United States Shipping Stories (Less Than Truckload)

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Great Service

Awesome service. great price!!

A good guy doing a good job

Great experience. Simon Tack is a honorable guy who makes every attempt to do a good job and treat you right. He was careful to communicate well, and responded quickly. He did everything he said he would and everything he could to make the transaction successful. Simon transported an automobile engine for me, which was minimally "packed" and difficult to handle. It arrived in good condition, ...

great experience shipping my machine

The shipper was great and on time. We will use him again some time.

Wonderful experience shipping the front end clip

I have been trying to locate a front end clip to replace the front end of my firebird. My daughter tried to get her pilot's license in the car and came down and crunched up the entire front end. Thankfully that tree also jumped in her way and stopped her... I found one on e-bay, and bought it... then I realized that it was in NY.. and I live in texas.. however after getting the bid from him ...

awesome shipper.

awesome shipper.

awesome shipping


Excellent Forklifts Transportaion

In my next freight needs, I will look forward at uShip to beside looking around another option.

Great experience shipping Gravely tractor implements

I can't say enough concerning tacks (68)'s effort to get a large, heavy product (Gravely Snowblower) bought on eBay to me. He went out of his way to pick up the product from the seller even though there was no rush to get it here. The distance was 400 miles from the seller to the buyer and was delivered within eight hours of picking it up. The snowblower was in East Hampton, MA and needed to be sh ...

Fine experience shipping very complex it

Wcctransport gave me reliable service at a reasonable cost. I really wondered if moving this excellent buy was feasible due to it's nature and weight; it appeared cumbersome and daunting. Wcctransport resolved all that for me at a reasonable price which was considerably less than some other bids. Do not hesitate to use Dan for long haul jobs; he was very helpful at both ends, communication fine ...

great experience shipping a chapel

I had a shipper mess me around for almost 2 months and never showed. With Uship I had about 8 bids within a few days and freighttec got it on the way in a timely manner. I'm in Canada and was meeting the truck Stateside in Idaho. They called me immediately upon accepting the bid and had a truck but I was unable to meet it that day. They found another truck within a week of that point to poin ...

Great Experience shipping my item

I shipped a boat motor which was about 5 ft tall & weighed about 250 pounds that was strapped to a palllet. My uncle bought it on ebay & they charged to much for shipping. it was Hawkison Auto/Boat Transport. I received the lowest offer & price from this provider. The gentleman that picked it help me wrap it for a more secure trip.

Great experience

My 80 year old mother moved from her home that was previously my grandparents' home in Tampa, Florida, to a retirement home. We are not wealthy, but have possessions that have great sentimental value that we wanted to keep in the family. My son, who lives in Nashville, TN, wanted his grandfather's "retro" diningroom table and matching butler from the 60s to start his own housekeeping, and your s ...

Treasure Coast

Shipped blindstitch sewing machine with table. Treasure Coast provided guidance related to packing and followed up with the shipping agent to ensure prompt pickup. TC also processed my payment immediately, so I knew the shipment would be released. My buyer was very happy with the machine and the shipping.

Bought a 661 pound saw in MN, how do I get it home to PA?

I have always wanted a lucas sawmill. I saw one on E Bay with no reserve. I watched the saw for days, and finaly I got enough guts to bid on this saw. The reason I say guts is not because of the price, but the location. I Live in cental PA, and the saw was located in central MN, about 960 miles away.I had 7 days to pick up the saw. The weather here was terrible, very cold, and snow storms coming ...

Shipping a large power wheelchair could not of been easier.

I could not believe the help and support I recieved from uShip, shipper, erie3, with this shipment. I had listed this chair on eBay, no less than, 3 times in the past year, all with out so much as one bid. Determined to sell this chair, I started lowering my price on it. In the end, I lowered the price and shipping to rock bottom. Still not expecting it to sell but praying that it would, & i ...

a good experience

the plow i bought on ebay was spiped by transofflorida. it was shipped for the price i wanted to pay. it was shipped on time with no problems. uship was very a easy way of geting my plow home.

great communications

the place where he had to pick it up at was a real jerk,but the driver went above and beyond to get me my transmission and was to wisconsin in record time,no goofing off for him i guess,just all business

Great experience shipping my welding machine

I purchased a welding machine on ebay, that was listed as pick up only (no shipping) the price was right so I took the risk and purchased the item. By using Uship I was able to find a carrier that drove to the location loaded the item and delivered 5 days latter 2000 miles away at a rate much much lower than I had bugeted for! Way to go! keep up the good work!

