Heavy Equipment Shipping Stories

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My Uncles tools

listed to have my uncles tools transport from NJ to GA got it done in 2 weeks with no problems what a great job and fast to thanks U-ship

Great ccncept for both parties.

First time using uship, so was the shipper SPEEDY600. I had a good transaction. Will use again.

Delaware Bill

I needed a commercial piece of equipment to be shipped from Washington DC to Wisconsin.  I checked around with shipping companies and they gave me a hard time telling me the equipment needed to be drained of all fluids and crated and on top of that they couldn't even pick up for a week or two later.  Delaware Bill saved the day.  He was extremely nice and knowled ...

Stories: 2,101 - 2,103 of 2,103 Page: << < Prev 38 39 40 41 42 43