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Why uShip Fits Auto Haulers

  • uShip is a shipping marketplace with thousands of auto hauls available right now.
  • Work directly with individuals and dealers to arrange shipment details.
  • Auto transport jobs in every state of the continental US.

How uShip Helps Auto Haulers

  • Loaded back hauls – work with shippers to set up shipments on your back hauls
  • More Profitable Trips – Find LTL shipments to add to your trip and make more per mile
  • No monthly fees, no sign up fees, only a transaction fee
  • Free auto loads emailed to you

uShip Tips for Auto HaulersHauling Automobiles for Dealers

A good contract with a dealer can make your business, but working with dealers has its own guidelines.

  • Call ahead fifteen minutes before you arrive, and ask where to park.  Dealerships can have awkward parking situations.  It’s important to find out where to go before you get there. By calling ahead you also give the dealer enough time to move the lot around if he needs to so you can get to the car.
  •  Always inspect a car before you load it, note any scratches, body damage, or paint chips. Make sure to have the dealer sign off on it.
  • If you do damage a car for some reason, have it checked out by a service professional. It’s better to come prepared with a third party estimate.

Dealerships can be great for business, but be prepared for some surprises.

Moving Cars for Individuals

Transporting cars for individuals may be a little different than you are used to. If you found a shipment on uShip, chances are you are working directly with the individual – no broker. This means it’s your job to make sure all the details are in order. The person probably has not shipped a car before and may not know the ins and outs. Create a checklist for them to follow

  • How much gas you want them to leave in the car
  • Is it okay for them to leave any household items in the car?
  • Let them know when you will be there, and be prepared to call them every day to let them know their car is safe.

Remember, this is usually the second biggest purchase most people make and they can be a little overprotective.