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1 in 5 Consumers Getting Holiday Deliveries Already Feel Behind Schedule Buying Gifts

If uShip’s latest consumer sentiment report around e-commerce shipping trends is any indication, the holidays sure do stress us out.

Did you know that 20 percent of those getting holiday deliveries this year ALREADY feel behind? We haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet.

With this survey of Americans, we set out to determine how people felt about online shopping and shipping during the holidays, hoping to capture their attitudes toward shipping fees, delivery times, and more.

What we found was a pretty stressed out society when it comes to holiday gift giving.

Let’s Face It — We’ve All Been There

The situation goes something like this: You’ve ordered that perfect gift online for your loved one. You just know they are going to love it. Each day, based on the Expected Delivery Date, you anticipate the gift’s arrival. But as the days tick away, your gut feeling flips from excitement to anxiety as hope for an on-time delivery come into question. And then it happens, there’s no arrival on the expected day, causing you to miss the gift-giving moment altogether.

It’s probably why the same amount — 39 percent of respondents — said they feel excited and anxious waiting for a delivery. And what led 48 percent of consumers to give their last year’s delivery service grade of B.

Not to be outdone, Millennials and Gen Z consumers aged 18 to 24 were tougher on their delivery companies; 20 percent awarded a grade of C or lower.


What About Oversized Gifts?

And don’t get consumers started when it comes to ordering large items online for the holidays. Over 1 in 4 in holiday shoppers said it’s more stressful buying an oversized item than a parcel. Clearly, they are perfect candidates for uShip.


Check out our full Holiday Shipping Stress Test report 

Research Methodology

uShip commissioned YouGov PLC — a third party, professional research and consulting organization — to poll the views of 1,084 adults who identified themselves as holiday shoppers (out of 1,207 total US adults aged 18+). Fieldwork was undertaken between October 24 – 25, 2018. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

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