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Ready, Set, Ship Your Engines with uShip and Rev up Your Business

The auto parts industry is discovering less-than-truckload freight (LTL) through uShip is the faster, better way to ship engines, doors, bumpers, and other large car parts. You're just in time to get ahead of the curve. With our competitive less-than-truckload car part transport rates, direct carrier access, invoice audits, $0 deductible insurance, and volume discounts, we are able to put you ahead of the competition. uShip is your single source for auto parts and engine shipping. Get direct access to instant, competitive rates from dozens of LTL carriers. We also act as a single point of contact with our dedicated team ready to help at any step of the way. Check out this video to learn more about the car parts shipping process with uShip.

Man reviewing inventory at auto parts store

Common Car Parts Being Shipped As Freight

  • Transmissions
  • Drivetrains
  • Doors
  • Engines
  • Chassis
  • Hoods
  • Tires
  • Fuel Systems
  • Wheels
  • Fenders
  • Car Bumpers

How to Prepare for Shipping Car Parts

  • If you have large car parts, decide on whether your shipment will need to be shipped via parcel or freight.
  • Re-package items from pallets if possible. Some items can use smaller packaging options once off the pallet, resulting in smaller fees.
  • Prepare for shipping auto parts — Clean and wipe off any grease or residue from parts. Make sure to disassemble any delicate components and wrap them individually.
  • Purchase a box, crate, or shipping container appropriate for shipping auto parts — Boxes need to be able to support the weight of the car parts during shipment.
  • Prepare irregular shaped items to be shipped without a box — Use tape, cardboard, bubble wrap, and other protective material to ensure the items are delivered safely.
  • Include cushion, padding, or wrapping for any delicate or individual parts that need to be disassembled first.
  • Properly seal all packages with 60-lb nylon-reinforced filament tape or pressure-sensitive plastic tape.
  • Include labels that have all the appropriate information included — Do not forget to contact numbers.
  • Track your package.
Man removing car parts for shipping

Auto Parts Shipping for Your Business

Engines, transmissions, and car seats, oh my! No matter what kind of car part or piece you need to transport, uShip covers all of your vehicle parts shipping needs. If you are working out of a warehouse, you probably fill orders from repair shops and dealerships often. These deliveries are usually expedited as the turn around to fix these vehicles could make or break a sale or upset a repair shop customer. Same goes for dealerships and repair shops. You may need to expedite parts from warehouses, other shops, or online to meet the needs of your customers.

Are you a collector of vintage car parts such as antique engines, transmissions, tires, and rims? If so, shipment tracking and a safe delivery are of the utmost importance. Furthermore, you would want to speak to the transporter directly, see the reviews of their previous auto parts shipments, and feel confident in your carrier.

Get your weekend project in gear by ordering your auto part online. Selling and buying car parts is a huge business within any online marketplace. Check out eBay or Craigslist for used parts or find an online retailer. If you're selling your car parts online, you want to provide the best service possible, and that includes shipping.

Streamline, Organize, and Automate Your Auto Parts Delivery

Whether you are rebuilding your inventory or fulfilling a customer order, shipping large and heavy car parts is not an easy task. It takes time and resources to package and palletize auto parts. You've been there. Imagine a world where your team can spend their time building relationships with customers, selling to new customers, or repairing vehicles. You don't have to forego a personal relationship with the carrier for an online service, optimizing and organizing your auto parts shipping. uShip gives you direct contact with your carrier as well as a streamlined system, allowing more time dedicated to growing your business.

Save Money on Car Parts Shipping

Auto shop owners and warehouse managers know that transporting auto parts is part of the business now. Many times, when looking for the best way to transport car parts, businesses can see the cost of shipping to be a limitation. Traditional shipping costs add up quickly, especially when it comes to large, bulky, and heavy parts like mufflers, radiators, fenders, and engines. To cut costs, many businesses end up cutting inventory or having to say no to customers who need car parts. uShip allows carriers to fill the unused space in their trucks with your shipment. Since the transporter is already going the same route, they can lower the overall cost of shipping auto parts while delivering reliable, secure, and trusted service.

Man installing new car part after transport
Man organizing auto parts

Improve Your Sales, Retention, and Referrals with uShip

Customer service is the number one way to get customers to come back and to tell others to go to you for their auto parts needs. Providing a transportation solution is already a step ahead of the competition. Saving money on car parts shipping means you can pass the savings on to your customer. Fast, reliable transportation makes for a great customer experience that will earn referrals and retain customers. You will also receive a dedicated support team from uShip, here to help you and your customer out along the way.

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Expand Your Coverage for Car Parts Transport

uShip's car parts transporters are constantly on the move. At any given time, there is someone available to take your shipment to where it needs to go. They are always going your way and aren't confined to a localized shipment. Businesses can increase their same-day delivery distance up to 300 miles with uShip. This easily keeps you ahead of the competition with faster delivery times, faster repair turnaround times, ability to take on more orders, and huge improvements in productivity.

How Does uShip Work?

On uShip, 30+ top national and regional LTL carriers go head-to-head with their competitive rates, service levels, and past customer reviews so you can compare all in one place. Unlike brokers, we’re also transparent about our service fees. At uShip, we audit every single invoice. This means that if an invoice arrives for less than you were quoted and paid up front, uShip will credit the difference to your account. We’ll even fight unfair rebills and help process partial or full refund if a carrier misses a guaranteed service delivery date. uShip backs its industry-leading shipping platform with real human beings. This means you not only get the latest mobile app technology, but you also have a single point of contact for dispute mediation, missed pickup assistance, insurance claim support, erroneous rebill settlement, and invoice auditing and account credits..

Instant Auto Part Transport LTL Rates

High volume shippers can load their existing rates onto uShip through My Contract Rates or can get uShip’s help securing negotiated rates with LTL carriers through My Custom Rates. Either way, you’ll get rates that compare to or beat rates you’ve been getting through brokers.

Insure Your Car Parts Shipment

The car parts carriers on uShip are professionals but adding another level of protection for your shipment and a great customer experience couldn't hurt. With low premiums and a $0 deductible on most shipments, uShip makes it easy to provide additional protection should something happen to your shipment. To learn more about uShip's cargo insurance options, click here.

Cost To Ship Car Parts

On average, it costs $1.36 per mile to ship car parts less than 100 miles, but costs $0.28 per mile to transport car parts less than 1000 miles. That said, the average cost to transport car parts depends on the distance and the specifications of the parts, including size, weight, and packaging. Take a look at our cost-to-ship car parts page. There, you will get insight into what the costs look like when it comes to shipping large car parts and view shipping transactions completed through the uShip marketplace.

uShip Tracking

Once you have your car parts ready for transport and the carrier has picked up the package, you will want to track the shipment so you and your customer know exactly where the parts are and when they'll be arriving. You can automatically track your shipment with uShip Tracking. Once the carrier picks up your package, they will start sharing what city they are in throughout the delivery. You'll get real-time communication of the status and location of your shipment, saving you time often spent on calling the carrier when using other companies. You can be prepared for the pick up and give your customer updates along the way, strengthening your reputation, customer loyalty, and probability of return customers.

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