Is it Safe to Ship a Car?

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Is it Safe to Ship a Car?


Yes, it is safe to ship your car. That said, the safety of your automobile depends on the transportation company you choose. You always want to be sure and do your research on the potential shipping companies. There are also some steps you can take to ensure the car is shipped securely.

Finding the Right Shipping Company


When you’re shipping something as high value as your vehicle, you want to be sure to find the car shipping company that best suits your needs and the needs of your vehicle. To ensure you find the best company, you should:


    • Research and find reputable car shipping companies


    • Make sure they have an MC and DOT number


    • Read customer reviews


    • Request quotes



  • Compare your options and choose


uShip is your one stop shop for finding the safest transporter. Just tell us your car shipping needs and you’ll start getting quotes directly from transporters. You can research and compare these carriers all on one platform. Choose the quote from the carrier you want to work with and you’re ready to go. Find more tips on choosing the best shipping company in this guide.

Preparing Your Car For Safe Transport


While choosing a carrier with a safe shipping history, you also want to do what you can to help the transportation run smoothly. It’s not very common for a car to be damaged during transport, but it’s still best to do everything possible to minimize risk. Find out more from our guide on preparing a car for transport.


Use uShip to find competitive pricing and safe car shipping whether you’re transporting the car state to state or international, all in one place.

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