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3 Ways Storefronts Can Start Selling Online While Social Distancing

As social distancing becomes the new norm for us all, many storefronts across the country are wondering how COVID-19 will ultimately impact their business. But just because you have to physically close your doors to customers, it doesn’t mean your sales have to stop – you can simply start selling online.

Making the transition to start selling online is something you can do today to provide an immediate revenue source for your closed or all-but-closed storefront. Not only does selling online allow you to reach potential buyers in a matter of minutes, but it also gives you a new selling location that’s open 24/7 – without anyone having to turn on the lights.

Here are three online avenues to reach buyers nationwide and keep revenue coming in from the comfort of your own house or store office:

  1. List Items on Etsy and eBay
    Already established e-commerce sites with built-in audiences, Etsy and eBay are two excellent options for sellers looking to quickly list and make online sales. Both are user-friendly and don’t require much technical expertise.
  2. Set Up Your Shopify Store
    With Shopify, retailers can sell and ship directly from their very own website. This is a great tool for storefronts looking to start selling from an online shop or bring checkout capabilities to an existing website.
  3. Get Social
    Instagram and the Facebook Marketplace are both great platforms for getting your items in front of a wider audience of potential online buyers. Need a little inspiration? Check out these 10 furniture retailers to follow on Instagram.

Once you’ve successfully started selling online, the next step is to tackle shipping. Not to worry – we’ve got just the guide to get you started. Our free eBook, The Ultimate Logistics Guide for Expanding Your Business Online, goes over five key elements of the shipping process that every online retailer should understand.

Though the economic impact of COVID-19 is still unfolding, there are immediate steps storefronts can take to pull through these uncertain times. We wish your business continued success today and for many years down the road.

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