United States Shipping Stories (Less Than Truckload)

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Great service on my engine block

I purchased an engine block in Louisiana, but was afraid that the shipping would cost more than the block. To my surprise USHIP was able to get the job done, after many bids, for A LOT less than I had hoped for. Excellent service provider!! Thank you. Jim. Wisconsin.

Shipping central air condenser unit

I needed to ship an air conditioning condenser unit from my son's home in Indiana (where he is going to school) to my home in Utah. I purchased it on Ebay a few months ago and now that the weather is heating up and I need to get it hooked up and going. It is for a rental home I own. I was hoping my son could bring it to Utah when he came to visit but it was a little to big for his car. I listed it ...


i had a great experience with this company.

Positive experience

Great shipper - highly recommend

A-One Engine shipping esxperience

I shipped rare auto engine to a company in california to be rebuilt,The service provider Uti Transport services and Saia Shipping completed the shipment in a timely and efficent manner.and as you can imagine,I was worried about the shipment because i had not used the Uship service before. The service provided by these companies exceeded my expectations,as all went as planned with good communicati ...

I would choose American Freight again and recommend them.

My shipment was a big mess. I needed a lift gate and pallet jack at a residence in the middle of nowhere. And here is the kicker, no one lived at the residence. So on top of everything else we had to do a shipment notification and plan everything out right so someone was there. I know Scott worked many hours on getting this right and making everybody happy and I also know that he had to deal wi ...

Great experience shipping my screen.

Posted my listing and within a day a shipper contacted me. He was real nice guy, even spent an extra day in New York, while I waited for a crane to come in, and even better he delivered $700 dollars cheaper than any of my other quotes. I would recommend this Uship to all of my customers and colleges.

A Great Job By R.J. Batton Enterprises

Ron was very easy to work with and answered his phone and responded to emails. I would recommend his company to anyone. Thanks Ron.

Shipping 1950's steel kitchen cabinets

I recently decided to remodel my kitchen to it's original 1950's decor. Although I have the origninal steel cabinets for my kitchen (they are now in the garage since a remodel in 1976), I needed more to fill the current layout of the room. I purchased the cabinets from a family in Colorado - I live in Oregon. My predicament was then to get the cabinets to Oregon. I checked out several shipping ...

Very Pleased First Time User!!

Great first time experience! I've Never used this site or shipper before but I was very pleased with everything and will definately use again! Wizard04 was extremely easy to ship with. They were fast,polite and very accomidating to my requests.

good deal shipping my machine

this was my first time using uship and everything was smooth!I puchase a 1300lbs. woodworking machine on EBAY but the seller did not offer any shipping service. I had much better pricing with uship then calling around to different freight companies.I ended up using diversified logistics .They were not the cheapest flat rate but by the time i added in a lift gate and insurance they seemed like the ...

The Best experience shipping my 1948 Salsbury here on Uship!

I am a motorscooter collector. I have used several large Freight companies for my more common bikes [ie: Vespa's, etc] but for my latest shipment I decided to use Uship. I really liked the feedback that you can look up before confirming who I wanted. You get to weed out the bad guys that may harm your dream ride. My 1948 Salsbury is one of a few left in the world. Salsbury only built around 1000 b ...

Great experience shipping my Movincool air condintioner

This was a great way to move things in our great country!

Great Experience

I was receiving an ice cream machine which is fragile and has lots of parts. The shipper was very communicative throughout the process and was quick. I received the item within a couple of days of confirmation and right on time. He was great.

Great Shipper & Excellent Price for 1 week delivery !!!

I had a boat arch shipped from florida to wisconsin by NorthernHaulers.These guys worked with the seller for a pickup date & time.They took it for half price of all the other shippers which made me a bit leary,but provided first class speedy service!! It was picked up on monday & was delivered on saturday at my boat!! Unbelievable service!! Thank You & I'll be looking for you again !! Jim B

Shipped two boxes "an Adventure Lodge Swing Set"

We were a little nervousness to use Uship services. My husband did the research and concluded that Uship services can be TRUSTED. Once that was settled we had to decide on a service provider. Even though we were a bit sceptical to use a service provider who was new to Uship himself we decided to give him a chance and it turned out to be a great experience. Stewart Smith was great to work with and ...

