Special Care Items Shipping Stories

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Piano moved by Genetti Trucking.

I needed a piano moved from the upstairs of my home to the basement. I wanted to have it moved within a week's time. I put a bid online and received the accepted bid the same day. Mr. Genetti called and said he was driving his truck from the East Coast the day before and said that he could come by my house the next day to "check things out." Much to my surprise he moved the piano right then an ...

Great mover-I have my toy now!!!!!!Happy kitty!!!!!

I had bought a practice carillon keyboard with the idea that I would just go to her house (a full days drive) and load its happy tail in my full size van. WRONG.....my van has 5 foot doors and not tall enough to accomadate the keyboard. So I had 2 choices,rent a uhaul,or hire a moving company. I hate driving..gods I really HATE driving. I do enough of it thank you very much. I hit ...

moving pool table

I really lucked out. These guys are experts when it comes to moving pool tables. They did all the right things, including removing the slabs and accessories as needed; then reassembled them including sanding, glueing and leveling with "chims" my pool table. And they were the best price which meant the best value!!! They completely exceeded my expectations! Thanks and more thanks!

Great shipping experience with USHIP!

Great USHIP experience with Howard. Great communication from initial online bidding experience to pickup to delivery and all during the piano's long trip from WI to NC. Piano arrived in terrific condition and Howard was enjoyable to talk with as well. Well worth the experience and cost! Thanks Howard for everything. My husband will be thrilled to see this wonderful surprise!!! ~Linda

Rocking horse galloped home

I purchased a rocking horse which needed to be shipped. At $120 for UPS, the cost of shipment was more than the value of the horse. uShip came to the rescue with a friendly bidder who was reasonable, quick, and efficient. I definitely will use uShip again and again for any shipping needs!

Piano move done right

When my sister-in-law bought a house, my wife and I bought the console piano from the sellers. We used uship.com to have the piano moved from my sister-in-law's new house to our own, and through the bidding process we were able to save a substantial amount of money, about 20% of the normal cost of transport. Daylight Movers were courteous and professional, and did a very good job of keeping our ne ...


I was shipping a 2 person hot tub because I won it on Ebay and was reciommeded USHIP web site and I'm very pleased with my experience and will use USHIP again for all my shipping needs. You all heard of "Lending Tree", well, "USHIP" is the "Lending Tree" of the shipping world. Thank you USHIP ! monndog761


I guess I will put it this way. I badly wanted this pair of speakers and it was financially necessary to deliver my speakers (as an exchange) in order to acquire them. The cost to deliver by well known firms (UPS, Fed Ex) was prohibitive. I could not have gotten the speakers outside of uShip. It enabled something I thought was not possible.

Yamaha Grand

Excellent site. It was my first time using this service and it's highly trustworthy and recommended.

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!!

Mark and Carol were an absolute joy to work with. They were professional in every way and took wonderful care of my piano throughout the process. They followed through on everything that they promised. My parents had nothing but wonderful things to say about meeting them on their end of the shipment and the same goes for my husband and I. They are very personable people and I enjoyed my conver ...

Good experience moving my pool table

I wanted to move my pool table from the basement to a first-floor game room. None of the local pool table vendors would do the job, since the table has a one-piece slate playing field. I posted my need on uShip and received several inquiries in short order. A couple of emails later, everything was set. The move went smoothly, and I am very satisfied. I will definitely consider uShip for future ...

Great Experience shipping our family heirlooms!

Unfortuately I live 3000 miles from most of my family in California and I found out at last minute that my Grandfather was moving himself to a home and needed money so was garage-saling everything he owned to get more money. My Grandmother has an antique furniture set that no one in my family wanted to buy. I wanted it to be able to keep it in the family but there is no way I could have afforded i ...

Using uShip and American Moving for first time

We were happy that there were no problems with this shipping, as about two years ago, when I moved my mother's furniture up from Florida through Beckins Moving, there were several items missing and we could not settle with them for months, a very nerve racking experience. In the 6 moves my mother has made in her lifetime, this one with Beckins went down as significantly bad. I appreciate the ...

Grand Piano Move

Gary is a great guy. He and his co-worker, delivered the piano as promised and spent extra time ensuring I was happy with it's final position and issues with the pedals. However, Gary was about 4 hours late at the pick-up destination, which was a bit embarrassing, as I had to call and apologize to the current owner for the movers tardiness. Also, what should have been a 2 hour drive-time for de ...

first u-ship experience

I had refinished an antique rocking chair as a gift for my new grand-daughter. Planned to send it UPS, but no. It was too large. Steve delivered it in record time and in great condition. Will tell all my friends about u-ship. It was a good experience.

Grand piano

A little nervous about using uShip, but the price was unbeatable and the grand piano was shipped in great condition with speedy delivery and no hassles. Glad I went with uShip!

