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Ready, Set, Ship Your Engines with uShip and Rev up Your Business

The auto parts industry is discovering less-than-truckload (LTL) through uShip is the faster, better way to ship engines, doors, bumpers, and other auto parts. You're just in time to get ahead of the curve. With our competitive less-than-truckload rates, direct carrier access, invoice audits, $0 deductible insurance, and volume discounts, we are able to put you ahead of the competition. uShip is your single source for auto parts and engine shipping. Get direct access to instant, competitive rates from dozens of LTL carriers. We also act as a single point of contact with our dedicated team ready to help at any step of the way. Check out this video to learn more about the car parts shipping process with uShip.

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Man reviewing inventory at auto parts store

Car Parts Commonly Listed on uShip:

  • Car Seats (Bench, Race, Buckets, and Folding)
  • Engines (Short Block or Long Block)
  • Transmissions (Automatic, Manual, CVT, DCT)
  • Axles (Solid, Trans, Live)
  • Rear Ends (Differentials: Lockers, LSDs, Open, etc.)
  • Half Cuts (Front or Rear)
  • Front Clips (Hood, Headlights, Radiator Support, Bumper and Fenders)
  • Bumpers (Front or Rear)
  • Subframes (Front or Rear IRS)
  • Wheels & Tires (Mounted or Separate)
  • Aftermarket Hardtops (S2000 and Miata)
  • Truck Beds
  • Vintage Body Panels
  • JDM, Euro & Aftermarket Parts

How to Ship Car Parts

New to shipping car parts out to customers? There's a few things to consider before your carrier comes to pick up the car parts.

  • 1. Dimensions: The weight, length, and width need to be precisely measured so you can relay them to the carrier.
  • 2. Packaging: Do you need to ship one part that arrived to you in a pallet? Do you need to ship multiple, individual parts? You'll need to consider repackaging your shipment. Depending on the size of the auto part, you may want to secure it in a pallet, or a box.
  • 3. Preparing Car Parts: Drain any fluids from used auto parts. Wipe off any grease and residue. If there are delicate parts associated with the car part, dissassemble these components and wrap them individually.
  • 4. Tires and Bare Metal: Prepare these items to be transported without a box. Wrap your tired in cardboard to avoid them gripping surfaces while in transit. With bare metal, tape pieces of cardboard around any sharp, pointy and protruding edges, then wrap the metal auto part with bubble wrap or plastic film.
  • 5. Wrapping and Padding: If you have individual car parts, cushion them with bubble wrap or padded foam sheeting and enclose smaller, loose items in plastic pouches.
  • 6. Filler for Secure Shipping: Air pillow packing, packing peanuts and packing paper are great filler for more lightweight auto parts. Fillers like spray foam, engineered foam containers, and foam-in-place are better for your heavy auto parts.

uShip Tracking

Once you have your car parts ready for transport and the carrier has picked up the package, you will want to track the shipment so you and your customer know exactly where the parts are and when they'll be arriving. You can automatically track your shipment with uShip Tracking. Once the carrier picks up your package, they will start sharing what city they are in throughout the delivery. You'll get real-time communication of the status and location of your shipment, saving you time often spent on calling the carrier when using other companies. You can be prepared for the pick up and give your customer updates along the way, strengthening your reputation, customer loyalty, and probability of return customers.

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