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Moving Checklist

There are several items to take care of when moving your home, outside of the physical packing and moving of goods. Review our checklist below to see the things you must remember before moving.

Changing Your Address

There are several ways you can notify the USPS of your change of address when moving.

  • For a $1 fee, you can submit your change of address online or over the phone.Visit the online change-of-address form or call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).
  • You can pick up and file your change of address form at your local post office.
  • You can print a change of address form online and mail it in or hand it to your letter carrier.

Remember, it takes seven to ten days for your change of address to take effect. While standard mail will be forwarded for 12 months, periodicals will only be forwarded for 60 days so make sure to cancel any subscriptions or notify them of your change of address.

Disconnecting & Transferring Utilities

Avoid surprises and transfer your utilities long before beginning the moving process. Contacting your utility companies at least two weeks in advance will give you time to finalize bills and arrange service at your new home.

Closing Your Accounts

If disconnecting your utilities for a move, have the companies do their final readings and request a copy. Pay any outstanding bills, and don’t forget to collect any deposits you placed for the account.

Even though you are filing a change of address with the post office, give utility companies your new forwarding address. This way, you can make sure that you receive any final bills on time and avoid paying late fees.

Transfer Services

If you are moving within the same city and will be using the same utility companies, see if you can transfer your account to a new address instead of canceling your old services and starting a new account. Some companies offer you the option of transferring your accounts online, while others you will need to call to speak with a representative directly.

Depending on where you move, you may be able to keep your existing telephone number. If you are moving outside of your exchange’s serviceable area, you will not be able to keep your same number. Your internet options will depend on the availability in the area that you are moving to.

Plan Ahead

Call your new utility company to confirm your new account and be sure to schedule overlap in your utility services. Have your utilities at your old house disconnected the day after you move and have your utilities turned on in your new home the day before you arrive.