United States Shipping Stories (Less Than Truckload)

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2 Items for transport

My family was cleaning out our parents' home and the only things let were a piano and desk that belonged to me, 350 miles away. My brother told me about uShip after I reserved a rental truck. I promptly got bids on uShip and cancelled the truck. The move worked out beautifully. Ted Nachbar delivered both pieces to me within days of the bid, at the exact time scheduled, and for a very reasonabl ...

Uship - The best shipping experience ever - I Even Tipped

1st time user of Uship.com and I could not be happier with the results. Uship matched my shipment to a shipper within 4 hours of posting it and it arrived in Austin, TX early.

The shipper exceeded all expectations!

I could not have expected any better experience shipping my goods. My shipment arrived early and in perfect condition. Along with my telescoping pole, I was shipp ...



Great Job Delivering Theater Seating

Great Job, Very professional, Would recommend to all.  Mountain Transport handled my furniture with kid gloves and delivered safetly in a timely matter.

Shipped the impossible reasonably

I was in dire need of finding a shipper for a 250 gallon storage tank which I had bid for and won on Ebay. The shipping was going to cost five times more than what I had won the bid for until I was contacted by John Rowan at Ivylogistics at which time he offered a price to ship my tank through uShip at a very comfortable price. He stayed in touch with me through the whole process, pickup all the w ...

Great experience with Markettransport

Tyler responded with a fair price and picked up the load promptly. He provided the BOL right away and the delivery was made exactly as promised, on time and in perfect shape. This is my first of 2 loads with Uship and I am very pleased with the process. The service from Markettransport was right on the money and I will use his service again and look forward to working ...

Engine Shipment, quality service

Great communication to both me and the shop that had the engine ensured that all the paperwork was in place. 

Shippers Big Adventure

:Whistling:This story is about the shipment of 45 antique fire hydrants weighing 6500 pounds from New York to California.  Four bids were received. The range from low bid to high bid was about $300.00. The shipper selected was chosen based on two factors, one was his 100% feedback rating, and the other was price. As agreed to time and place, the shipper met me in New York to load the fire hyd ...

Excellent service in shipping my breeding mount

I have been holding off on shipping my breeding mount because of the cost involved.  I actually bought this item in June and the seller was kind enough to hold it for me as long as I wanted her to.  Finally, Tazzmania made a bid that I felt was fair and I accepted it.  He was GREAT!  He contacted me regularly letting me know what his itinerary was and didn't complain when I did ...

Peace of Mind

This was my first time using Uship and I was concerned about whether to trust someone with my expensive item.  However, the website was very helpful and when I put my bid up to be matched I recieved several bids within a couple hours.  Once I accepted the bid I liked I was able to access all the information of the freight service providers and research it online to make sure all was legi ...

This was my 2nd shipping experience with American Freight. Price was right both times.

I would use American Freight again.

Great company

We were shipping a hot pressure washer from Texas to Nevada. Quality transport was the one who made the shipment. They were great at working with us. Our manufacturer kept changing the release date for our product. Quality transport worked with us and got the machine to us as quick as he could.

great job hauling shipment

I was very pleased with u-ship and the way they do business. This was the first time I have had something hauled for me. I have hauled items before and am pleased with both shipping and hauling for this company. The feedback on my hauler was very good and I was well pleased with the job he did for me. I will be using your services again when I need something hauled or I need a load to get me somew ...

Fun moving experience

I am a member of a non-profit science education organization and needed to ship donated equipment from the San Francisco Bay Area to Michigan. I had over 100 pcs. that range from 150 lbs to 220 lbs each. They were stored in a residential location (apartment complex) and needed to be loaded onto a truck one at a time. The driver was incredibly helpful and patient with getting everything moved, ...

Ecstatic with my freight transporter.

Mr. Condict transported 7,200 lbs of crated freight from the northeast coast to my home in central Texas. He made the trip in two days and nothing was even slightly damaged. His schedule was flexible and he worked with the vendor I purchased the freight from to make things easier for me. He arrived with a smile on his face and lent a hand offloading the freight. I just cannot say enough nice thing ...