Worry Free

Needless to say, when you sell a 400 lb Lowrey Organ and need it shipped cross country you are a little nervous - not to mention the fact that you have never shipped anything this large before - We were elated with uship - We requested bids and almost immediately received several - The process was easy and very effective - The shipper we selected (Robert Benedict) was fantastic - Kept in constant ...

Piano move

We needed to get a family piano moved from Montana to Wisconsin. Randy and his crew came through with flying colors! They took excellent care wrapping and loading the piano, and were very punctual and professional. The delivery also was handled with the same attention to detail. I highly recommend this compant!

A heavy vintage instrument 6 hours away

I managed to find a special piano at a manageable price... but it was too far to drive and get. I looked on the discussion forums dedicated to this special piano to get ideas on shipping. There was a post about a guy that had used Uship.com, so I signed up and posted my required pickup/delivery info. I then received multiple bids and found one that would work. I got lucky and got the nicest gentle ...

sisters piano

the professionalism of all involved was impressive and in the future I will certainly use DHL again and U Ship too..Many Thanks and thanks for making my sister's Christmas the very best ever

Great shipping my priceless mirror

I’m a volunteer fire fighter in my township and wanted to purchase a Yuengling fire department mirror I saw a local pub for my home collection of FD items. After researching who had it for sale, the only place to get the mirror was 3hrs. away in PA and the warehouse would not ship the item because it was extremely fragile. So, I was debating to drive or not. I remembered a friend talking about Ush ...


The driver picked up the organ on time and arrived in Miami faster than I ever thought possible, with no damage.

How easy can moving be!? Pretty easy with Uship.

we were shipping an upright piano and a few small pieces of furniture. Darrell and team took great care with each piece- very professional. I will definitely be working with Darrel and crew again as the need arises. Highly recommended. Uship made our choosing a moving company so easy! I would have been searching the yellow pages with no idea who I was talking with, but Uship let the movers ...


Within 3 days, I posted my request to move my grandmother's antique desk from VA to MA, accepted 1 of 6 competitive bids and the desk was picked up and delivered in perfect condition. This is a truly fantastic service - efficient, very high quality and I saved $800 over what a local mover quoted me for moving the piece. I will absolutely use this site again and refer it to friends and family.

MF 135 Engine Block

I contacted BMT Trucking after I booked by shipment with them. They kept in contact with me on when the shipment would arrive. The item arrived in excellent condition, as great care was taken during the shipping process. Thanks again for your services!

Heirloom piano moved without a hitch!

We moved Gramma's piano half-way across the country. My nephew just married, and his new wife plays the piano. It was a perfect wedding gift. How to get it there? I admit, I was quite apprehensive about finding a shipper this way. But I was very pleasantly surprised at the professionalism. Not only of the company I chose, but of the tight rules and regulations for communication and concern fo ...

Initial a little hesitant but overall satisfactory

It was my mother of 74 who bid and won on a large quilting machine on ebay (her first timeusing ebay). She did not realize it was pick up only and of course she won. She really wanted the machine so we started looking into arranging shipping as the seller was willing to work with us on it. After checking with companies the cheapest was 1348.00 for a regular freight company. After two listing g ...

1930'S Gas Stove

I wasn't sure about doing this type of thing as I never have done this before but the experience was G R E A T and what made me use the person I had used it matters to read the feed back people have written with there own experience's with there shipments and the process of the whole thing seem to be very easy to do and if I need a shipment done again I will be back to use the site.

Our painting got home!

We had borrowed a large painting from our daughter for an art show, picking it up in a large rented van. But then we had no way to return it to her without renting another van. We had used uShip service before and been pleased, so I posted our painting on Sunday, got two responses and chose one. The owner-operator kept in touch either through his office or himself every step of he way, once ...

Moose travels 2000km with no legs

"George" has been on our wall above the piano, watching over our family and guests for years. When my parents decided it was time to move from Winnipeg, George (the mounted moose head that my father had hunted) had to move too. His new home? My brother's new hunting/fishing outfitting store in Kelowna - a perfect fit, except, he wouldn't be walking there on his own... Where do you even begin? O ...

meshele's piano

i purchased a baby grand piano for my daughter and new son-in-law as a wedding present. they live in new york. i live in michigan and the piano was in new jersey. each location had work and college class schedules to coordinate, and two of us owned our own business. the original owners of the piano had sold their house, were in the midst of packing and going to closing. somehow CPM coordinated ...

Thank goodness for small shippers!

Working with a tight budget, I had ship my paintings 1400 miles. UShip is a great option. Not only did it hook me up with a great shipper, but it saved me a lot of money. And I love the fact that I'm giving business to smaller companies, individuals or couples. There's more care and accountability. I would definitely use Uship again.

We shipped a 5 foot metal heron!!!

We operate a coop gallery in Western Michigan and one of our metal sculptures, a five foot heron, was purchased by a woman from Colorado. We were unable to ship via UPS or Fed Ex because the heron exceeded size limitations. So, after searching the web, we were thrilled to find uShip.com and even happier when our shipment was bid on within a couple of days! To make our experience even more delig ...


