United States Shipping Stories (Heavy Equipment)

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Shipment of 1 ton Cube Van

Van was picked up in Maryland and delivered to Minnesota. Using Uship left me free to attend to business at home. Great idea!

problems arose we handled them !

backhoe from idhoe falls idhoe to gillette wy loaded on step deck trailer with other and delivered no problems

kaiser walking excavator

I bought a non functional walking excavator on ebay. (cheap) which is a rather exotic piece of equipment. that can forge rivers and climb mountains. It has legs and wheels. They are common in Europe and you dont often see them in the US. I wanted to move it upstate where I can disassemble it and rebuild it a piece at a time. I was very lucky to find Charles who is a professional equipment mover ...

Tractor shipped properly

My tractor was shipped as promised on time with the care I would expect from a professional shipping company.

MF 40B Tractor

This is my first experience utilizing uShip services. First, I had bought a tractor and was sitting somewhere near Provo, Utah. I wanted to do my own hauling but wasn't equip to do so; I asked around but no one seems interested. I then went back to uShip website and complete steps for directions on getting the tractor out to NM. Once the information was completed everything fell into place. It ...

Great Service

I'm quite impressed with the way you responded to my needs, got someone to bid, and then I couldnt even fly down and drive it back in the same time it took to get my unit here. Thanks, Dan ONeill

great experience

It was great to be on the other side of the uship experience. Shipment arrived as promised. Looking forward to doing it agin

USHIP is a tool for modern times!

I've heard a lot of hype about USHIP from from friends and coworkers, and just like most folks I'm skeptical until I experience something for myself. Well, I'm a skeptic no more! I Needed a tractor shipped about 600 miles to my door. I wanted it ASAP. I posted my request on USHIP in the morning. Within an hour I had several bids, and 20 minutes later I accepted a bid that would have the tra ...

Very happy with Uship Service

Listed my shipment and had it delivered next day at a good price by an excellent company. Couldn't ask for more.

Confident,secure shipment

In finding a great deal on a new tractor, I bought with the situation of NOW WHAT? With the tractor being in New Mexico and my ranch in California, I felt fortunate yet apprehensive in discovering UShip. My apprehension has been eliminated in that NLM(8) was awarded the shipment and I couldn't of been more satisfied Shawn immediately answered my basic questions(NLM has more than adequate ins ...


My shipping co. did a good job getting my backhoe pick up and delivered to me. The truck driver did not do his job properly and there was damage done to the backhoe. So far, the shipping co. is taking care of all the problems. thank you, Billy

Massey Ferguson tractor Model 35

Driver noticed seat cushion blew off tractor, so he turned around and picked it up. He also brought the owner's manual. The office was very nice to deal with as well. Everything done perfectly. Good job! The best price and good service, what more could you ask for? Yes, I would use them again.

Shipped a 1973 Kaiser 5 ton haul truck

overall good experience. Original service provider backed out on me the day of and aplog picked up the slack.

John Deere 2555

I found a John Deere tractor in Weyers Cave, Virginia on Novenber 2nd and needed it shipped to 432 miles north to New York. I posted with Uship on November 4th and had a response in less than 2 hours. The shipper turned out to be Rockey and Billy, transporters from my home town. I wasn't sure of the results that Uship would give me, but I'm very pleased. I've known Rockey ever since I was a kid an ...

Hauling "Old Iron" from Oklahoma to New York

I grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York where my father bought and used only Allis Chalmers tractors. We never had the biggest or best tractors to farm with but we got by with what we had. In those days the holy grail of tractors was the awesome and powerful Allis Chalmers D21. It was a massive peice of iron that gobbled up the farmland as it tilled the soil. It was every farmboys dream ...



excellent service shipping my lawn tractor

united power sports provided excellent service and care for my item which i purchased on ebay. great price. much cheaper than we were looking to drive it ourselves. i had never even seen the item or a photo so was relieved when doug inspects the item upon pickup and then reports back the condition before even leaving for the road. would definatly use him again!!!

shipping of a garden tractor

Denny is an excellent person to do business with. I would absolutely do business with again. Great experience. Thanks to Denny and thanks to U-Ship for making this connection possible.

