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Find Available Car Transport Jobs on uShip

With thousands of available car transport jobs, uShip has become a big source of revenue for car shipping service providers. As people start buying and selling vehicles online, they are also looking for shipping solutions online. Auto transporters have never been more in demand.

How uShip Supports Auto Haulers

  • Free Load Board for Car Shipments: uShip is a shipping marketplace with hundreds of available auto hauls posted every day. Most online load boards charge a subscription fee. uShip doesn’t charge anything until a transaction fee once you secure car transport work.
  • Set Your Own Schedule, Rates, and Routes: uShip’s Find Shipments product makes it easy to find car transport jobs near you or along your route on your schedule. Set your own rates for your services as you compete with other auto haulers.
  • Haul Vehicles You Want to Haul: Find cars that need open trailers or enclosed trailers. Set up a saved search based on locations and commodity types to get alerts when a new shipment is available.
  • Free Marketing for Your Car Transport Business: Fill out your uShip carrier profile with your company bio, post photos of your equipment, and start collecting ratings and reviews directly from your customers. People can search for your auto transport business online and find your profile quickly.
  • Direct Communication with Brokers, Dealers, and Individuals Needing Car Transport Services: Each shipment listing has a Q&A section for you to ask more questions about the vehicle. Use this tool to get more information that will help you provide the best quote for you and the customer. If you’re newer to the platform and don’t have reviews just yet, the Q&A sections really help the customer get to know you and your business.
  • Manage Your Auto Hauling Business in One Place: uShip’s carrier tools make it easy to run your business in one place. Get job leads from saved searches. Set up alerts when a competitor bids on a car transport job you have a bid on. Review your booked shipments for easy scheduling. See all your transactions and revenue in one place.

Tips for Hauling Automobiles for Dealers

Winning a car transport job with a dealer usually means multiple vehicles in need of transport, which means more revenue for you. There are some things to keep in mind when working with a dealership:

  • Call ahead fifteen minutes before you arrive, and ask where to park.  Dealerships can have awkward parking situations.  It’s important to find out where to go before you get there. By calling ahead you also give the dealer enough time to move the lot around if he needs to so you can get to the car.
  • Always inspect a car before you load it, note any scratches, body damage, or paint chips. Take high resolution photos of the vehicle before you load it on your rig. uShip provides a bill of lading for every shipment. Make sure to have the dealer sign off on it.
  • If you do damage a car for some reason, have it checked out by a service professional. It’s best to come prepared with a third-party estimate.

Tips for Moving Cars for Individuals

When you find car transport jobs on uShip, chances are you are working directly with the individual. This means you’re the expert and need to make sure all the details are in order. The person probably has not shipped a car before and may not know the ins and outs. Use the Q&A section of the listing to nail down some specifics.

  • How much gas you want them to leave in the car
  • Is it okay for them to leave any household items in the car?
  • Let them know when you will be there for pickup and delivery
  • People that are new to shipping a car may want more updates along the way, especially if it’s a long haul. Try to be open in communication along the way.