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Go the Distance! uShip’s Reduced Fee Program Rewards Long Hauls 

uShip has rolled out a fee-reduction program for transporters called Go-the-Distance in two of its most popular categories: Motorcycles and Household Goods.

All carriers can now make more money on higher-cost, longer-range deliveries, specifically Motorcycle shipments over $500 and Household Goods shipments over $350.

By the Numbers: Motorcycle category

Any shipment in the Motorcycles category still incurs a 20% match fee on the first $500 of a shipment – and then a low 1% match fee for any amount over $500.

For example, under the new program, hauling a pair of ATVs for $1000 would earn you $894 (vs. $800), or 12% more. And hauling a Harley for $750 would earn you $646 (vs. $600), or 8% more.

By the Numbers: Household Goods category

Likewise, any shipment in the Household Goods category, such as furniture and antiques, still incurs a 16.49% match fee on the first $350 of that shipment – and then a 1% match fee for any amount over $350.

In practical terms, a $750 cross-country armoire move would pay out $688 (vs. $626), or 10% more. And shipping an antique sofa for $500 would earn you $441 (vs. $418), or 6% more.

See some Household Goods examples illustrated below.

uShip fee reduction

While some of the dollar amounts may not seem significant, over the course of a month, it can really add up to impact your bottom line.

Go the Distance with uShip’s Fee-Reduction Program

On uShip, longer distance shipments typically command higher shipping prices, so the farther you drive, the more you can make.

With providers tending to drive more regionally during the pandemic, a huge opportunity exists on longer-distance moves in these two categories.

At this time, the uShip fee reduction program only applies to the Motorcycles and Household Goods categories. And there is no action required to get the reduced fee –it’ll be calculated for you.