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Happy to be home

After we were relocated to Texas from Maryland we were forced to leave our boat behind because of a bad mishap with a service provided we hired from UShip, needless to say we had to abort the shipment, and since I had put a down payment through Pay Pal I was out $900. Now this was a company that I had hired because of the large amount of shipments and positive feed back o ...

"quervo" - boat delivery experience, A+++

I've been attempting to buy a rare, highly collectable, early 70's Boston Whaler Outrage (surf boat) all year and have been unable to put it together.  The rarity of this boat means they sell VERY fast.  And since travel is necessary in order to get one - my hands have been tied due to obligations @ work.  I finally found my boat and was able to bu ...

Transporting our boat

We moved from Central Texas to Central Arizona a few months ago.  We weren't able to move the boat with us at the time.  We dreaded the thought of driving back to Texas with 2 small children, so we went to Uship for help.  We received several bids for the transportation of our boat.  While we had some very inexpensive bids, we opted for a higher bid to have peace of mind.  ...

perfect sailboat transport

Jim arranged the pick up of my sailboat at the delivery end and transported it to a local boat yard on his professional equipment.  I would not hesitate to use his services again.

Great Experience

First time user and lots of concerns searching for and getting honest reliable provider.  The whole deal went off without one problem.  Definately would use Uship and Wes again.

Shipping my sailboat

It was a great experience to have my sailboat shipped  by one of the members of Uship. I saved 55% from the lowest quote I received from standard transporters. 

Proffessional service delivering my boat from New York to the Florida Keys

RDHTrucking was professional in every aspect of the transport of my boat from New York to the Florida Keys.    They arrived on time with a new truck and after going over my trailer left for Florida.    The delivery went smoothly and they called along the way to let me know when they would be arriving in Key West.    The boat arrived at my marina on time ...

Shipper went above and beyond

After an agreement to ship was reached, I realized the trailer had expired tags and I needed to get new ones on the trailer before shipping. The shipper offered to let me mail the tags to his home and he would put them on when he got there rather than making me involve the marina that was holding the boat. Also, when extra straps were needed to secure the boat and the marina wanted to charge a l ...


I had a boat shipped from McGregor MN to Sweetgrass MT and everything went exactly as planned. Rhett was awesome and the ontime performance and communication could not have been better. Price was awesoome and Uship works great. Would definetely use again.

great shipper

BIGBOYZTOYZ shipped my 1972 sidewinder boat, He didnt have the best price I found, But he had the best rep. he was a couple days later than exspected but made it up to me, if i ever need something shipped the one place I will go is to uship and click on to Glen at BIGBOYZTOYZ he will be the one that I myself will choose

First experience with Uship

Britton Transport was the shipper. Great guy. Best price. On time. Good communications. Very accomodating. Boat and trailer arrived with no damage whatsoever. On a flatbed trailer to boot! Boat was picked up in Mobile Alabama saturday morning and delivered sunday at noon in Detroit  Michigan. Would I use Uship again? You bet. Thanx for your service. RT.

Sailboat hauling

I needed to get my 25 ft. sailboat to my home in PA. before the end of the month.  I was unsure how best to get it hauled and needed to do so at a reasonable price.  I was concerned about the driver's experience and promptness .  Jr. Bradley answered all my questions promptly, and unbeleivably had my boat to me with in 4 days of our first communication.  I would definitely reco ...

Good Experience Shipping a Boat

I purchased a 1971 Century on ebay, and it was shipped from Long Island to Richmond by Watson Transport.  The transport members did an excellent job letting me know when they could pick-up the boat and when it would be delivered.  The boat arreved in excellent condition, and the people were super nice.  They were helpful in making sure the boat was moved to a good parking place, and ...

good job

ever thing was as planed will surely use thier and your service again Gary Gross

shipment of 25ft bayliner boat

there was problems with trailer lights they hooked them up there was tire problems theytook care of that they care for you shipment like it was there own  thanks

Bass Boat Shipment

Bass Boat ship Calif, to Texas.

great job nikki

super fast and professional service

Great shipping service!

Thanks Rocky for your help.  Boat arrived in perfect condition.

