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How to Sort and Pack Your Bedroom

Clothing and linens can take up much needed space and time when moving. By following these steps, culling outdated wardrobes, and properly packing, you can save yourself frustration in the long run.

Sorting your closets

The first step to packing your bedroom is sorting through your closets. Most people keep more clothes than they ever wear; so get rid of clutter by sorting your closets before the move.

To decide what you should or shouldn’t keep, ask these questions:

  • Have I worn it in the last year?
  • Is it an out-of-date style or a trend that has died out?
  • Does it fit my lifestyle?
  • Does it match at least two other items in my closet?
  • Do I have the right accessories?
  • Does it fit?
  • Why am I keeping this?

Take any items that need cleaning or mending to be repaired and throw away things that are beyond repair. Unwanted items can be sold at a garage sale or donated to charity.

Packing your bedroom

Follow our dos and don’ts of packing clothing, so your clothes and shoes arrive at your new home in good condition. Leave extra room in your wardrobe boxes for draperies and curtains.

Pack mirrors in special boxes that you can purchase from your household mover or supply store. Make sure any box you choose can handle the weight of your mirror and is labeled clearly.

Leave packing your bed for last. Linens should be packed in a clear plastic bag. They are light enough to carry in bags and can be squeezed into odd spots in the moving truck. Wrap your mattress and box springs in a mattress pad and box to protect it from damage.

The Dos and Don’ts of Packing Clothing

  • Don’t take clothes off the hanger; use a wardrobe box or fold clothes (still on the hanger) into a large box.
  • Don’t hang sweaters in a wardrobe box, because the shoulders can stretch and sag during transport.
  • Do use all available space in your boxes. You can put bags of accessories, like ties and belts, in the bottom of a wardrobe box. This is also a great place to put purses.
  • Do line boxes with paper (plain white, to prevent staining).
  • Do put delicate materials into a separate cloth or plastic bag for extra protection.
  • Do pack shoes in shoe boxes or stuff shoes with socks and place them in plastic bags.
  • Don’t place any heavy items on top of shoes. A great strategy is to pack shoes in the bottom of a box, then put clothes from the same closet on top.
  • Don’t pack jewelry with your other clothes. Jewelry should be kept in a box small enough to carry, and you should keep this box with you wherever you go.
  • Don’t pack any valuables (clothing, jewelry or otherwise) on the moving truck.