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4 Ways uShip Transporters Are Earning Cash Back Through Upside

While politicians and economists continue debating if current inflation rates are temporary or permanent, we’re all stuck holding the bag, paying top dollar on fuel, food, utilities, and more.

To ease that burden a bit, uShip has partnered with Upside, a free app that gets you cash back at 40,000+ participating gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery stores nationwide.

What’s different about Upside’s cashback over other gas card programs?

Upside is free, and you don’t have to apply for a new physical card. Plus, users can earn 3x more cash back with Upside than any other product. This includes loyalty programs and credit card rewards.

Simply download the free Upside app to see cash back offers near you. When you fill up at a station or load up at a grocery store, pay as usual with a credit or debit card. The app will prompt you to either Check In or snap a picture of the receipt. Cash back will be added to your account. You can cash out whenever you want to your bank account, PayPal, or a gift card.

The bottom line is that it works. Here are 4 ways transporters on uShip are taking advantage of the new partnership with Upside and taking the bite out of high living costs brought on by inflation:


This is by far the most popular way transporters are using Upside. Available at 25,000+ name brand and independent fuel stations nationwide, Upside will show you the sign price of gas and the discounted price you’ll get after receiving your cash back.

In fact, transporters on uShip who signed up for Upside and used the promo code USHIP35 got more than 35¢/gal back on their first two fill-ups. That could be up to $10-12 total cash back.

Now you can, too!

Convenience Stores

It’s not just what goes into your vehicle’s tank. The hidden gem when it comes to getting cash back through Upside is what’s in the store. Earn up to 22% cash back on purchases inside the store at participating gas station locations!

Get money back on all the stuff you would be buying anyway – water, soda, chips, toiletries, and more – before getting back on the road.

Plus, if a convenience store offers cash back where you get gas, you don’t need to tap Claim again. Just make your purchase with the same credit card you used to get gas. It’s that easy!

You can tell which stations’ convenience stores offer cash back by looking for the basket icon on the gas offer card.


The great part about Upside is that it works around the clock, not just when you’re on the clock. When you head out to dinner with friends or family (along with getting takeout while driving) you can earn cash back in the process. Available at sit-down and drive-thru locations alike, the cash back perks can really add up.

With an average of 16% cash back offered at 15,000+ restaurants nationwide, including big name brands and local favorites, the cash back earnings can really add up. Don’t forget that cash back is on your entire order, and Upside works for dining in or takeout.

Grocery Stores

Similar to restaurants, when you’re at home or off the road, grocery stores are a great way to really take advantage of Upside. Users who use Upside frequently at grocery stores can earn about $50 a month!

Ready to get started?

  1. Tap here to download the free Upside app on your Android or iOS device
  2. Enter promo code USHIP35
  3. Get more than 35¢/gal cash back on your first two fill-ups