United States Shipping Stories (Business & Industrial Goods)

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Great experience sarena rake

It seemed imposible to get a 3 point hitch from Indiana to Iowa. I called the main stream shippers and they all wanted more then the equipment price. Uship beat the price by 60%! And the service was friendly, hard working and on time. Incredible!

What I shipped

I had a pallet of Limestone shipped from Texas to Phoenix.

stump grinder and trailer

sold on ebay contacted uship the rest was done .

Great first-time experience!

I have a converted bus that needed new wheels and tires, and I found a great deal for a complete set several hundred miles away. The seller did not want to arrange shipping, but the seller did tell me about USHip. Registering and making a listing here only took a few minutes, and the bids began arriving almost immediately. I had no idea shipping could be so simple to order, and especially from th ...

Office Stuff

We had few stuff from the office to moved to the Guest House which was from South to North respectively. Was looking at options to move through other agencies which was a whooping hole in the pocket. I found Uship and found John. It is indeed a good experience. Will come back again to ship next time.

Ice chewer's addiction fulfilled

My name is K., and I am addicted to chewing ice. I make multiple daily trips to a local fast food restaurant famous for it's chewable ice. I realized the expense was too much, so I began looking for a machine for my house. I couldn't find a residential machine that made ice suitable for chewing, so I thought I was out of luck. While waiting for my daughter to have surgery, I found the perfec ...

excellant service

needed a front end loader shipped 600 miles googled and found this web site great idea for a company i just wish i would have thought of it first thanks

very good experience shipping machine parts

I was a little apprehensive at first because if was my first dealing with this company. Everything went smoothly, nothing was broken even though the items were wired down to an open pallet. (Not the way I ordered it to be prepared for shipment by the person I purchased from the parts from. Even though it was on an open skid there was no damage and even the pallet was not damaged. I am very greatf ...

machine parts arrived safely

I purchased some machine parts from someone in Oregon and had them shipped to my customer in Minn. Since I did not hear anything I can assume all id fine. Thnak you for the prompt service. Rich Conant

crate engine

I shipped a crate engine for $300 from NY to Washington. Fed ex and UPS both qouted me $1600

very pleased

all i can say is uship uhappy.i like the option of saving money instead of having to take what you get.this could make things change in the buying and shipping world.......................thank u,all

1st timer

This was my first experience with uShip. The end product (shipping) was excellent. When I misplaced my communication links with the shipper, I would have preferred to have an easier method to re-connect with them. uShip could improve that for a logged-in user with a "match" or "accepted proposal" already established. Overall, a good experience.

House siding

This shippers was very helpful and delivered my shipment as promised along with helping to unload the shipment. He called before and after the pickup and also made sure my entire shipment was accounted for. It all arrived in excellent condition and was well taken care of. I believe he is a honest man that will take all the precautions to protect and delivery your load as he did mine and at a ve ...

Long Road w/ a Great Provider

Our shippment took 2 months to get ready from the warehouse it was being picked up from. This provider did a wonderful job and I am glad we finaly got through it . Thank so much for all your help...

Great job moving my Bobcat

Service Was Great!

hand truck

item was picked up and deliver in a timely manner.

4 lexus wheels and tires

on time and very professional

First major delivery to our new warehouse...

...and it went like a dream - in fact, the shipping agent (Alex Fino of ASF Transport Services) and the courier he hand-selected exceeded expectations - the driver called in a day early to see if we could accept the shipment. This was the first major shipment of kids clothing that we've received at our new warehouse location - up till now my wife and I have been selling the items that were owne ...

Got my load delivered a day earlier that promised.

Did a great job.

GThauling grant jurgenson

This Company did a great job, he arrived within the time frame we agreed upon and he took great care with the product. Thanx GThauling you have my recommendation

jim bean tire balancer great job

We accepted a bid from one of your shippers, and he picked it up with no problems. The trip was a hard one for him...He had mechanical problems, but he kept calling us to let us know of his progress. By the time he made it to Colorado Springs, his vehicle wasn't doing so well. He called again, and said that he didn't think he would be able to make it down to south of Pueblo. My husband jumped ...

Great cost savings shipping thru UShip!

I would have had to pay for 2 people to fly plus pay for a one-way UHaul, including taking 2 days off work. UShip bidding saved me at least $700!

Easy affordable shipping arrangement

My Uship experience saved me $100 over alternative shipping options and was fast and easy. Uship is a great resource that I highly recommend.


great job.

Good experience

shipped from Ohio to a ship in California with no problems a Bobcat S175 Skid steer loader


Good deal for both of us. I could not have rented & done it myself for what charges were. As this was not very far out of the way, it paid for his fuel+. I guess that this is what this is all about.

Quality all around!!!