Fancy metal doors made it in one piece... great!

Treasurecoast out of FL was my direct contact for a good price. The freight company was UPS Freight. Everything with Treasurecoast went very well. My doors were in a metal skid (three pieces on each) made to transport heavy doors by using forklift with low risk of braking the doors. The product was going to a construction site. I delivered the skids to the UPS Freight dock myself and got great s ...

Excellent service on my tanning bed.

Had no problems at all, very quick and the driver was very courteous and even helped unload a very heavy tanning bed. Our forklift was broken and he helped us load it into a pickup bed. I was pleasantly surprised to find no damage to a very delicate item, there were 48, long flourescent type bulbs and not a one was broken. Thank you for your exceptional service and you beat everyone elses price b ...

Great experience shipping my motorcycle

This was my first time using Uship as recommended by a friend at work. I have bought 6 motorcycles and dirtbikes so far on ebay and have always used a shipping company to find quotes for me. By using Uship, the bids came in fast and were right on target or slightly less than what I thought it would cost. I decided to go with the first bidder, a husband and wife team (actually a gramma and grampa t ...

great experience shipping tandem bicycle

Very easy to work with. No hassles. Very polite. Bike arrived on time and without any problems!! Thanks!

Beyond expactation

ChainExpresss went beyond expectations. Kind, courteous, and above all Professional this was a great success from start to finish. The staff at ChainExpresss was easy to contact and provided me all info I needed regarding my shipment. Which arrived undamaged and on time as promised, with no hidden fees .I would recommend you use ChianExpress as your next shipper?

Smooth ship for eBay sale

Went online to numerous ship sources including Uship. Uship was by far easiest to use, quickest to respond and ultimately cheapest to ship. Provider was spot on with good communication, rapid response, quick delivery and great price. I couldn't ask for more!

UShip & Dirtkarter44 were our answer to a difficult situation

Due to my mother and father's sudden illness, my brother and I have had to liquidate our parent's assets in their home. The task was made even harder because I live in NC and my brother/parents live in OH. We had given away or removed most valuables from their home but were in a quandary as to what to do with a brand new washer & dryer my parent's had recently purchased. My washer had stopped wo ...

Finishing the floor in hallway

I tialed my kitchen floor about 3 years ago from tiles I bought at Home Depot. When we added on to the garage, we added a mud room adjacent to the kitchen. I wanted to buy some new, matching tiles for this mud room floor but Home Depot, and all other vendors, no longer carried this color. I finally found a seller on the internet who had the right number, color, and model number of these tiles b ...

Highly recommended service, you gotta try it!

I recently bought a used boat and due to an error on my part I damaged one of the gearboxes. After spending $$$$$ on the boat (wife not convinced that it was the best idea) I broke the news to my wife....(now convinced IT WAS NOT the bset idea)! I managed to track one down on ebay and got a great deal saved $$$$ the problem I was now faced with was "how do I get this gearbox back to Ohio.....for ...

transmission shipment

Incredibly fast pick up from my home...we were very pleased with the service, and highly recommend Tyler Sheff!

Shipping Bedroom Furniture

We've wanted pretty new bedroom furniture for 25 years and finally found it. However, the bed that matched the set was not available. After long searches, we found the bed in a store in Sioux Falls, SD, but they didn't ship. SD folks were great and really went out of their way to try and find us a way to get the furniture to Colorado. We even tried to rent a trailer to go get it ourselves, but U ...

Great experience shipping my mattress

Mr. Craig shipped my mattress home from college for me. It arrived right when he said it would and for a very fair price. A wonderful experience!

Great Experience with Nationwide

We had to ship my mother's belongings which were salvaged from an apartment fire - and Nationwide helped to make the experience less stressful. Nationwide shipped on time and everyone was extremely courteous and professional in all of our dealings. Great job - and I will definitely call them for any shipping needs I have in the future. I would also be happy to recommend them to others!

