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Fighting Food Shortages with Good Logistics | uShip’s Perspective

With back-to-back major global events having an undeniable impact on our food supply and ability to transport goods, staple items that we count on could be out of stock when we head to the grocery store next year.

uShip has roughly two decades of experience creating and managing shipping solutions by matching shippers and carriersacross several industries. Here’s our take on the predicted upcoming food shortages and what we all can do to help.

Food Shortage 2022 and Beyond | Why is it Happening?

We’ve heard stories from WWII veterans concerning food shortages and the rationing system of the 1940s. With non-perishables being shipped out to the military, civilians back home were forced to use ration cards which only allotted a limited quantity per household. The potential upcoming food shortage is unfortunately a natural response to several global events, including:

  1. Fertilizer Costs: When fuel costs like the price of diesel go up, it affects the cost of fertilizer necessary for crops.
  2. Russia-Ukraine War: With Ukraine serving 10% of the world’s wheat supply, the attack made waves for suppliers across the globe. Not only is the supply lower, delivery patterns are needing to be altered to avoid the high conflict area.
  3. Fuel Shortages: With most produce needing to travel long distances, the cost to transport is making it hard for groceries stores to keep the essentials in stock.

Which Foods and Groceries Are in Short Supply?

According to the USDA, there is no official food shortage currently happening. However, retailers do report that the following foods are flying off the shelves quicker and getting restocked slower as of October 2022:

  • Milk and butter
  • Hershey’s Halloween candy
  • Sabra Hummus
  • Mustard
  • Sriracha
  • Baby formula
  • Beer and soda
  • Feminine hygiene products

Thankfully products are getting restocked at a reasonable pace, despite suppliers being behind. If you’re looking to stock your apocalypse bunker with some sustainable essentials, look into rice and whole grains, legumes, healthy oils and fats, essential meets like frozen chicken breasts, shelf-safe protein, salt, and a trifecta of nuts and dried fruits.

Food Shortage Real Talk | Are We Going to Be Okay?

Food insecurity is becoming a real fear for Americans and civilians around the world. While there are efforts from the World Bank to supplement suppliers, it’s going to be on all of us to get ahead and prepare.

What Carriers & Suppliers Can Do to Help With Food Shortages

If you’re in the industry, there’s a lot of weight on your shoulders to ensure Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season goes off without a hitch. One of the number one ways that you can help is to prepare all food shipments properly.

1. Package your items properly to avoid spoilage during transport

2. Separate Foods of different temperatures

3. Choose a reliable LTL shipping company by looking at their carrier profile and reviews on uShip.

What Americans Can Do to Help with the US Food Shortage

Don’t let the fear of being without certain items stop you from doing what’s right during times of crisis:

1. Don’t panic shop

2. Compost your food waste to make a natural fertilizer

3. Prepare an emergency supply, but take only what you need

4.Grow your own food

5. Become a uShip carrier and help keep America’s table ready for seconds.

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