I had bought a large storage cabinet for flammables on Ebay. The location of the seller was in Independence, MO. Item was shipping to Springfield, OH. I put my request on U-ship and got 3 bids, (2) from the same company. The final quote was around $250.00. I could not even pick the cabinet up myself for that price! The shipping providers communication, experience and courtesy was the best I have ...

coin pushers

nice communication,on time

a big help!

USHIP worked casue i had no desire to drive to Iowa frm Central NY!!! Thanks

really good guy

help out xceptionally

good guys trucking

that should be the name

good guys transport

that should be the name

Great Experience Shipping a Copier

I needed to get a copier back to a place half way around the country in a week. After calling trucking companies locally and nationally I found that it would be way to expensive so I hit up google for an alternative means. I then found you ship and registered to find a way to get this machine back. Within a day of posting my need I received a bid of 60% less than my cheapest offer of local carr ...

frozen drink machine

i had to ship a big machine to virgina never shipped before alittle scared , but once i delt with uship all worries subsided thank you its easy no hassel. at the end i new exactly what to do.. thank you for a positive experience. carol


My experience was great until UShip made me answer a shit ton of questions about my shipping.

woodworking equipment

I had nine large pieces of woodworking equipment that I inherited, and had to be shipped from North Carolina to Kansas. These tools were large and required special handling, as they couldn't be stacked. Oh, and they had to pick them up halfway up the side of a a mountain in western North Carolina. The movers had to rent a smaller truck, load the tools, then transfer them to a larger truck befor ...

I shipped a large granite cutting "bridge saw".

Item is not easy to handle and delicate to ship. All other related items were also included. Your driver was very prompt, professional and unusally patient. Your service not only saved me money it gives me a confident "go to" site to ship in the future. Thanks. DR

I always use uship!

What an amazing site Uship is! I use it for my personal and company use for everything. Anytime you can take the broker out of the picture and make a shipping experience transparent I believe everyone wins. Thanks guys! Jordan Wiens Redondo Beach, CA

shipping a lift

My shipper was awesome. Got to me just in time for my job. U ship is a very useful tool and I use it very often just never got to match up with a shipper. This is my first actual match up but I will use it again definately. Thank you. Mike Armstrong P.S. I need XXL on that shirt. :)


Mike Brown picked up my containers, without having to be palletized, promptly and delivered the shipment as agreed. Great service

Antique Doten-Dunton Chair - 100 yrs old.

Located a chair on eBay and needed a shipper. This was my first time to use UShip. I found the best shipper I have ever dealt with on UShip and would highly recommend him to anyone needing heirloom or personal items, antiques, anything of value. Will Aitken handled the shipment with professional courtesy, great communications, very timely and took a personal interest in getting it to me safely. ...

Good experience finding a local tranportation service.

I work for a small company and I was asked to take charge of this shipment. I went into my company file and couldn't find any information on local transportation companies. Our company does most shiptment overseas. I have recently moved to the LA and I'm not familiar with area yet. I got into the web and started a search on freight companies, I saw the uShip link and got into it. In no time I was ...

Best way to ship if possible!!

I won a Carolina HD10 Bandsaw on EBay. And after pricing the freight companies the best I could do was $315. I listed it on UShip and the first day I got two bids.The best was $265 from Ron Fetter (ron86toy). From Redford,MI to Morganton,NC, he pick it up at a residence and brought it right to my house with care. I was very pleased with the whole thing and after using freight carriers where you ha ...

First UShip Experience

I came across UShip.com on the internet. I decided to try them because FedX freight was not cooperating with me. I posted my freight on UShip.com & had a match in 3 hours. I was very surprised with the higher level of communication I received from the shipper - phone calls and emails with updates. I will use UShip.com & www.truckdeals.com again.

Screen Printing Press

I needed something shipped from MD to CA and was shopping around for prices and the cheapest i could find was around 500 bucks then came here and they saved me 100. This bidding thing works great if you plan it out right. I will gladly use them again when I need something sipped.

fathers day ship

Got my large 525 lbs semitruck shipment faster then superman could have flown it. Kids were thrilled.Your my hero!tnx J.R.T

Backhoe Shipment

The shipper we selected was very good. He kept us informed of where he was and when he would arrive at our destination. The backhoe was received in good condition. He was prompt and reliable. No big story here, just good service. Thanks.

no thanks

don't want to write a story

Bigger not always better!

When first listing our shipment with UShip, we received a bid which we accepted. Found out it was with a big shipping company. We felt safe. They called and had a driver scheduled to pick up that following week. However, the contact called and said he "read the bid" wrong and it was actually $600 more. Since a driver was already scheduled we didn't want to lose any more time so I agreed to pa ...

Service Above and Beyond

The baler I bought on ebay was matched with leconnell2003ks, but when he arrived at the pickup, it was much wider and heaver than I had been told. He was not equipped to haul it, and had to travel from Ohio to Kansas with no freight. He called me the next day with a very reasonable offer to borrow a trailer, get permits and deliver the baler the next week. After dealing with a difficult seller, ...

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