United States Shipping Stories (Business & Industrial Goods)

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I was very apprehensive using U-SHIP. Not knowing the shipper or having references is scary. I was under the gun on a deadline to have the shipment moved. My biggest concern was whether they were going to show at all and how late! My shipment was large and odd size items. There were 23 pallets of store fixtures including 4 tier tables, chairs, benches, 96" shelving, and display racks. Most of the ...

2 Crates 13000 pounds each

Only 3 days between we arrange the shipment to deliver the cargo from Birmingham to Miami. Goods arrived in perfect condition. Do not be afraid to contract them Atlantic Forwarding Service

Why didn't I think of this Business?????

It makes things so much easier with UShip. Moved several pieces of equipment. Had lots of bids. And chose a competitively priced, reliable hauler. Life is good.

A great pleasure

I was shipping a riding mower. I was shipping my item because it was too far away at the time for me to go personally. Uship was a pleasure to use. It was easy, fast, simple and accurate. I saved a great deal of money using Uship. My service provider was stellar in their performance. The efficiency in which Uship operated really impressed me. I would definitely use Uship again and I would refer i ...


I am amazed how easy it was! Shipping a 500KW 20,000 lbs machine from Michigan to Texas seemed like a daunting task to accomplish via Uship. But thanks to Uship it was nice and easy. Amazing!!

Problem free shipping!

The owner of my company purchased a salvaged electric scissor lift in Texas. After initial shock of price quoting many shipping companies, UShip.com was a fantastic relief. The bid I accepted was a very nice experience as far as delivery and in dealing directly with my shipper, yet having the comfort of knowing the site was there as an in between. Thank you for being there! I will use Uship.com in ...

shipping cbr motor

I tried several shipping companies before finding uship, the people on here bid for the lowest rate and had the best customer service I've had the experience of running into(when you google search ltl freight shipping, most of the companies are jerks and don't want to deal with the little guys. I'll definitely use this service again, ASF Transport Services Turning your freight around !!! 215. ...

Transporting Vermeer Stump Grinder

Posted my newly purchased Vermeer stump grinder on UShip - had a bid in no time. Shipper picked up the unit within an hour of award & delivered in 2 days - great job.

Westbound saw!

I am a recently opened welding and fabrication company with little cash flow for the capital expenditures I am needing to make in order to grow the business. I had found an excellent vertical band saw in New Jersey for my business, which is located in Phoenix, AZ but was reluctant to purchase the saw due to the shipping cost I was quoted by the seller of the saw and those carrier's I contacted di ...

lift boom

I was shipping a lift boom. I did not want to drive my equipment to get it. It was a learning experience with uship site since it was my first shipment. I save a lot, considering what the seller wanted for shipment. I knew that none of trucking company would charge the price he had ask. The driver of the trucking company "JEFF" was very professional, helpful in any way possible. The uship s ...

A unique situation

We had a unique shipping problem, and we found a guy through UShip who was a perfect match for what we needed done. I'm glad I found UShip, and I'm glad I found the service provider I needed through them.

Great shipper, butstarted off not so good.

I contracted with a shipper who ultimately couldn't ship to us within our time frame. Because it was my first use of your service, I did not know how to cancel out the bid so I could go with another bidder, who actually could get the item to me sooner than I needed it, I ended up losing both of my backup bidders and lost more than a weeks time by the time I figured it out. Aside from that, I had ...

Great experience shipping machines & equipment.

I sold an item on eBay. I listed it with uShip & shipped it out within one week. Reached it's destination without incident. Great job! Thanks


made contact immediately helped get loaded and showed up on time always or early top shelf hauler! i was afraid i would not be able to afford item and shipping wow i was very happy to find u ship thanks

My shipment

This is the first time I have used U-Ship all the way thru and it worked out great! I will use you again. Mike

heavy equipment from ebay

Once the equipment was ready to roll, Corey got it here, safely, in record time. Then stayed to help me get things squared away. Very pleased with and would highly recommend woppacop. Perry

electric generator

I bought a eletric generator on ebay & had to have it shipped from Aberdeen, MD to Texas & I didnot know how to go about it, some one told me about u-ship so I went online and found them put the shipping up for bid & in notime had a bid that I thought was a good one & accepted it,U-ship got me in touch with the carrier & they were very nice & answered all my Questions, they did pickup & deliver my ...

