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Proper Removal of Garbage and Junk

When garbage and refuse starts to accumulate it can become a real nuisance around the house. Whether it’s in your garage, basement, or backyard, unwanted junk and refuse may reach a point where it just has to go.

Proper removal of garbage and other waste is essential. There are three options when it comes to removing your waste:

Transport it yourself to a landfill or city dump

These venues usually have small fees that apply to any type of waste unloading. You will have to have a vehicle to transport your debris and enough manpower to load and unload it yourself.

Have your city or town’s sanitation services remove your waste

If you choose this method, contact the proper sanitation services to learn about pickup days and other rules and regulations the service providers may have.

Properly bag or contain whatever you may be removing. If your city or town recycles, separate the plastic, paper, glass, and cans from each other. There will likely be different days of pickup for each type of waste:

  • Solid Waste
  • Liquid Waste
  • Recycling
  • Bulk Trash

Hire a junk hauler

Junk haulers offer services not provided by your town’s sanitation services. While you may have to wait for the city’s designated day of removing large debris, a junk hauler works around your schedule and caters to your needs.