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How to Choose a Heavy Equipment Transporter

You should carefully choose your heavy equipment transporter. Heavy equipment hauling can be a difficult task and it is important to choose a company that specializes in it. Whether you choose to work with a broker, shipping company, or owner-operator, you should always make sure to do some research and verify all credentials.

What should you look at when choosing a transporter?

  • Feedback on the Transporter’s uShip Profile: Your carrier’s uShip profile will have extensive feedback on the carrier’s past performance. Look for customers who had used this carrier to transport similar shipments in the past. This will give you an idea of the level of service and safety that you can expect to receive, and should help you make a more informed decision.
  • Licensing and Reviews: Make sure that your transporter is licensed. Ask your transporter for their USDOT and MC numbers, listed on their uShip profile, and check the information listed on This step will provide you with useful information on the service provider, including their safety rating. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau. These steps will let you fully investigate the background of your transporter.
  • Delivery Time: The delivery time given by the transporter should also factor into your decision. An exceptionally long haul can mean that the transporter is making many transfers, which can lead to more wear and tear on your equipment. Shorter moves with fewer transfers lead to a safer move for your equipment. You should also be wary of moves that seem unusually short. In these cases, make sure to inquire about the transporters on-time delivery rate.
  • Insurance: Haulers are required to have a certain amount of insurance. Make sure you inquire about their coverage and the transporter’s claims-to-damage ratio, which should be below 1.5%. Should you need more coverage, your transporter may provide the option of purchasing more coverage, or you can acquire it through a third party. Vehicles transported through uShip are eligible for uShip Protection Plan. Learn more about the uShip Protection Plan here.

Be prepared to ask and answer questions

Make sure to ask your transporter any questions you have, and be ready to answer theirs. Providing information for the transporter will help them give you a more accurate estimate for your shipment and allow them to anticipate any special needs. The cost and time of the move can be influenced by many factors, including the working condition of the equipment, the availability of loading docks, ramps, or cranes, as well as any special precautions that are necessary. Answering these questions ahead of time can help ensure that you receive a complete estimate.