What happens when a subcontractor is involved

The transport agent I hired, Call N Ship, gave the job to Lakeville Motor Freight. LMF picked up the frieght. But then they subcontracted delivery to Magnum Freight. Magnum Freight refused delivery, claiming the shipment was sent COD, at COD rates. In fact, the freight had been paid in full and prior to pickup. Somewhere along the line, whether by honest mistake (or not) the ball was dropped. ...

Mill/Lathe machine

I wouldn't have bought this item due to the high shipping costs of moving 1400lbs from one coast to the other. Because of Uship, I was able to make it happen for a fraction of the cost of other options. PLUS (and it's a big plus) the provider was equipped with both lift-gate and palette jack which enabled this to be rolled right into my (residential)garage- saved me at least a half day of extra ...

Delivered from meltdown

I had a series of time sensitive shipments, there were minor hickups, but, more or less everything was working out... until my last truck got stuck fully loaded in New York City - with no hope of unloading. This happened at the last minute - all my trucks were too far away to replace it. I had less than 18 hours to find a truck - and it was already Friday night. "Carriers" came up with a truck and ...

Was nervous at first, but over all delivery experience was great

I had a pedicure chair delivered to me from MD to Western NY and had a very wonderful experience. Ernie was great in communicating with me even when his cell phone did not work in this area, he got a hold of me by pay phone. I have to say, being new to Uship, I had my concerns with leaving an already paid for item of great value, in the care of someone I not only never seen, but never heard of. ...

Great shipping experience for my engine

I was shipping an engine that I won on ebay as a replacement for my boat. I needed this large item shipped from Oregon to Ohio. I came on Uship, got a fast quote at a GREAT price. R&L Carriers picked it up the next day and delivered it across the country on time. I would great recommend this service and will use it again for my large shipment needs!

Great 1st experience shipping transmissions

I had a great first transaction with EnglishMover taking some transmissions from Virginia to California.

Stress Free Freight Service

I would like to thank uShip for such a wonderful service. Everone know's if they have ever dealt with shipping freight how stressfull and time consuming it can be trying to find a good reliable shipper at a fair price. uShip simply removes the stress and the hassle of this proccess. This was the first time I have ever used uShip and what a difference it made. It was so streight forward setting up ...

hood for 70 ford torino

this price was very good , fast shipper , and very good person to ship stuff thank you very much

Moving heavy machinery

I have moved heavy machines in the past with local movers. The local guys tend to charge whatever they want to. With Uship you job is sent out on the internet, giving everyone a chance to bid on it. It lets people that really want to work have a shot at getting jobs that they would not otherwise get.



Wonderful Experience

I needed the vehicle shipped for a school project. Every online auto quoter gave a very unreasonable price for our project budget. uShip was able to give me a more than reasonable price in an acceptable time frame. The shipper was a wonderful and professional business man who actually cared about making his customers happy. Next time I need an item shipped from somewhere, I am coming back to uShip ...

Very fast shipping of motorcycle engine.

Item left Seattle in the affternoon and was in my hands the next morning. Midwest Motor Express did a great job. Thanks!

great job shipping my atv across the usa

I was a first time user of uship. I accepted the bid from Tyler Sheff From UtiTransportSolutions. Tyler Sheff walked me thru everything. He answered my entire questions and called me with delivery updates. I felt he went way out of his way to make this easy on me. I know I made the right ultimate transport solution with UtiTransportSolutions. Thank you Tyler. Michael Parry

the best experince and hassle free.