Great Experience Shipping My Ford 4500 Backhoe

I purchased a Ford 4500 Backhoe off ebay and needed to find a shipper to ship it from the seller (located in MD) to me (located in PA). This was the first time I ever purchased a piece of heavy equipment over the internet, and I had no clue how the whole shipment process would work. I ran across one seller's ad that stated shipment of heavy equipment typically costs $2.50 to $3.00 per mile. Figuri ...

Old Tractor and parts

My wifes grandpa passed away in IA. He had an old farm and most equipment and tractor was over 5o years old. It was cold and snow flurries. Stephen arrived on time and started the old tractor loaded it while waiting for the guy who was going to help load. Loaded all the tractor implements and arrived in Ky ahead of schedule. Helped unload. Both of my parties on the load and unload end said Stephen ...

MI. to ME. John Deere 4110

Found the perfect tractor at a fair price...problem was 1100 miles away..one way..Uship returned a bid to us in less than an hour. We booked the trip the next day..Kevin did an outstanding job...even with the snow. Very professional...nice job, we couldn't have driven to Freesoil ourselves for the price!!!Thank you!!!

flawless victory

joe moved an excavator for me 300 miles. I booked late on monday night and within 24 hours it was at my job. I saved $350 thanks to the uship team. This was my second time using u ship this month. I couldn't have done it without your help... thanks once again matt

perfect shipment


great shippment

i was shipping a 94 chevy 3500 hd wrecker because this item couldn't be driven!my general experience using usip was awesome i saved alot of money there service really works!my shipment was delivered within three days!i have used other shipping companys and they never have meet my deadlines and have damaged my cars!but these people where great thanks uship*******************************

Classic Farmall deliverd safely and efficiently over Thanksgiving weekend!

I recently purchased an antique tractor from a seller in Ohio. My trailer was too narrow to transport the tractor safely so I found the UShip website and used their service to find qualified shippers and request bids. I had never used UShip before but their website was very easy to use and navigate. (Uship has done their homework!) I was surprised how many bids I received and how quickly the bids ...

Advertisement Needed!

We left much storage in NC when we moved and lost a lot of time wondering if we would ever see it again, as gas went up and up; and storage cost added on monthly. One day I 'stumbled' onto UShip! Thank the Lord! They are an answer to a mothers prayers. Keep up the good work! America needs you! Kate A.

Shipment went well.

My shipping experience went well. The service provider was prompt, and professional. I would use uShip again.

Great Service, Displeased with Additional UShip Fee

My service provider was excellent, but the surprise $20 charge to have my item shipped was a nearly 20% of the shipment total, far too much. Not to mention they didn't make it clear prior to accepting bid. I almost didn't use the service because of this. The bid amount for my shipment was $120, they charged me $20 and the service provider $20. $40 for $120 shipment?? That's 30%!!! Outlandish ...

Tractor shipment.

First time user-I received many bids to chose from. Shipper delivered on time, fair price, and provided extra service when shipment was more difficult than advertized.

Old Ford 801 Tractor

My brother and I had operated our Ford 801 tractor for many years when we lived on the farm. One year the engine lock-up and since that time the tractor sat for almost 25 years. A tree had grown up between the fender and the wheel - that's how bad it was. My brother and I had decided to re-build it and put it back into operation. I looked into moving from the farm myself, but without the right veh ...

Two concrete trucks hauled/shipped

I purchased two concrete trucks that weren't drivable and used uShip for shipping bids. I received bids quickly and was able to research feedback to decide on my best option. The whole shipping part of my experience was great, DJtrucking/TXLongrun was my shipper and were friendly throughout the process. I would recommend uship to everyone.

great deal was able to get a haul back price same weekend listed

Robjr hot shot was great he called back and was willing to hold up whoile I located the key to the tree service truck that was transported and then had to imprevise to load and un load due to saddle tanks being to low and still delivered for the bid price Thanks

Great experience

Had no idea how I was going to find someone to ship my tractor. Stumbled across UShip and so glad I did. We were in the process of moving and had hoped to sell the tractor before we moved. Buyer backed out at the last minute and left us scrambling to figure out how to move it 500 miles to Caribou, Maine. Found a great local guy who had it picked up in short order and delivered next day. Super ...


