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Mecum Auto Auction Transport

If you are thinking about purchasing a car from Mecum Auto Auctions, chances are you will need to have it shipped. That said, Mecum auto transport requires buyers to hire an experienced service provider. Moreover, you will want to locate a company that will take great care of your collector car throughout the shipping process. So, how does one find an experienced car transporter that doesn’t break the bank?

The answer is simple…

uShip offers world-class Mecum Auto Transport at the perfect price. There are thousands of auto transport service providers with plenty of classic car shipping experience to choose from on uShip.

Mecum Auto Transport with uShip

In order to transport a car from Mecum with uShip, you will first need to decide on which shipping method to use. There are two options: open transport or enclosed transport. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Enclosed transport is the best option when it comes to shipping a classic or collector car. It offers the most protection from road debris and weather. However, enclosed transport is the most expensive option. That said, when it comes to Mecum car shipping, it’s best not to take any chances.

Open transport is the cheapest option for Mecum car transport, however, it offers little protection from the elements. Rocks, tar, and other road hazards can cause serious damage to vehicles being shipped in open-air. If you plan to use open transport, it is best to properly prepare your car for transport.

Once you have decided on a method to ship your car, you will want to create a listing on uShip. Creating a listing is simple and free. Once your listing is live, service providers will begin to place competing quotes against each other to win your business. Before you book, review the service providers and their quotes in detail. Alternatively, if you prefer to skip this process, feel free to book instantly with a published rate carrier.

Cost to Ship a Car from Mecum

The cost to ship from a car from Mecum auto auctions will depend on many factors. Mecum shipping prices are primarily contingent on the distance, transport service type, and the type of vehicle. For more detailed pricing, see our cost to ship index.

uShip is dedicated to offering world-class vehicle shipping. If you have any questions about shipping a car from Mecum Auto Auctions, please contact us.