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How to Ship Furniture on Etsy

One of the biggest problems facing Etsy sellers today is finding reliable shipping solutions for large and bulky furniture. Etsy shops selling furniture that exceeds the maximum size restrictions of the U.S. Postal Service are left to locate private carriers. Furthermore, they are forced to use shipping companies that just can’t get the job done. As a result, sellers often face late deliveries and damaged goods.

Cost control is another problem that Etsy sellers experience when transporting large furniture. For example, when a seller offers free shipping, they have to roll the cost into the purchase price. That means if the seller does not accurately calculate the price of shipping, they lose money.

Worst Ways to Ship Furniture From Etsy

Many Etsy sellers have discovered ways to ship furniture that meets some of their needs but not all. For example, one solution might offer competitive pricing, yet lacks on-time delivery. On the other hand, furniture transport companies that offer timely delivery tend to be more expensive.

LTL Freight

One way Etsy sellers ship larger items is by LTL freight. That said, freight transportation is extremely sluggish, not to mention expensive. Shipments are loaded and unloaded from trailer to trailer. As a result, sellers experience reduced transit times and high damage rates.

And that’s not all.

Charges for additional services, such as liftgates, may be added after delivery. This means that the seller is stuck with the bill, potentially losing hundreds of dollars.

That said, it’s probably best to skip this option entirely for Etsy shipments.

Bus Transport

Another shipping method that Esty sellers use to ship furniture is passenger bus transport. No, the merchandise doesn’t ride along in its own seat. Instead, bulky furniture is crated and stored beneath the bus in the cargo bay.

Bus shipping is a nuisance for both the Etsy seller and the buyer. For example, once the bus reaches its destination, the customer must pick the shipment up from the bus station. Let’s be honest — nobody wants to drive to a bus station to pick up their new armoire.

So, how do Etsy sellers ship furniture? More importantly, how does an Etsy seller safely ship furniture while maximizing profits?

Best Way to Ship Furniture from Etsy

The best way to ship furniture via Etsy is uShip. uShip has partnered with Etsy to be the preferred shipping solution for large items and furniture.

Smart sellers are now using uShip’s online marketplace to safely ship their unique furniture at an affordable price.

As an Etsy seller, there are many benefits that come from leveraging uShip:

  • Instant Rates: uShip allows sellers to quickly calculate shipping rates.
  • Transparent Fees: There are no hidden fees to stress over.
  • Packing Solutions: Etsy sellers can expect uShip carriers to blanket-wrap their shipments.
  • Nationwide Coverage: uShip allows for easy coast-to-coast shipping.
  • Tracking: Both the seller and buyer can track the status of their shipment with ease.
  • Room of Choice Delivery: Deliveries are placed inside of the home, not on the curb.
  • Insurance: Sellers can reduce financial risks by purchasing insurance through uShip.

In addition to the above benefits, uShip is offering Etsy sellers $30 for their first delivery. Additionally, sellers also get $12 towards each subsequent delivery for a limited time.

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