity to buy 250 square feet of new ONYX mosaic tile for about 20% of its retail price. The problem was that the Onyx was in California and we needed the Onyx in New Jersey. The solution was USHip. Even after shiping we realized a saving of 70% below retail. Ebay and USHip, a marrage made in heaven!!!!


First time using Uship. Wow this is great. I will use it again. Fast, easy to use, great response, no hickups. Delivered on trailer type needed for my customer.

Great experience shipping slab stone.

We had slabs of soapstone to get from Oakland, CA to Denver, CO. After booking shipment, Heide asked if it could be loaded the same day!! It turned out to load the next day, but excellent fast service. Driver was very careful.

uShip was able to meet my needs

uShip was able to broker a load at a very reasonable price using moving professionals. I would highly recommend anyone using this service for the first time.

An excuse to not got to Vegas

I had the pleasure of using Uship for a shipment of Aluminum Plates moving from Vegas to LA. The only problem being that the warehouse with the material didn't have a forklift heavy enough to load the plates. I asked for the full service bid, including renting a forklift to load the material on the truck and ship to LA. I got it all done within my budget and since I didn't have to go to Vegas t ...

Great shipping experience

Deancrombie moved an akward load from L.A. to Modesto. CA.. Deancrombie was always in communication and extremely punctual. Very professional and experienced. A perfect shipment. We'll use Deancrombie at every opportunity.

Thanks Uship.. AAAA ++++

Thank to uship, I got my stuff delivered, Excellent experience, I would definitely use uship again.. Thank you....

Big Savings and Perfect Outcome!

I recently needed to have a large load of steel (35,000 lbs.) delivered from Fredricksburg, WI to Houston, TX. I called a few different companies whose quotes ranged from $3,500 to $4,500. I could'nt afford this price. One of the delivery companies asked me how much I was targeting, I stated "approximately $2,000". They responded back with an email explaining to me that I will never be able to ge ...

great shipping experiance.


Slate Tile From Virginia to Texas

Overall experience with uShip and Bilco was excellent. I will recommend to friends and use again in the future as I have need. David

Small shipment great experience

We needed to get 2 slabs of stone on an Aframe from Denver to Tucson, AZ as quickly as possible. We knew that we had to be expect to be flexible, but shipment was picked up within 1 hour of being ready and delivered 36 hours later!!! Exceptional service.

good experience shipping two slabs

We had two large concrete slabs (5x10 feet and 1.5 inches thick) to ship from Portland Oregon to San Diego on a budget. Greg was courteous, easy to work with and gave us a fair price. The slabs arrived on time and in good condition. Greg also agreed to return our trailor and A-frame rack. Overall a positive experience.

Great experience shipping my slate

What was the item you were shipping? > roof & sidewalk slate Why were you shipping this item? > Needed slate for roof. Shipper willing to also pick up sidewalk slate from same quarry & ammend contract. Slate not sold around here. No slate sidewalk with my vehicle had it not been for his willingness to ammend contract Who was your service provider? Tell us what a great job they did! > JWolf ...

Shipping stone for sculpture

I am a sculptor and had 1200 pounds of stone in NJ that I needed to ship to FL. Using uship was great and saved me a lot of money! A full service shipping "store" wanted to charge me $2300 (that's more than the stone was worth!). On-line freight companies were alot better and gave me estimates between $700 and $800. Uship blew them all away! My uship bid was $400. The service provider (ttobi ...

Great Service

I was very pleased with the uShip service. I was able to save some freight expense and will use this service many more times for sure!

Great service from start to finish shipping 15 tons of product in less than 24 hours!

I was shipping 10 pallets of stone (15tons) to a customer about 150 miles away. I needed to get this product to them right away and my other delivery person could not do it. Over the weekend Aaron Rolleri saw my bid and asked some questions to make sure he could do it. I looked at all his positive feedback and accepted his bid on Monday morning at 9:30am. He picked up the product in the evening s ...

Stories: 1 - 41 of 41