Easy as pie

I need to ship an Automotive engin with attached transmission from CA to FL. I heard about u-Ship and thought I would give it a try. I received 5 bids. I look at the first 2, one seemed real expensive and the other did not fit my needs. So I called around locally and talked to serveral trucking companies. The prices were out ragious compared to the bids I recieveived so I went back to my u-ship ac ...

Big Block shipper

Dale did a great job. He picked up from me at 10 PM, assisted in making the 650lb engine ready to ride and dropped off the next morning 600 miles away. Great communication and fast service. He is awesome.

Furniture Shipment

LOWCOSTMOVES gave me the best price on several pieces of furniture I purchased in Georgia and needed to have shipped to Phoenix.  They delivered it four days after they picked it up.  Everything was well protected with pads and there was no damage.  I would definitely use them again.

Learning Experience

I was so pleased when Market Transport made a bid on my motor for shipment.  The came in lower then my target price and were so helpful in everyway.   I had been led astray by another provider and I had a bad feeling about them.  Turned out my intuisions were right.  I want to urge everyone to use Market Transport or any other reputable provider with a large good feedback. ...

What a great person and company!

Awesome transaction even though I was a little hard to deal with being that it was my first time. This shipper should have a million positive feedbacks. Always available to get a hold of and will set you up with everything within minutes as well as get you the best price. Thankyou so much and by the way, I need another shipment.

Great experience shipping unique antique

I was in need of finding a shipper to bring an old 1916 antique dental chair to my hometown for a friend.  Weship came through with a great quote and a great service. I accepted their bid due to the attractive bid and their good feedback!  I have never used uShip prior to this experience, but I am glad I found them and now I have a good source for locating future shipping compa ...

Overall satisfaction

Transit Systems handled the shipment of a handmade wooden trunk handcrafted by my father  as a special gift for my daughter.  The service provider's employee, Kathy, was very professional and cordial in handling the request over the phone.  I was very pleased with how they stayed within the time frame that was agreed upon in the initial contract.  Adequate notice was given for ...

The ultimate shipping experience

Great Provider!

Couldn't have asked for better service! Elizabeth has great communication and perfect timing.Thanks for making the first shipment easy and cost effective. Lois- Gino's Pawn Shop, Boca Raton,Fl 33432

Awesome Shipping Experience

We recently won an auction on eBay for a large item (Bench Seat for a Van).  I had no idea how to ship something like this.  The eBay seller had listed the item with all shipping arrangements left  up to the buyer.  I really needed the seat for our van so we could have a van with enough seats for our family of 10.  My initial quotes to ship this seat were in excess of $450 ...

Great experience

Great experience

Great Experience Shipping my King Size Bedroom Furniture

I was shipping a bedroom set that I purchased directly from the manufacturer in High Point, NC. Washburn Moving Company's driver, Bob was very professional and courteous. Excellent communications. Price was fair and competitive ($400 for 891 pounds at 6 boxes from NC to MD). Not a full service mover (did not provide in-home set-up) but for the price, that was understandable. My things arrived safe ...

Shipping made easy

What a wonderful tool this site has been. I just shipped my first full truckload of lumber across country and it couldn't have been any easier. I had a general idea of when my shipment would be ready to ship, so I posted it on here and had 2 bids, one of which I accepted. I saved $500 over the trucking company I was going to use, and had a truck on short notice. I accepted the bid on Saturday, and ...

Pallet from Maine to Ontario - piece of cake!

Good shipping

Very happy.  I think I like UShip

Shipment of a drywall texture sprayer from Illinois to Texas

Hello My name is Gene I'm in Texas I bought a drywall texture Sprayer on Ebay. The seller didn't want to ship it and I didn't have time to go to Illinois to pick it up. I tried to get it shipped through various other shippers UPS, Fed EX, Furniture Moving companies etc I could get it shipped but at an outragous ammount for the handling and the shipping. it would have added up to more than the mach ...

Extremely pleased with the Service

The best price..fastest service..and easy. My marine outdrive shipped 700 miles for half the cost of my original quote! The only way I will ship from now on!