I had never used this service before and was a little scared but it was really easy and reliable. Dustin took care of the family heirloom and delivered it with no problem at all. Great experience

Well done JOB

Shipped a Large game table and Provider did an out standing job wrapping and handling every thing. will use uship again.

Great experience shipping a rare desk

I have dealt with several moving companies in the past and was very hesitant to entrust a rare desk to a moving company. I liked the assurances stated by AmericanMoving, their substantial positive feedback, and that they could ship for such a fair price. They delivered on their promise and packed my desk very well. The desk arrived well ahead of schedule, and they even worked around a scheduling c ...

great experience shiping my artwork

I am a visual artist , a painter. I have a NYC gallery that represents me , unfortunately they , like many other businesses fell on hard times and announced that they were closing the busines down and so I was asked to come and pick up my work which had been there on consignment.I decided to ship 4 paintings from the NYC gallery to a San Francisco gallery. Now, I live in Toronto Canada, so I coul ...

Great experience shipping my piano

I received bids ranging from $945 to $1500 on this job, so as you can plainly see, I saved a great deal of money. Plus, I got connected with an absolutely FANTASTIC piano mover who I will not hesitate to use in the future and recommend to all of my friends.

Kimble Piano

I am First time user for UShip. I bought a piano on ebay which also was an excellent experience. (A lot of wonderful people to do business with out there) skltransportation transport service - "Shawn" was a delight to work with. Answered all my questions, stayed in touch, and worked within the time frame/scheduling of both the seller and myself on both pick up and the delivery end. Delivery wen ...

Great experience shipping a fragile item

The curio cabinet I bought on eBay was supposed to be shipped by UPS. However, they rejected it because the glass was very fragile. I told the seller I would arrange for the shipping and luckily found uShip on the internet. I received offers from other companies I contacted, and they all wanted hundreds of dollars more.

Big TV 61' Move

A co-worker was giving away her 61' TV and I decided to take without not knowing what I was getting into. I thought of renting a truck plus after considering the rental, gas, labor...I thought I might be able to find someone who can do it for me. That's where uShip came by surfing the net. I will say having one item like a BIG TV 61', it is not a one man job and using uShip allowed me to get an ...

My 1st sale on ebay, had to ship item freight

We decided to try to sell an item on ebay. Little did we know that shipping could be a headache when you have a large item to ship. I spent a lot of time looking and getting quotes from different freight companies. Then someone told me about freight.com and I went there to check it out and found U Ship. What a god send!!! I listed my item and destination along with a price and within 2 minutes ...

'Safe' shipment all the way!

I needed to ship an antique safe, a family heirloom, to my nephew in New Mexico. I was having a difficult time finding a shipper via the internet until I came across the uShip site. I tried a few other sites w/o success before I tried uShip. The process was simple and easy. I had my choice of several bids and once I confirmed the bid I wanted I was contacted by the shipping rep the same day. ...

It was easy!

I didn't know the service existed but luckily I spotted UShip's listing on the web. It worked out beautifully. A lot of the first bids were unusually high. Customers should be patient because lower bids will arrive.

very positive experience

I have an Antique store and depend on expereinced shippers, to ship items through out the United States. I am very pleased to have found uship.They were very professional the items were picked up on time and delivered as scheduled. I will definitley use them for all my shipping needs.

best deal without calling anyone !

After my wife had called 15 moving company, and obtained some quotes, after spending 2 hours on the phone, I decided to do it the uShip.com way and see what would happen---I just spend 15 minutes registering and filling my order - the next day I received a bid that was better than all others.... Good stuff, love the online booking. Great piano move !

Excellent shipping of my family heirloom!

I searched for three years trying to find a way to get a very fragile glass and mirror painting shipped across states to my home, oversized and bulky and made of glass, noone would touch it. when I received a bid from Jason and Lisa I accepted and the rest is history, my family heirloom now hangs proudly in my home. If I EVER need anything shipped again, they are the ones for me, even if I have to ...

Very comforting to find trustworthy people...

We had moved my mother's piano around for 30 years. Now that we are too old to do it, we were nervous about finding someone to do it for us. BGS were just the people we were looking for, prompt, professional and polite. We'll definitely use them again, and will recommend them and uShip to others.

Piano and entertainment center move

We only needed to have someone move our piano and entertainment center within our own house. Always Helpful Movers answered our request promptly, set up a time and date, and followed through with very professional service. Thank you!

Great Shipping Experience

I have never used UShip before and this was for a personal shipment. My grandma passed away and left me her Grandfather's clock that is 27 years old. This was very precious to me. I was able to communicate with shipper and was assured by him that he can ship the clock without any damage. In fact, he recently shipped a grandfather's clock. The transaction was very smooth and I had several bids ...

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