Easy to use. Price was less than expected. Experience was great

    Looking to ship our boat/trailer combo for 1st time.  Found Uship via google search.  Looked promising so we submitted our listing.  Bids came in fast and furious.  After exchanging some questions and answers (easy to do), we found our shipper.  Feedback left by prior shippees made it easier to feel comfortable about the person/company we chose.  ...

WoW I have a few freight companys that we use their best was 4200. We found a price on uship 2190.

We had our 30 ft boat shipped from MD to MT 2350 miles. we got it done on uship for Half of what our regular shipping companys wanted. and we get 70% off thru them (Or maybe not). The uship shipper we found is fully licensed and insured. He actually got to MD before we gave him the job. He said he was sure he would get the job and headed that way after his last drop. He was right we did not find a ...

My Uship Experience

Moved from MA to FL and had a 24 foot boat shipped by Captain Steve, who was a great guy and very helpful.  The price was approx. 50% lower than anywhere else.  Thanks for everything.

Hawgtrax made shipping my boat easy

I bought a 30' pontoon boat out of Texas and needed it hauled over 2000 miles to my home in Oregon. I hired Hawgtrax Motorsport because he checked out good on insurance and his price was reasonable.   David was great, I knew the boat I purchased had some repairs that it  needed, but when he saw the damage he called me before he left Texas with the boat to make sure I WAS a ...

A Letter from a Satisfied uShip Customer

 I write this personal testimonial for all potential uShip customerv,


Shipping Made Easy

I had no clue about how to hire a transporter to move my boat  from NC to VA.  UShip made the task incredibly easy.  Tim Gadberry moved my boat safely and at a great price.  Despite delays for bad weather and mechanical problems, Tim always remained upbeat and positive about getting the job done.  I couldn't be happier with my uShip experience!

Jet ski shipped perfectly!

I aws very impressed by the professional and honest preformance of shipper. The quality of equipment used was very state of the art and then some. Probably the most capable shipper I have seen. Thanks again...Devin

Shipped two birchbark canoes.

I was most concerned about damage.  The shipment was very professionally transacted and quickly.  My customer told me all was OK at his end.  Postitive experience.  I would recommend them.

Exceptional shipping experience

I shipped my 30' boat from DC to Punta Gorda Florida using Tom Clark.  He was exceptionally competent regarding the technical issues of trailering and height limits and he was exceptionally dependable regarding timeliness and communication enroute.  Tom's price was the next to lowest bid (by $5) but he already had 3 positive feedbacks.  Tom demonstrated professionalism in every aspe ...

waverrunner shippment

Good cummunication... delivered as promiss .... nothing else matter..

Way to help a Service Member out

Was trying to get my boat moved while deployed to the Middle East, Got a great price and a team that worked with my wife to get our boat moved before the winter hit while I was deployed defending our Countries Freedom.

Rutland Marine Services

Shipping our Thompson Vacationer Boat, Dale and his wife delivered exceptional service at a great price. They went above and beyond to complete the job as promised despite heavy rain and mud. Highly reccomended.

Ship small Boat

Thank you for your help.  I was very happy that the boat I purchased in Houston TX and shipped to Boston MA was delivered  quickly and with out any damage.  I also like the updates on the status of the delivery.   Look forward in using your service again.

Transporting a helicoptor

How do you ship a helicoptor across country without it costing an arm and a leg?  Put it on a trailer and let Okeana transportation trailer it.  Was very pleased with the service provided by U ship and by the carrier that won the contract as well as the individual driver the took my $10,000 helicoptor down the road.  I wish I knew of this service when I brought that helicoptor acros ...

Great people, great experience

What more can I say - this is the 3rd time I've used uship, and this particular experience went exactly as I hoped it would!  Great driver, excellent communication, and I had a true feeling of confidence in them that things would go well (and they did)!

Shipping my boat from NJ to Fl

My Service provider went out of the way to be helpful as I needed transportation from the canal home where I docked my boat back to the marina ramp to pick up my car.  He also drove my trailer to a parking area because the vehicle I was using was without a hitch. 

