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uShip’s Free Load Board Providing Jobs for Hot Shot Drivers

As oil prices have sunk and freight volumes have dropped after an initial bump due to the coronavirus, there are reports of many drivers seeking hot shot loads from free load boards, a necessary move to continue bringing in revenue so wheels can keep turning.

Data also shows an upswing in driver interest in uShip’s open marketplace, a free, no-subscription digital load board that only applies fees when drivers book and deliver shipments.

Example of uShip's digital free load board

While uShip has seen a softening of shipment volumes since the coronavirus seized the nation, more and more shipments are being added each and every day, meaning you can access thousands of shipments on our free load board at any given time, 24/7.

In addition to thousands of consumers and small businesses, some specific shipment sources include:

  • Agricultural equipment from Ritchie Bros Auctioneers online buyers
  • Vehicles from eBay Motors sellers
  • Motorcycles from RumbleOn
  • LTL freight from thousands of small businesses
  • Furniture shipments from Etsy shop owners

In terms of volume of shipments available, on average, you’ll find more than 1700 household goods and furniture items, more than 1200 cars and light trucks, more than 800 heavy haul and equipment shipments, more than 600 motorcycles of every kind, and more than 500 boats, ranging from sailboats to pleasure craft.

Hot shot tractor loading from free load board

At a time when spending money on advertising to attract new business or a website to promote your business, uShip does it for you. Think of us as your marketing and sales department that serves up new business daily, so you don’t have to find it yourself.

Payment on Delivery

While it’s difficult to predict what kind of rates such an unpredictable market will see, as a provider you’re assured of one thing when you book business on uShip: Payment on delivery. Shipping customers are required to pay upfront. Funds are then held until delivery is confirmed, at which time one tap of a button drops those funds into your uShip account.

Then select your preferred method of receiving money into your bank account, including instant debit withdrawals and ACH withdrawals. The first option carries a 2% fee for funds to hit your account the same day. ACH withdrawals carry no fee and funds arrive into your account within 1-4 business days.

At this time of uncertainty, turn to uShip as a source for reliable business freight.