Hadn't had many good experiences with uship until Steve contacted me. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive. However, he did a great job, and even shipped a half hour farther out of his way. Thanks Steve!

Shipped my tractor.

Just starting a small farming operation in Florida, and I had to get my grandpa's tractor from Arkansas. By using uShip, I saved over $750 from other online quotes. I'll be back.

cat D-3 bulldozer

Great personality/very help- full/real nice people to deal with. very patient,had trouble un-loading dozer wouldnt start,because they had crude oil in dozer instead of diesel/ fuel oil,or kerosene I had to use Back-hoe to drag it off. thanks Ray and Jeff will deal with again.

Uship provides an excellent service

The product shipped was an asphalt paving machine from the state of Pennsylvania to the province of BC, Canada.

great site, wish I knew about earlier!

Found out about this site aftet I needed to ship a truck from phoenix to connecticut. Placed a bid and got responses within hours and I feel the pirces were very reasonable, couldn't have done it cheaper if I flew out and drove back, what else can you say? thanks uship


This was our first experience using U-Ship. I was a bit apprehensive at first. We were shipping a $50,000 new truck. After checking with few of the people offering quotes, I selected one and utilized their service. I couldn't be happier with the way it worked out. I would have never connected with the shipping company if it hadn't been for U-Ship. Thanks.

Outstanding shipping experience

I heard about UShip from a nephew who shipped a boat from Florida to California. I had been trying for 6 months to find someone to transport a large John Deere skiploader from Southern California to north eastern New Mexico without any luck. Either the shipper couldn't give me a timetable when he would deliver my tractor or they wanted way too much money. Within two hours of listing my tractor ...

JCB 1400B delivery

Picked up exactly at scheduled time, delivered on scheduled time, and driver was extremely helpful. I would do it again.

This is a great way to ship my heavy equiptment

I needed to move a forklift long distance that was about 9600lb, I had no problem finding a shiper using Uship.

Experience of shipping my tractor

uShip is a great way of locating transporters that can work your hauling into their schedule. I was put in touch with many companies that were interested in helping me. I appreciate every one of them that offered a bid. Good luck to each of them. I would certainly use uShip the next time.

Good first-time experience

It was relatively easy for a first-timer to navigate posting a shipment. Comprehensive company profiles and feedback gave me confidence in selecting a carrier. I was surprised at the ample number of bids I received.



good experience

My experience was good, once I got it figured out. My shipment arrived in good time by a reliable carrier. Thanks u-ship

One 5 ton Military Cargo Truck

It could not have been any easiser. I never thought I'd be saying that about shipping a vintage 1967 M54A2 5 ton military cargo truck 354 miles from home. Sure I've sold plenty of items on E bay, but never one this large. This was one the USPS could not handle. I did a google search and found U ship, the site was user friendly and delivered all that was promised. I received 5 freight quotes wit ...


We had to haul a 3,500 lb hydroseeder from a location in Kansas to Laredo Texas to be imported into Mexico. We had no place to start looking for a shipper and no idea how to compare prices. This system worked perfectly for us, saved us money a time. Sincerely, Dino Davila

Dump truck hauled from NJ to CT

I purchased a Dump truck off of Ebay and needed to get it hauled from NJ to CT. I posted a request on the Uship site and got 3 bids at really good prices. I picked Bilco transportation after reading many of his positive feedbacks from satisfied customers.Now I am one of them.The whole job could not have went any smother.I occasionally purchase large items off the internet and finding a reliable ha ...

Unbelieveably Perfect : - )

Roger and his Brother not only shipped my tractor, they gave me something to smile about. Excellent service, patient and professional. Timely communication and follow through. The Tractor came from the tropics, held up by Brats in US Customs and then into the hands of Swift Transport. Swift Transport then, honorably, set out into the worst late fall/ early winter weather in recorded history.(Globa ...

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