Flawless shipping experience!

As a first time user this was a wonderful experience. I found a wonderfully reasonable shipper who was able to deliver a sofa from NYC to Dallas, TX within a week and in perfect condition. I would not have been able to purchase my awesome new sofa without uSHip!! Thank you!

Great experience shipping my Exmark mower

U-Ship and Action Transport got it done. This was my first experience with U-Ship and it worked out great.

positive after a slow start harranged but unstricken

my final shipper was everything that could be asked for, just perfect. Unfortunately, my first add resulted in some tattle-tale computer worm filing a complaint and getting me a flag, whatever that means. first transaction and already flagged? somebody get a grip, look into this situation, compare my D&B Index to the rest of the world and get this crap off my account. end of story. by the way, ...

r1 Engine

Uship is very cool. My first experience using uship was good and will use again.

We will sleep well tonight thank to UShip

My wife and I have been in desperate need of a new mattress.  Our friend who recently moved to Minnesota...

shipping personal items

Gaetano was friendly, helpful, more than willing to go the extra mile even through the worst snow storm he'd ever seen in MN with transmission breakdown and, as if that wasn't enough, sick as a dog on top of that!

Above and beyond the call of duty!

Jim was the BEST shipper I have ever dealt with. While enroute from the original pickup in Virginia, Jim was able to accomodate a second pickup in Arizona for me on his way to California. This extra pickup involved some manual labor on his part (which I was unaware of prior to his arival in AZ) which he took care of without batting an eye. All items were delivered in as good or better con ...

My first time using uship and I am elated!!!

I am so happy with the uship services.  I had an excellent first time experience and I am recommending this service to anyone who will listen!!!  I shipped a very large Pottery Barn entertainment unit and got a great price, friendly service and super communication with the shipper.    I can't say enough good things about the shipper and his communication and careful attent ...


Jeff did a great job....he was very helpful and nice.  I would recommend him any day of the week.  Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!

The item was delivered 700 miles away and arrived in perfect condition.The price was very reasonable

The item was a very expensive power wheelchair that was only used three months by my mother.  Since she passed away, we no longer had a need for it.  The buyer was a Canadian with MS who stated that  "he got much more than he had been expecting".  It was a win situation for the seller, buyer, and shipper.

American Freight

 I called several people out of the yellow pages to transport an airlesco paint sprayer cross country from the west coast to the east coast. I kept getting prices that were way out of line 3 times as much as I expected to pay. I finally put the shiipment on uship and got a response within 2 days and it was right in line with what I expected. They picked up the day after we agreed on terms and ...

Painless Shipping Experience

This is the first freight item that I've ever shipped. I was happy with the price as it was well below other bids. Communication was great from the shipping agent. The delivery driver was very friendly (not the creepy kind of friendly) and fast. Pickup and delivery went smoothly and the engine arrived in good condition and in a reasonable amount of time. The shipment originated in South Dakota and ...


Nice people.

Andrew Anderson did a great job!

:) Andrew Anderson moved multiple heavy boxes for me across the country.  He only took a few days, moved everything for me, and did it for a VERY fair price!!  When weather postponed the shipment a day and a half, he sent emails and called to inform me where he and my stuff were.  I would definitely use Andrew Anderson again and highly recommend his services.  He is very friend ...

shipping a car fender from California to Missouri

I shipped my 67 Camaro fender from California to Missouri using BrockettJ.  He did a great job and he was cheaper than any other bids.  I would be glad to do business with him again.

shipping motorcyce frame

Having won a motorcycle frame and parts on E-bay. I logged on line with U-ship and put in a bid in for shipping and got the lowest bid from c_k_ transport. It was easy for a first timer. c_k_transport was very easy and patient with me due to having to deal with the shipper and being my first time. Though they got stuck in New York City, in a traffic jam, they let me know they were runnin ...


Bought a moped on ebay. He delivered it on time and in good condition. I was impressed by uship.

the product was well taken care of

My experience with the shipping company is they communicate with you where they at and arrive on the day I expected. 

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