Trouble free experience

The communication was excellent and they actually picked up our shipment earlier than expected. I would highly recommend Chuck. He runs a professional operation.



How to ship stuff from Texas

I was a little worried about how to ship our equipment to the partner to Florida, but mostly how to load it to the truck without damaging it, within a very tight space. Gentlemen, if you have no ability to load anything on your property to a flat bed, you have to call 1deerhunter. This guy will bring all his friends to your place and even at night they will load your things carefully, and your ...

Very smooth transaction

I am very happy with their service. i did not thinkk it would happen that quick. Would definately use this person again.

First time using Uship!

This was easy. I'd heard about it, but never thought it would and/or could actually work this well. Seriously...easy! I navigated quickly through the bid set-up options and had bids coming within minutes. From the time I got on the site, to the time I accepted the winning bid it was less than 24 hours. Signed, sealed, and delivered...less than 72 hours across 4 states. Amazing! I'll be back to ...

Great experience - shipped my toolboxes

Kirk picked up a very special set of snap-on tool boxes from my brother's house in Baltimore and delivered them the next day to me in Atlanta. He was prompt and actually got the delivery in at the earliest possible window. He had no problems finding either pickup or delivery locations. He was well mannered, helpful and actually let my young kids look around his truck. Thanks Kirk!

Good to list with you

We are located in Mexico next the border to Brownsville TX, there we have a branch but sometimes is not easy bring the items we bought so fare, You are the solution. Thank you

Great transaction.

API communicated properly and delivered the shipment as req at a great price. I would rate them as super excellent.

good experince

i was shipping a small dozer because all my attempts to move it resulted in overwelming challenges it all went well after uship issues were resolved at first i thought uship was great then i aceepted the bid i shoulda read the fine print after i paid uship their part i still saved 1oo from my attempts to find a shipper so i cant realy complain the shipper did a good job considering the reciver of ...

Shipping like having one's cake and eat it too.

I am located in the Caribbean so m ost of the stuff I buy comes from the United States. I am in weak position since I cannot personally check out the goods nor do the dealings. Uship changed this for me in a great way. I found an excellent shipper that shipped a vending machine from inland to the east coast. If I had gone the traditional way of calling my freight forwarder out of Miami, this would ...

MFG. Equip.

Great service. They moved what I needed, when I needed it and for a price that beat all others. Thank you.

Great experiance shipping my equipment

I had a hard time finding a way to get some equipment from the East coast to the West coast. A friend told me to try USHIP, so I did. It was very easy and worked out great for me. I feel like I got a great price and my product was shipped in a timely mannor. I would recommend USHIP to anyone, as an experianced shipper or a novice (like me), to take the hassles out of the shipping process.

Flyneagle gets the job done right!

We had a huge piece of equipment over 2000 miles away and needed to find a way to transport it to us. After a bunch of run around and dishonesty from another carrier on this site, we finally found Virgil. He did what he said he was going to do and communicated with us well the whole way. We will certainly use Virgil's services again. Thank you for coming through for us Virgil! We would definitely ...

Greater shipper!

I needed to move a 2500lb Mill and a 1500lb lathe from the Central Cascades to Portland OR. Rudy promptly arrived on site and helped get the equipment safely onboard his rig. Within hours, I received a call that he was en-route and making great time. He arrived promptly and did just help unload, but even helped place the equipment into our workshop in it's final home. Everything went off flawle ...

Product shipped great experience

Shipper helped load the product and was easy to get in touch with on the road. Will use u-ship it again



Transport and Shipping larger object

Found this site on goggle. Had a very good dependable and great experience will definitly use uShip again Had a large snow plow . Great driver and transport.. Thankyou Rich and uShip

Once again GREAT!!!

i always expect a good service but im always left with EXCELENT Service. Thank you USHIP for being my #1 source for shipping.

