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"Positive experience on uShip."

Within 24 hours of listing I received several bids from different parties. I was able to choose a bid that fit my price and preferences, and more importantly, I was able to familiarize myself with the shipping companies through feedback left by previous customers. I chose someone who had great feedback and a good price, and was very happy with the service they provided. I will definitely use uShip again.

"Excellent experience shipping my Jeep"

uShip was excellent and made it very easy to do the entire shipment, from listing it to picking the company and completing the process.I would use uShip again and will recommend it to every one I can. The entire process from start to finish was as good as it could be!

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Taking Care of your International Shipping

International shipping is growing rapidly due to the web connecting buyers and sellers from across the globe. Moving your goods, products or freight overseas can be a lot more complicated than generic domestic shipping. Whether you are new to the international shipping arena or an experienced business looking to expand, uShip can connect you with the international transporter that best suits your needs.

Visit our cost to ship pages for an inside look at shipments that are similar to your own. There you'll be able to view previous real-world international shipping transactions as they happened.

Boat, truck and plane are just a few of several options available for your international transport needs. Each option has its own complex regulations and logistics, so it's important to seek out a reputable international transport and shipping company that can make the process as painless and smooth as possible. The last thing you want is for your international goods or freight to be lost, or worse - stuck in a foreign port.

Foreign countries have many different rules, regulations and policies concerning the international transportation of goods and products. It's important that you research and discuss the appropriate policies of your destination country with your international transport company to avoid any complications.

It's important to have a discussion with the international transporter of your choice on the different ways that they can keep you informed as to the status of your shipment. Whether that's simple communication, or the use of a GPS/tracking system, inquire as to how you can be best informed. The key to a successful international shipment is care and planning well in advanced of your scheduled shipping date. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange all paperwork and prepare yourself for international shipping with uShip.

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