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5 Road Trip Movies to Inspire Your Next RV Adventure

If you’re like many Americans feeling “vacation deprived” after a year indoors, traveling the open road in an RV is an attractive option that can fulfill one’s sense of wanderlust and doesn’t require getting on a plane. But whether you’re planning a vacation for the entire family or a cross-country road trip with your closest friends, every great adventure has to start somewhere. And while some road-trippers look to their past for travel inspiration, others can always turn to the next best source: the movies.

Here we take a look at five classic road trip movies to inspire your next road excursion, along with the RV best-equipped for the journey.

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Dream of taking the entire family on a cross-country road trip just like the Griswolds? While Clark’s station wagon had its charms, we suggest going with the economic Class C instead. This spacious RV comes equipped with all the amenities and is sure to get the entire family from Chicago to Wally World without leaving you stranded in the desert.

2017 Forest River Sunseeker 2400WS MBS Diesel

2017 Forest River Sunseeker 2400WS MBS Diesel, available on eBay Motors.


Maybe you’re more of a loner, like Pee-wee Herman. While we would never recommend hitchhiking to the Alamo (which still doesn’t have a basement), a truck camper is an excellent choice for solo travelers who need to get up and go whenever the road calls their name. Bonus: most come with bike racks to keep your two-wheeler safe and secure.

2017 XPCamper Expedition flatbed truck camper

2017 XPCamper Expedition flatbed truck camper, available on eBay Motors.


No matter how dysfunctional a family may be, there’s nothing like a road trip to bring everyone together for some quality bonding time. Usually, we’d recommend a Class A or C for any group larger than three, but what’s more nostalgic than a yellow Volkswagen bus? Luckily, this converted beauty from eBay Motors doesn’t require a push-start.

1976 Yellow Volkswagen Bus Van in Desert

1976 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon CAMPER, available on eBay Motors.


You don’t have to be in a rock and roll band to drive from city to city with your best mates. All you need is a large, fully-equipped RV (like this vintage Class A), your favorite Elton John tape, and a friend to document the entire journey. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with local COVID-19 guidelines before you arrive and don’t forget to call your mom.

2000 Fleetwood Fleetwood Bounder Class A RV

2000 Fleetwood Fleetwood Bounder, available on eBay Motors.


Want to take a no-frills trip to the mountains with your best bud, but aren’t sure if you’re ready for a big-league camper? We suggest the popup trailer – an RV that’s so simple to tow and set up, even Lloyd and Harry could figure it out.

2006 Fleetwood Niagara popup trailer from eBay motors

2006 Fleetwood Niagara, available on eBay Motors.

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