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30-Year Ritchie Bros. Buyer Switches Shipping to uShip

It’s a balmy Monday in Orlando, Florida. The Ritchie Bros. auction site is as expansive as it is bustling. Scott M. has come from Michigan in search of an excavator, hoping to bring home one of 760 up for auction.

He’s one of more than 13,000 attendees at Ritchie Bros. Orlando, the auctioneer’s largest event of the year with more than 12,500 items worth $278 million.

After winning auctions for a roller and water truck, Scott heads to the uShip tent, where he lists, reviews, and books the shipping for his heavy equipment purchases, which together top 25 tons.

Beginner’s Luck: Scott M. – a first-time uShip customer – was uShip’s $2,000 shipping giveaway winner

Courtesy: Ritchie Bros.

One-stop Shopping 

In years past, Scott had visited the Orlando auction and arranged transport with a carrier on the spot. While this luck-of-the-draw approach has worked for Scott and many others, it didn’t allow much price comparison, leaving buyers paying higher rates due to lack of competition. In other words, they were shipping blindly. With uShip, Scott says, “Instead of having to go track down six different vendors, it’s all one-stop shopping.”

Beyond saving serious cash on his shipments, Scott says the experience overall was painless, and the transporters’ communication made the process a breeze. “If there was an issue, they’d get right back to me,” Scott said.

Scott’s new equipment made it to Michigan and is already hard at work.

Three Decades Strong

Scott has been a Ritchie Bros. customer for more than 30 years. He knows what to expect at an auction: better selection than other firms and a no buy-back policy, ensuring fair bidding. He’s both bought and sold with Ritchie Bros., and says he’s never once had an issue.

With a 30-year relationship on the line, changing up processes might seem like throwing a wrench into a well-oiled machine. But as Scott experienced with his first uShip shipment, a fresh take on an old problem can make a good thing even better.

Customers have always found ways to ship heavy equipment home from auctions. But they haven’t always done so cost-effectively or efficiently. Armed with the power of competition, shippers who use uShip can choose and review their transporter based on price, reviews and availability.

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