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Pros and Cons of Transporting Plants

When you are transporting household or garden plants, consider if they are worth the time and expense to transport. Common carriers can easily accommodate small plants. Larger plants may need a specialized plant transporter, or a driver who is truly committed to caring for the plants along the way. Use the following lists as a guideline to determine whether or not you should ship your plants.

When to take your plants with you:

  • They have sentimental value and you do not want to part with them
  • You’ve spent a lot of time cultivating them or they are a rare species (e.g. Bonsais)
  • They are small enough to be easily packaged for quick shipping
  • They would be difficult to buy at your new location
  • They are large and would be costly to crate and move

When to leave your plants behind:

  • They are common species that you could purchase again for less than the cost of transport – give yours away to a friend as a gift
  • When they are rooted in the ground – the transplant process is time consuming and the plant may not survive the shock
  • They are prohibited in your new location due to USDA quarantine or otherwise.