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How to Move and Ship Couches and Furniture

Couches and other upholstered furniture pieces are susceptible to both frame damage and rips in the upholstery. By carefully preparing for couch shipping, you can avoid unnecessary damage.

To prepare your upholstered furniture or couch for shipping

  1. Do not have furniture pieces cleaned. Instead, wait for the completion of your furniture shipping.
  2. Remove all protective slipcovers, cushions, and throw pillows. Box or bag these items separately.
  3. Wrap your couch in a furniture moving pad to protect from rips or tears.
  4. If shipping by furniture freight, crate your furniture and make sure it is properly padded and secured.

Tips for moving couches

  • Remove legs if you are having difficulty fitting the couch through an entryway
  • Lift furniture from the bottom, at the strongest point
  • Avoid touching the upholstery, but wear gloves if it is necessary
  • Do not drag the couch by one end; have at least two people to move
  • “Walk” the couch by moving one side, then the other, in small steps
  • Place the couch on furniture sliders for easy positioning

Tips for moving chairs

  1. Remove all slipcovers.
  2. Do not lift by the arms or back, as these are the weakest points on the chair.
  3. Lift by the chair-rails, with one hand near the front and one near the back.
  4. Take care not to knock the legs against a hard surface or object.