United States Shipping Stories (LTL Freight)

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We had a large auto hood that needed to be sent about 800 miles. Within a few hours a shipper hit our bid and within minutes we were in contact and pick up was made the next day!

Great Job

This was my first time using uship. I will use uship again for sure. Overall a great experience and very affordable.

2 units

I was quoted $2030.00 to do this shipment through FedX, this totally freaked me out, a friend told me about uship & bidding wars. This site is by far the only way to ship! AA++ service & communications.

1 Pipe

How the heck do you get a 20ft. stainless steel pole from Dallas to Austin? uShip! Awesome experience with the new LTL process. Loved it!

Shipped an engine

I shipped an old Pontiac engine from the US to Toronto. You should know that to execute this, you must do a lot of work to get the motor ready for shipment. You want it on a pallet and the person shipping it has to be able to get it up onto the truck. You may be able to get the trucking company to send a truck with a liftgate, but don't count on it. In this case, i also had to line up a custom ...

13 Boxes

I needed to get 2 pallets of hubcaps shipped to me. UPS rates per box were too high so I tried uship. I put out a request and Sean got back to me within 2 hours, on a Saturday yet! He answered all my questions and kept in touch. 5 star rating from ebay seller hubcapjoes.

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Sam is very professional and yet treats you like a friend from the time he steps out of his truck. My husband manages a feedlot and he would hire him just based on the short amount of time we visited while unloading the tractor.

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Kevin Brown did an excellent job shipping our straw blower from North Carolina to Maryland. He did everything that he said he would do, including keeping in touch during shipping. I have found it to be tough to find people and companies with good customer service skills and work ethics these days. Kevin is an exception to the rule. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone who has the opportuni ...

1 Pallet

I had never heard of uship until my son suggested I try it to ship a heavy marble fountain 1400 miles. I found Dave, and he made a very hard job easy! And at a very reasonable cost! By the time we said goodbye, I felt like a had a new friend! Thanks Dave, and thanks uship!

1 Pallet

Used Uship for the first time today. I will definitely use them again for shipping! Mike Johnson is A+ person to deal with!

good price and pallet arrived intact

Pallet of mold, arrived intact, fast response either phone or mail wit hservice provider. good price will defenalty use uship again!

3 Electrical motors and 2 Control Panels feedback

I am so glad with this service, Jason always was available and in contact, a very smooth negotiation.

el precio justo para el embarque

me gusto el servicio y el precio fue el que estaba buscando. considero una empresa seria Uship gracias.

First Time outside of UPS / Fedex

I bought a vintage Honda St 90 and needed it shipped from Kaiser Missouri to Odgensburgh NY. (about 1800 klms) I have used UPS and FedEx all my life in my business (Builder) but was quoted over 1500$ - more than I paid for the bike. I found USHIP and began looking into them. The more I looked the better they looked. I researched a few of their contractors and went with Coast2Coast. (A++++++) Exc ...

Great experience

Needed a pallet moved from Joplin to Calgary. They quoted quickly, picked up pallet when they said they would and delivered it when they said they would.

good experience shipping our machine rake

We purchased a rake from Richie Bros and used Uship for delivery. Reasonable delivery charges and we will continue to use Uship in the future.

700 pound anvil in USA shipped 3000 miles to Canada

Saved over 1200 dollars and had my dream anvil delivered . If I did not use u ship and land a competitive quote from a large logistics company ( ECHO GLOBAL) I could not of afforded this anvil .

Needed an electronic machine shipped from USA to Canada

This was my first time and I learned about the business of shipping through our borders. What a pain in the butt. With the help of Derrick from Echo shipping, I sure learned quickly. In less than a day, I had everything done and go to go. I was happy I wasn't treated as a newbie and that to me is very important. I would definitely use Uship again.

Happy to have uship

So happy to have a place like this for everyone to meet and be able to have a chance to ship things off for much less so far your website has been my only means for shipping cars engines for past 4or more yrs now Thnks guys

Demoliton Grapples

Needed few grapples shipped quickly Shipper did a great job very quick and 100% correct . Thanks Shawn

The most painless, effortless, hassle-free shipping experience ever.

We had 2800 lbs of plastic containers coming out of the US to Canada and hadn't the first clue about how to get it to the border, let alone across it all using one carrier. We also didn't know what kind of rates to expect. uShip made it so easy to get bids. Once we'd seen the rates we could expect we asked the shipper to stack the skids higher. We cancelled the auction and resubmitted it with n ...


service is good, communications could be improved. Good think I was not in a hurry to get the item.

Second uShip Experience.

Although I 'm not a regular shipper, and my item was a peculiar size, it all worked very well. (Including international elements.) From now on, I'm a uShipper!

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