Great service shipping a wood rowing shell

Daylight Movers carried a newly constructed rowing shell from Wisconsin to Florida so that the new owner could row it while on vacation there visiting family. The eventual destination is Ireland where he retired to so the shipping to Florida had to be inexpensive. To meet this need within our budget we arranged to drop the boat at their warehouse and pick it up from a location on their route to ...

Shipping a boat across the country

We needed a 23 ft crusier shipped from the San Diego area to the Boston area. Local shipping companies were quoting $4K +. I heard about UShip and a new door was opened. These are the folks the shipping firms, boat dealers and marinas all knew about and kept to themselves so they could mark up the services and make money. Now I had access to the people that actually do the shipping. UShip cut ...

very glad this site exists! saves $$$ and is reliable!!!

saves me time and money and who doesn't like to have more of both!!!  The best part is that you are dealing with owners or hand picked help and they actually care about what they do...which is so lacking in today's marketplace.  USA was built on service and hard work...where did it go??  Nice to hook upwith folks that still have these values!! God Bless the USA!!!

jet ski

very fast

great place to get shipping done easy afordable

25 ft boat shipped was easy as 123 none better

boat from oregon

damaged boat from oregon to canada price was more than fair prfesional job of securing load well done dukstir

I needed to have my boat spotted on a narrow drive

My boat was a fairly large cabin criuser that was in Wisconsin for years and I wanted to move it to Florida after my retirement to refurbish at my home. Jim had to navigate beach sand and narrow drives to set it onto a circular drive in the back of my home. He worked very hard to get it to the exact spot between the sand , my drive and the stair from my house. His use of wenches and pulleys was am ...

I had a boat picked up in Virgina and deliverd to Utah, at one of the worst times of year to travel.

I used Ward1257 as a sevice provider. He was very professional and delivered as promised. He was not the lowest price, but I would highly recommend his services for anyone that might need something transported. He was very dependable and deliverd on time! He had to travel cross country at one of the worst time of year for travel. He keep me well informed all the way and arrived ...

Great Job with my boat transport

I was shipping a 21' fishing boat from Knoxville to Phoenix. I was getting bids anywhere from $4,300-$4,500 until I put my bid in with U-Ship. The very next day my bid was accepted for $2,200 and I had my boat in my possession three weeks later. It would have been earlier if the ice storms wouldn't have delayed in Big D. Van stored my boat in his warehouse in Dallas to keep my boat in good conditi ...

Excellent Experience Shipping My Boat...

Excellent web site. Shipped our boat over 1700 miles in cold, frigid cold Canadian weather with out damage or delay from the US. Professional service, cheaper than we could have done it ourselves. Will use this site again and again. I highly recommend this site to anyone wanting to ship, you will not be sorry. Geoff & Tara (Winnipeg)

yippy ya hoo!!!

I had a 18 foot jet boat to get here from california!! tight budget, tight time frame, thanx to u-ship I was able to meet a  most amazing man who cured my worries and was above and beyond professional!!!Riverman 55 was an absolute delight to deal with, he kept us completely informed every step of the way, before and during, i was so happy to meet Riverman 55 after so many great laughs and cov ...

shipper did a fine job

have had several pleasurable experiences with USHIP deliveries but am sick of the tattle-tales and the supposed rule infractions that your firm claims I am commiting. you people need to get a grip and realize that I am not trying to beat anyone out of a fee but I ask honest questions and when provoked by pests I will give honest responses. take this opportunity to assess your mistakes and clean up ...

Very positive shipping experience

Shipper went above and beyond with his shipping service. He made regular contacts until the item was picked up and delivered. He followed up to make sure everything was OK. He is an A1 shipper. 

Boat transport

I was shipping a boat from the East Coast to the West Coast. The boat was cheaper on the East Coast because it is manufactured their. Marine Services was the service provider and overall did a good job.The price was good. I would use uship again.

Great first itme experience

My wife bought a pontoon boat on ebay that I had to get from northeast Georgia to Panama City Florida.  I had no iea how I was going to do it.  The Seller wanted way too much money and I had no time to worry about it.  I found this web site and within 15 minutes was choosing from bids and communicating the details.  I found the one I liked in my price range and it was done.&nbs ...


Steve / quero helped me out in hard time thanks man

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