Mr.MerchantGuyser from day one until items were delivered was on top of everything. he even printed some bills of sell so that the ex-owners of the motorcycles would sigh and the documents be deliered to me along with the items. thanks again MR. CHARLES WILSON( MerchantGuyser)

shipping jet ski dock

blue line did a great job and communicated well


I had Pro Transport pick tires up for me and deliver them to me and They are 100 percent proffessional Transport service and No doubt triple rating for Earl of Pro transport. I would highly recommend them to any one.

Great first time experience!!

We listed a 585lb load of copper wire we needed brought from Oregon to So. Californis, had a match within 24 hours with an unbelievable fair bid. Shippers contacted us right away to make arrangements, and were professional and friendly. As if all that were not enough, while shipper was in route we aquired another load in northern California, contacted the shipper and they were more than happy to a ...

Good man to deal with.

Good communication throughout delivery. Fast delivery. He did just what he said he would do. Highly recommended.

Hobart Rotesserie

Great to work with Chad. Picked up the day I informed him of winning bid. Delivered to my door 4 days later. Even my seller was raving about him. Great experience.

Great Experience!

This was my first time using Uship. We had received a price from our man. to ship our product and it was sooo high. I found Uship via google and it was easy to use and reliable. Treishock was the shipper we ended up using and they were not only professional but also patient! We will def. use uship and Treishock for our future shipments! Well Done!

Great Experiance shipping a large mower deck

Great Freight Co. Was right on the money and surprisinly fast on getting me my mower deck. I would recomend them in the future for a dock to dock shipping service.



diesel power unit

shipping was fast and the driver was cool the unit was very haevy bit i got a good deal on the frieght.


best deal ever''these guys rock!!!!! saved me a bundle

Engine Shipment

I have been on both sides of the fence on shipping.And I would have to say that Walker is just like me when it comes to getting the job done and making the customer happy.He is a great asset to the Uship comunity.

Great first time experience shipping my engine to my driveway.

I asked for an engine to go from Georgia to Arizona, and delivered to my residence with liftgate...I put in a price target of $250 and got it matched from Freight Authority for $249!!!...I had good person to person telephone communication, and got it liftgate delivered to my house. The junkyard that I bought the engine from on ebay wanted $375 to a local terminal plus liftgate fees of $75 to my ho ...

excellent service from smallhaulers and uShip

I had been holding on to some of my mothers' possesions for about 5 yrs. here in VA while she was waiting on an opening for an apartment at a retirement community in TX. She finally got her apartment about a year ago and I had told her that I would bring her things to her when I could come for a visit in the near furture. Well, I became ill and could not work so I had no way to transport her thin ...

Excellent service shipping my pallet of tires.

Auction item won from a Gov. Army facility. Pricing was extremely reasonable, first freight company to bid the job couldn't provide a pick up with no expected time of future pick up. Oldglory Freight was on it and provided another freight company to take the job with no additional charges as well as many e-mails and phone calls to the Gov. Army base assuring a trouble free shipping experience. Eli ...

GEM car to the Bahamas with uShip and Treasurecoast!

Shipped a GEM car ( Global Electric Motorcar ) to the outislands of the Bahamas with the help of uShip and Treasurecoast!!!Excellent price and service.. I will use both again!

Great shipper, good communcation, handling and fast!

Very competitive rates and everything was handled carefully with my oven and communication was great along the way. They were also able to get somebody there to pick it up in a very short time. Thank you.

Great service with a great price

The USPS wouldn't touch this package because it was too big. Fed Ex & UPS could do it, but for more than double what Mountain Transport charged me; and, they wouldn't come to my house. At a loss for what to do, I turned to the internet and came across uShip . . . you guys saved me from losing almost $400 on this fender! Many thanks to Mountain Transport for providing something that you don't of ...

Great experience shipping my stuff.

I had 10 boxes and 2 Art pieces shipping. I needed to get my stuff from my folks place. CWGSHIP were doing the job. They did a great job transferring my boxes. I got a great price with them. The stuff was also handled very very well. The 2 brothers were really very enthusiastic and very efficient. I would definetly use them if I need to ship anything again. I strongly recommend them.

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