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Four of the Longest Journeys on uShip in 2019

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder – which might be why these folks felt compelled to send their items on some of the longest journeys ever booked on uShip.

Every day, we see thousands of shipments coming and going to and from interesting places all over the world. That got us thinking – what are the longest distances uShip customers and carriers have completed? We weren’t surprised by what we found – the longest journeys typically started or finished in the far reaches of the U.S., with Hawaii being the most popular long-distance destination.

1. Honolulu, HI → Branford, CT
Mach 2 International Moth speed sailboat

sailboat long journey

One lucky, speedy sailor sent a superlite sailboat from sunny Honolulu all the way to Branford, Connecticut. It was a long journey for this futuristic little vessel, but we’re guessing she’s probably thoroughly enjoying cutting through the waters of a brand new ocean.

2. Brooklyn, NY → Ewa Beach, HI
One Pallet of NCR (Carbonless Copy Paper)

Perhaps 400 lbs of receipt paper isn’t the most exciting shipment we’ve seen, but it’s impossible not to imagine what exciting endeavor those receipts might be used for. While its ultimate destination was likely an office or industrial setting, our favorite hunches involve a shave ice shop or a shark diving operation.

3. Cordova, AK → Vero Beach, FL
Boxer + King Charles Spaniel

A couple of lucky pups took their snowbird journey very seriously this year when they traveled from Cordova, Alaska (population: 2,100) all the way to sunny Vero Beach, Florida. After seeing so much of Canada and the U.S., these two are probably better traveled than many of their human counterparts.

4. Hilo, HI → Westville, NJ
2 Marine Transmissions

longest journeys marine transmission

We see industrial equipment shipments every day, so a couple of transmissions isn’t out of the ordinary, but the route these marine transmissions embarked on certainly was. The journey from Pacific to Atlantic for this hefty 550-lb shipment was a whopping 4,800-mile trip, which would have been a 65-hour drive on land – cue the longest roadtrip playlist ever made.

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