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Here’s What the Latest Etsy Shipping Updates Mean for Sellers

Earlier this summer, Etsy announced a new streamlined shipping experience for shop owners and its customers. While change can be hard (especially when you’re a small business owner), these latest requirements for Etsy sellers are here to make life easier. By providing upfront delivery details, Etsy aims to entice buyers to purchase and save you a lot of time.

Ultimately, Etsy’s new shipping policy enables you to quickly share order details with customers so that you can spend less time answering questions and more time doing what you love. Bottom line: a smoother shipping process means time savings for the seller and happier customers all around.

Here we take a closer look at Etsy’s new shipping requirements and uncover how uShip can help you streamline the process.

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Starting September 22, Etsy will require sellers to provide estimated delivery date details on both manual and automatically renewed listings in order for them to be visible to shoppers.

For Etsy sellers shipping large and bulky items, like furniture or antiques, these details will need to be entered manually. When adding shipping details to your listing, choose ‘custom shipping options’ then select ‘I’ll enter fixed prices manually’ from the first drop-down menu.

Selecting Etsy shipping options

Under shipping carrier, select ‘Other’ to manually enter the estimated delivery time. We suggest selecting the widest delivery time frame possible (21 business days), allowing at least one week for pickup and another week for delivery.

Etsy tracking fixed price selection

Remember: shipping large and bulky items is an imperfect science and estimated delivery dates are bound to fluctuate. Being upfront with buyers and setting expectations is key to ensuring a happy customer experience.

Why It Matters: Estimated delivery dates give your customers an idea of when their order is expected to arrive. This ultimately helps them feel more confident in their purchase and more likely to buy from you.


Starting August 11, Etsy sellers are required to add a tracking number to any order over $10 before it can be marked as complete.

Not only is this great for buyers, but it’s also added protection for sellers. In the chance that a non-delivery case is opened against an Etsy shop owner, a tracking number showing the order was delivered is all Etsy needs to close the case immediately. Here’s where that can be added:

etsy tracking view

For Etsy sellers shipping through uShip, all you need in order to provide tracking is your Shipment ID#. To mark an order as complete, select uShip from the drop-down menu of providers and enter your uShip Shipment ID#. Once entered, this will take you to the AfterShip tracking page. Your buyers will be able to view this same information from their Etsy account.

etsy tracking screenshot

Why It Matters: Shoppers want to know exactly where their package is and when it will arrive. The best part? Providing tracking details upfront means less time spent responding to shoppers wondering where their order is.


Etsy also wants to remind shop owners that they should never mark an order as complete until it’s officially with the carrier. Completing this final step of the order triggers an email to buyers that their package is on the way. This can create a confusing experience for buyers and set unrealistic expectations that will be hard for the carrier to meet.

Given the nature of large and bulky shipping, we suggest waiting until your item has been picked up and is en route before marking an order as complete.

Why It Matters: Setting realistic shipping expectations with buyers is key in their overall experience with your shop. Sending a notification that an order has been shipped when it’s still in the shop can create a confusing situation. Not to mention a headache for all parties.

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