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How to Ship a Car From Craigslist

Ah, Craigslist. Few websites that carry such an intriguing combination of effectiveness and lack of aesthetic. And yet, it’s a car-buyer’s dream. Millions of of people purchase vehicles both peer-to-peer and from dealerships using the prolific website.

So, if you’ve purchased a car via Craigslist and need to ship it to you or elsewhere, where do you start?

Do your due diligence | Cars From Craigslist

Start before the process is even in motion – especially before payment is exchanged – to ensure the vehicle isn’t part of a scam. According to Craigslist, offers to ship a vehicle by the seller are often a scam. Check out Craigslist’s guide to avoiding scammers for more information. The safest alternative is to prepare and ship the vehicle yourself with a transport company you trust.

Transport types | Cars From Craigslist

You have a variety of options when transporting a vehicle purchased from a Craigslist seller, including towing and being loaded onto one of several types of trailers. If the car is inoperable, you may incur additional fees as loading and unloading may be significantly more difficult. The trailer type depends on the type of car, as well as your budget and timeframe. Read more about trailer options here.

Find a provider | Ship Cars From Craigslist

When you’re ready to choose a transporter, start by creating a listing on uShip. Once you start receiving quotes, or see your choices for instant booking, carefully review each provider’s feedback. See what other customers have reported, and double check the company’s credentials by reviewing their USDOT or Motor Carrier (MC) number. You should also verify their insurance coverage, and ask for written proof of coverage. You can find more helpful tips on selecting the right transporter here.

Once you decide on a transporter, communication will be key. Be sure they understand that they’re picking up a vehicle from the Craigslist seller, and that punctuality is vital as you’re both responsible for working around the seller’s schedule.

Inspection is everything

Once the vehicle arrives, be vigilant during the sign-off and post-shipment inspection. Service providers will assess the condition of your vehicle upon delivery, which is very important should you need to file an insurance claim.

Wondering what your car insurance covers during transport?

Read our guide to Everything You Need to Know About Car Shipping Insurance.