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"The uShip marketplace is truly one of the best websites in the transportation industry. It gives customers the ability to move their products with relative ease, and allows Service Providers the chance to compete for freight they would normally never see. What I first thought of as a competitor's website has actually been a great tool for my company. It's too bad I didn't find them sooner!"
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uShip is a great place for auto haulers to find the most profitable auto transport loads. uShip’s innovative suite of tools make it easy to search through thousands of available shipments to find the right car loads to fill your empty cargo space or back hauls. Best of all, unlike an ordinary load board, there are no subscription fees, and it is free to try.

uShip’s Find Shipments tool makes it easy to find the perfect car hauling load. With uShip, you do not have to waste your time sifting through countless pages of listings or using unreliable keyword searches. Our cutting-edge job-finding technology combines location searches with filters for shipment categories, pricing, service type, and more so that you can quickly pinpoint the shipments that are right for you. uShip makes finding auto transport jobs easy, so you can spend more time on the road making money.

Managing your auto hauling jobs is also easy with uShip. With useful auto hauling resources like automatic emails and bid alerts, you can stay on top of the activity on shipments you are interested in, as you will be notified if another bid is placed or your bid is declined. Then you can quickly place another bid, making it easier for you to stay competitive and win more jobs.

uShip is also a fantastic place for you to connect with other auto haulers. Use the uShip Community discussion forums to share your experiences and tell us how we can make the site work better for you.

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uShip Auto Stories
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Find Shipments
Find shipments that you can move quickly and easily. The Find Shipments tool is built on powerful technology that allows you to sort shipments in real-time without ever needing to re-load your page. You can customize this tool to find loads that precisely match the routes or regions you run, categories you serve or even the price range of jobs you are looking for.
Bid Valet
Automate your bidding to make sure you are not underbid. Qualified Service Providers can set the lowest price they would be willing to book a load for, and uShip will automatically lower their bid either on a regular schedule or when competing bids are placed.
Saved Searches
Save a search to get shipments you can service emailed to you every day. This is a great way to save time by putting new and updated shipments that meet your search criteria right in your inbox. After customizing a search with the Find Shipments tool, simply click the ‘Save this Search’ button at the top of the page to start receiving daily listings.
Group Bidding
Bid on multiple shipments without the risk of overbooking and resulting cancellations. With Group Bidding, qualified Service Providers can ‘group’ multiple shipments and set a limit on how many bids from that group you can service. Once you reach that limit, uShip will automatically cancel all other bids from that group.
My Rates
Input and save your preferred rates directly into uShip to quickly and easily book new business. The rates you enter will be used to pre-fill your bids, saving you time and making it easier to find and bid on more shipments.
uShip Directory
Add your company to the largest transportation services directory on the Internet. Itís free to create your listing, and you are putting yourself in front of thousands of shippers a day who can request a bid directly from you. The more active you are on the site, the higher you will rank and the more business you will attract.