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Find RV Transport Jobs on uShip Today

The RV industry is growing rapidly, meaning there are more available RV transport jobs than ever. Millennials are leading the charge behind the growing interest in RVs. More campers and RVs are being bought and sold online, and more owners are looking for shipping solutions online. As people turn to uShip for their online shipping needs, RV transport jobs are rapidly becoming available on uShip’s free load board.

Why RV Transporters Turn to uShip For Jobs

  • Free RV Load Board: Hundreds of available RV transport jobs across the country are added to uShip every week. Unlike other online load boards, uShip doesn’t charge you anything until a transaction fee when you secure work.
  • Set Your Hours, Routes, and Rates: The Find Shipments product makes it easy to locate RV transport work near you or along your route. (Tip: use the saved search feature to get notified any time a new RV load is posted.) Review the listing, and provide a competitive rate for your RV transport service that works for you.
  • Manage Your RV Transport Business in One Place: uShip’s carrier tools make it easy to run your business off of one platform. Find RV transport jobs, monitor jobs you’re bidding on, review your booked RV hauling jobs, and easily find your uShip transactions and revenue.
  • Free Marketing for Your RV Hauling Company: Your uShip carrier profile not only lets customers know more about you, but it helps you get discovered when people look for RV transporters online. Add information about your company in your own words, put up some photos of your equipment, and collect ratings and reviews directly from your customers.

Special Considerations:

RV transport jobs require special licensing, training, and experience driving and transporting large vehicles. Make sure your experience, equipment, and paperwork are right for the jobs you are trying to book.

Transporting RVs by Drive-Away

In some cases, you will find customers that want their RVs transported by drive-away services. This requires you to drive their RV from the origin to the destination instead of hauling it by truck or flatbed.

Hauling RVs

Most RV transport jobs require that the RV be hauled to its final destination. Hauling RVs involves having the right equipment and trucks for safely loading and transporting each specific RV. This may include special hitches for different sizes and types of RVs or different sized trailers.

Tips for RV Transport Jobs:

Before completing any RV transport job, make sure to thoroughly inspect the RV from top to bottom. Document any damage with the owner of the RV, or the person sending the RV with you, to prevent potential claims that you caused any preexisting damage during transit. At the destination, inspect the RV again with the receiving customer to make sure that the damage on your initial report matches the damage on the RV.