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Trade shows are a great way to raise brand awareness and put your products in front of a highly targeted audience. That said, attending one requires you to plan far in advance so that the event goes smoothly. One of the most crucial things you will need to plan for is shipping.


Trade show shipping may sound easy but it is actually very complex and many things can go wrong. Don’t worry though, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about trade show shipping.



Trade Show shipping works best by using LTL freight services. LTL stands for less-than-truckload and means exactly what it sounds like. You share trailer space with others to create a full truckload shipment. Since you are sharing the space, the prices are much lower than hiring a dedicated truck.


When using LTL to ship to a trade show, it is important that you are selecting a carrier that goes the extra mile. uShip is the easiest way to ensure that this happens. When you get a quote from uShip, you have the option to select a trade show as your location type. By doing this, you only receive quotes from top LTL carriers that specialize in trade show freight shipping.



As previously mentioned, trade show shipping requires advanced planning and preparation. Here are some tips to get you started:


    • Prioritize communication: Know who to contact should you have any issues. With uShip, you have access to both email and phone support when you need it most. Additionally, provide all contact information to your carrier should they need to reach you.
    • Ship early: You may need to ship your freight weeks ahead of time. Check with the trade show to see what is required. Often they will ask that you have your freight delivered to an advance warehouse. An advance warehouse is a nearby secure storage facility for all incoming exhibition freight.
    • Make a checklist: Before packing your material, be sure to create a checklist so that you do not forget something.

Complete the bill of lading: All LTL freight requires a bill of lading. Make sure to fully complete the document and hand it over to the driver when they arrive for pickup.

  • Clearly label your freight: Each crate, box, carton, and pallet needs the trade show name and booth number. In addition, add contact information in case the freight is lost.
  • Properly package your shipment: When shipping to a trade show you should always crate your freight. It will reduce damage and make it easier to transport.




Trade show shipping costs vary depending on the following factors:


  • Distance: The further your trade show freight has to travel, the higher the price to ship.
  • Fuel prices: Fuel prices at the time of booking will influence how much the total price will be.
  • Freight size: The weight, dimensions, and total piece count will strongly attribute to the cost of shipping to a trade show. It is important to pack and ship only what you need for the event.
  • Wait times: Some carriers will charge for long waits to unload at events. This is known as detention time.
  • Protection: You will want to protect your freight. Learn more about the uShip Protection Plan.



Not only does uShip provide discounted freight quotes, but we also offer other great benefits, such as:

  • Rebill Protection: uShip audits your invoice to ensure no mistakes were made. In addition, if you do not agree with an additional charge, we will assist you in disputing it with your carrier directly.
  • Load Your Own Rates: If you have your own rates with LTL carriers, you can load them directly into your uShip portal, allowing you to compare quotes all in one place.
  • Customer Specific Rates: We can negotiate pricing with carriers based on your individual volume.
  • Referral Program: You will receive shipping credit when you refer a friend.
  • Protection: Did you know LTL carriers do not have full liability protection? It’s always best to protect your freight with a uShip Protection Plan.


Ready to ship? uShip strives to provide trade show shipping quotes from industry leaders at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us with any questions. From competitive prices to great customer service, it’s clear why so many small businesses prefer obtaining LTL freight quotes from uShip.

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