FTL Freight Shipping Stories

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Shipping a variety of used goods to Florida

I accumulated close to a truck load of stuff that I intended to ship to a company in Florida which was going to ship it to my store in Haiti. The problem was that "I did not have a plan or a clue about how all that stuff was going to get to Florida". I requested quotes from a few companies. As far as I can remember, one quoted me $2969 (and some cents) and another quoted me over $4000. With USh ...


This service was an A+ transaction from top to bottom. Painless.

Nothing but trouble turns into joy

I needed to move a 20ft intermodal container about 20-miles. Because I did not know the exact weight of the container with its contents, I guessed that my forklift would easily lift it onto a trailer. Not even close! My forklift couldn't budge the container. Next, I went to the local rental yard and procured a boom truck with a 30-ton capacity, thinking that this will certainly do the trick. Fa ...

Stories: 51 - 53 of 53 Page: << < Prev 1 2