54 chevy transmission

Restoring an old chevy;UtiTransportSolutions delivered the item in good shape and quickly.The price was fair and I would use UShip again.

my shipper ,andy

i suffered a stroke a few years ago and exercise is the key to rehab when paralysis sets in! i found a nice machine for a reasonable price,but a tad far away for a guy who can longer walk unassisted. enter andy. gave me a super price and was so nice about the whole experience,i thank him a thousand times over. andy andy and his help,stored the machine in my garage for future access and even offere ...


had my harley davidson motor shipped that I bought in NV and shipped too ohio by CT transport . I got a great price on the shipping and would use U Ship again. Thanks guys for taking care of me, keep up the good work. Rick

Very satisifed with shipping my Craftsman Tool Cart!

I had a tool cart listed on Ebay. It's huge and I wasn't use to shipping such a large item so I was glad to find UShip.com. In a matter of hours I received a few bids after posting. XpertTransport was within my budget and time and had an excellent history. Tom, from Expert, did and awesome job and not only was he an excellent communicator (answered the phone every time I called) but he got the car ...

Winter weather: you've been beat...my spa has arrived!

Excellent! James was very helpful and flexible. Called during the entire process: when leaving to pickup, after securing item, when en route and just before arriving. Would recommend and use again - someone you CAN trust. He went quite a distance and did it quickly: was even able to deliver 12 hours before scheduled time. Very friendly email and phone demeanor, genuinely interested he met/excee ...

well executed

My experience was great,i had bought an item in the US whilst on holidays and had made a slight change to my route to make time to go pick this engine up in person.Due to family matters back home our holidays were cut short and we had to return back home to Australia.This left me in a dilema that i'd already paid for this engine and needed it for a restoration project of mine and the seller was k ...

Overall a very good experience. No problems whatsoever.

I would use Uship again

First time shipping something big. Don't hesitate to use uship

I won a new 2007 GRAVELY 260Z mower on ebay for a great price, but had not enough free time to go pick it up. All the large shipping companies offered me quotes that were way above what i thought was reasonable. they also wanted the mower crated which would cost me an extra $100. thats when i decided to put my shipment up on uship. Being a new customer to uship i was a bit reluctant to accept a bi ...



Top notch service!

I was very impressed with the service and my shipment was delivered on time as promised. Jim did a wonderful job keeping me informed during the shipment, both by phone and by email. I would definitly recommend his service and will use him again should I have shipping needs in the future.

Shipped used moter bought on E-bay

Thank-you uShip!! You made finding a shipper very easy and at 1/2 the price that the seller wanted to charge me! UTI Transport Solutions did a great job w/ excelent communication along the way. I will definitely use uShip again. Thank-you,Steve.

Great experience shipping

great price fast and easy service on time and very helpful would always use him for shipping

Great shipping experience A+++

I have to say I found UShip by accident, I was in the need of a service provider that would be reasonably priced for the the item that I bought. I purchase a moon bouncer (alias Jumper or bounce house) from a company in the east coast, the bouncer was a great deal but the shipping would have been a nightmare if it wasn't for BMT Trucking, I accepted their deal called them up, and they got to work. ...

spa whirlpool bath

A great price for shipping thank you jody

I thought I was sunk...

I bid on a dune buggy on eBay last week. My max bid was a third of what the buggy was worth, so I was extremely surprised when I WON it! The buggy was located in Ohio and I am in Alabama - I honestly hadn't really thought about how I would get it down here because, as I mentioned, I never expected to WIN it. Upon notification I started researching U-Haul trailers and looking up tow ratings on my c ...

Excellent Service Can't wait to rebuild and install it in my 1959 chevy,

Excellent Service Can't wait to rebuild and install it in my chevy, Thank You Kenneth Young

New to Usip

If you or your shipper is new to Uship be sure you both understand the terms of the shipment.

Shipping unassembled building

I purchased an unassembled steel truss building on EBAY, and was shipping it from North Carolina to South Dakota. The building was no longer bundled or loaded on pallets. Since it would take some time to load the building piece by piece, Richard Alley (shipper) dropped off a trailer in North Carolina and left it at the loading site for several days to make it easier for the EBAY seller to get the ...

"I like to treat people the way I like to be treated,"

is what Mr. Harris Brown told me when he arrived at my door with my new motorscooter. This is the first new vehicle I've ever owned, and when Mr. Brown told me that cellophane wrap the dealer used around my scooter wasn't working: he went out of his way to correct it! He met a friend in Detroit and they took my scooter off the bed of his truck and reloaded it into his motorcycle trailer (he had to ...

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