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How to Create Your Very Own Nancy Meyers Kitchen on Etsy

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Famous director and screenwriter Nancy Meyers may be known for writing and directing box office hits like “Father of the Bride,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” and “It’s Complicated,” but it’s her interior design style that has stuck with so many long after her movies have left theaters – especially those dreamy kitchens.

But one doesn’t have to live in Hollywood or even have a movie star salary to enjoy a Nancy Meyers kitchen. With more and more small furniture makers placing their handmade wares on Etsy, anyone can recreate a Nancy-inspired dream kitchen in their very own home.

Here we take a look at five key elements of every Nancy Meyers kitchen, along with some tips for recreating the experience chez nous.


Perhaps the most essential element of any Nancy Meyers kitchen is the island – a place where food is served, gossip is spilled, and lots of drama takes place. This handcrafted kitchen island from Etsy seller FineKitchenIsland is almost as big as Diane Keaton’s in “Something’s Gotta Give” (often referred to as “the most-copied kitchen of all time”).

farmhouse kitchen table from etsy

6ft gray kitchen island without countertop, available on Etsy


Don’t have the space for a kitchen island the size of a queen bed? A farmhouse table will easily bring that comfy, family-friendly feel to your kitchen space. Etsy is filled with a range of beautiful farmhouse tables, but we especially like this one from VVK Interiors. Add a floral arrangement and a nice breakfast spread and pretend like you’re in 1998’s “The Parent Trap” having pancakes with Annie…or was it Hallie?

farmhouse dinner table

White Oak Modern Farmhouse Table, available on Etsy


The lighting in Nancy Meyers’s kitchens is everything, with lots of natural light during the day and a comforting warm glow in the evening. To achieve this ambiance, we recommend dome lights placed above your kitchen island or dining table. For an updated look, try a modern farmhouse pendant like these from seller VIXTERIOR.

modern black and white dome lights

Dome Pendant Light Metal Dome Light, available on Etsy


Ever wish you were Meryl Streep in  2009’s “It’s Complicated” as she dramatically “cooks her way through men” and navigates the challenges of dating both her architect and her ex? Probably not, but we bet you’ve dreamed about her kitchen. Cookware is always on full display in Nancy’s kitchens, which is why we love this copper ceiling pot rack from ProperCopperDesign.

copper pots hanging from copper stand

Copper Ceiling Pot and Pan Rack, Large Size, available on Etsy.


Whether you like the old school look of “Father of the Bride” or the more modern feel of “The Intern,” Nancy Meyers films are filled with decor inspiration to give your kitchen that movie star quality. Display the things you love alongside floral or fruit arrangements and see your kitchen magically transform into your own Hollywood set.

kitchen decor on wood shelves, shop etsy

Floating Shelf, Floating Shelves, Nursery Shelf, Wood Photo Shelf, available on Etsy.

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