Great Experience Shipping Computers

I have an overall great experience with Uship for the main reason that I am able to post my shipment and the amount I am willing to pay. The flexbility of doing so makes Uship the best company of this kind of service.

Had no idea this service existed. Terrific!

We had 35 cartons of books to ship out of state and had spent a few months researching various options--none to our satisfaction. Stumbled upon the uShip site and the entire transaction from listing to delivery was accomplished in one week at a significant reduction in cost. How's THAT for expediency!

900 lb mixer delivered

I never knew we (customers of e-bay) had a choice of shipping companies, then UShip came up on my computer, and said name a reasonable price, which I did thinking NO-WAY, It was like half the price the e-bay shipping price was. Then I got an e-mail, stating OK we found a shipper, so I thought do I need to send a seperate gas can or what, and when I found out that they were using UPS I was floored, ...


Shipment was picked up soon after booking. Shipment arrived very soon after. There was some slight damage to the equipment, but this is not the fault of the broker. It was not enough to file a claim considering the low price I got. Donohoe/the shipping shack did a good job.


Some service providers are good and some dont deliver as required, but it has been a wonderful experience so far

Shiped my car

I bot a car for $240 dollers and uShiped it fur $900 dollers two the other city in hour state. It was a goode deel.

Everything was so easy

I had to ship some athletic lockers form my home to a high school. We had avery tight budget, so the target price was an important feature. Also, I needed help getting the lockers into the room where they needed to go, and I was able to communicate that up front before any agreement was made. The whole experience was perfect from the care of the shipment to the customer service. The uShip service ...

Great experience shipping my wide format Printer

When all hope is lost and it sounds like you might have to forget about that huge stuff you purchased because shipment might be more than the value, just put it on uship. Someone with a heart like yours will take care of you. Emmanuel Gentle

My first uShip deal really worked! My big Dodge tanker was hauled 1,300 miles with no problems.

I needed to find a trucker to haul a big Dodge D800 tandem tanker (not running) bought from the Forestry Service (GSA)from Oklahoma to Virginia, some 1,300 miles and it needed to be moved in less than one week. I established my profile and listed my shipment. In less than an hour I had my first quote and 24 hours later I had done the deal with one of three good quotes. The truck was picked up t ...

Perfect solution to ship my wire rack inventory

I needed to ship 300+ wire racks from Atlanta, GA to Fort Worth, TX in a short timeframe and with a specific due date. I had already arranged for transportaion to meet my deadline when all of a sudden I received a cancellation from the freight company, leaving me with limited options until I found uShip. Through uShip I found the perfect solution to my immediate problem by having access to an exte ...

Excellent Communication

Whenever we do business with the government there is a degree of anxiety from the time we take the order until it's delivered. We were obviously nervous about our shipment making it to the Department of Defense on time and in one piece. Alliance proved how professional they were not only in getting our shipment delivered on time and in one piece, but their excellent communication along the way. ...

Great experience shipping my lumber

I got estimates of $1200 for my shipment and shipped it through uship for $700. The people brought it to my house and helped me hand unload and stack it. What more can I say?

VW fenders

We needed to ship some VW Beetle fenders to Ohio. The first U-ship service provider could not complete, even pick up the shipment. I kept the faith in people and U-ship and relisted, even after losing $140, which I'm still after. Rick met me, picked up delivered at a very good price. He restored our confidence in human kind. Thanks, Rick

Had to find someone to deliver a 50's hair salon!

We had to find someone in limited time who could go and pack a 3 station vintage 50's beauty shop including 3 large mirrors to deliver from Harrisburg to Chicago.We are building out a retro salon. Setting up the listing and getting bids on Uship was easy. We chose Shofar (Leonard)based on Uship's feedback system. He has all high praises and in the end, we could not agree more. Everything arrived f ...

Great first experience

I live in the Netherlands and the best underfloor insualtion I could find was made in the states. I spent weeks trying to find an economical way of getting it to europe. I thought sea frieght was the only viable option but still the quotes I got were more than my insualtion was worth. I stumbled across uship and put up my post. Within a week I had several offers including one that was half of some ...

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