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The Next Step In Digital Delivery for Shippers and Carriers

At a time when touchless delivery is paramount, fully digitizing delivery for oversized shipments is key to helping our users stay safe and secure throughout the entire shipping process. While we’ve made huge strides through solutions like uShip Payments and our robust feedback system, there has still been one missing piece to the puzzle: digitizing the delivery process by incorporating an electronic bill of lading, or eBOL.

That’s why uShip is excited to take that next step in bringing oversized shipping into the 21st century with electronic proof of delivery.

What’s a BOL?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Can you sign for this?” from a FedEx driver or local delivery service – congratulations! You’ve signed a Bill of Lading (BOL).

It’s the one document that binds every shipping transaction together; the one element of a delivery that holds vital information and legally protects both parties. Not to mention, it’s important in the case of dispute resolution and filing insurance claims. In other words, it’s kind of a big deal.

Historically, completing this document for large and bulky deliveries has been a dreadfully manual and inconsistent process involving paper, faxing, emailing, texting, and even the occasional carrier pigeon, to send proof of delivery.

But those days are over.

With uShip’s eBOL (electronic bill of lading) system, drivers now have a special link that allows them to easily submit details for shipments and deliveries, making for a faster, more efficient shipping experience for all parties.

gif of signature for packageIf you’re a carrier, this means no more time wasted manually entering status updates or answering tracking questions from customers. Completing an eBOL will instantly trigger status updates for you, so you can keep moving and get on to your next pickup.

How Does It Work?

The solution is simple. Once a listing is created, a unique link is generated that the carrier can use throughout a shipment’s journey.  Anyone with this link can access and input information into the eBOL; there is no need for a password or sign-in credentials. This allows for individual drivers who work for larger transport companies to access the eBOL without having to create their own uShip account.

uShip electronic bill of lading screen view

Once a user accesses the eBOL link (which can be found within shipment listing details), they’ll be able to notate item condition at pickup and delivery, upload photos at both pickup and delivery,  and securely submit the completed BOL instantly.

uShip eBOL mobile screen view

The ultimate goal of eBOL is accountability for everyone involved in the shipping process. This electronic proof of delivery solution helps to create a more professional and pleasant delivery experience, one that ensures both parties are informed and empowered every step of the way.

uShip electronic bill of lading delivery confirmation screen viewNot only does an electronic bill of lading from uShip make life easier and more efficient for carriers large and small, but it also offers peace of mind for the shipping customers who rely on them.

Have more questions about eBOL? Visit the uShip Help Center or reach out to us for more info.