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Infographic: Furniture Design Through the Decades

When looking for home decor inspiration, borrowing from the past is the perfect way to bring classic furniture design directly into your domain. And today – thanks to online marketplaces like Chairish, 1stdibs, and Etsy – it’s never been easier to find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from sellers who ship directly to your front door.

Take a trip back in time and explore 10 iconic design styles that truly made their mark on home decor history. Whether you love the lavish look of Hollywood Regency or geek out on mid-century modern classics, there’s no denying that these innovative styles from yesterday became today’s timeless, must-have pieces.

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1920s furniture design art deco wood vintage dresser

Art Deco

A time of great wealth and opulence, Art Deco furniture mixed streamlined design with chrome and lacquered surfaces for a style that shined like the top of the Chrysler Building.


1930s furniture design green striped velvet couch

Hollywood Regency

Created for and inspired by the most glamorous Hollywood stars of the time, this over-the-top, color-unfused style is the definition of “extra.”


1940s furniture design - traditional wood side table


A transitional period in American interior design, this war-time era style went back to basics with traditional wood pieces and understated embellishments.


1950s furniture design - mid-century modern credenza


Defined by clean lines, organic curves, and warm tones, this classic furniture style has left a lasting legacy on home decor with no end in sight.


1960s furniture design - space age plastic furniture yellow chair

Space Age

The decade that brought us plastic furniture and the egg pod chair, 1960s home decor was experimental, bold, and truly out of this world.


1970s furniture design - wicker rattan flamingo chair

Natural Living

A time of earth-friendly design, this DIY-inspired decade was all about wood paneling, rattan furniture, and macrame everything.


1980s furniture design - vintage green and pink memphis design chair


A direct rebellion of the past, this iconic design movement that mixed bold colors with wacky patterns was not initially adored, but ended up defining the decade.


1990s dresser design - shabby chic cream dresser

Shabby Chic

Before the modern farmhouse look, there was shabby chic: a little bit french, a little bit country, and a whole lot of ruffles.


2000s chair design - pair of tuscan style dining chairs


This rustic style mixed stone countertops, elaborate iron finishings, and dark wood furniture to create the feeling that one was back in the Old Country.


Modern sofa design style - pink velvet couch

Today: Personalized Perfection

Whether you’re a die-hard mid-century fan or prefer over-the-top Hollywood Regency accents  (or both), this new decade is all about putting a modern spin on the best decor of the past and making it your own.

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