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How to Choose a Motorcycle Trailer

Enclosed motorcycle transport trailers

Most motorcycle transporters let you choose from either an open trailer or an enclosed trailer, though most motorcycle moving is done on an enclosed trailer. Because motorcycles are small and very susceptible to damage from the elements, it is usually the best choice to ship on enclosed motorcycle transport trailers. Dozens of motorcycles can fit on one enclosed transport trailer, so several shipments can travel at the same time. Also, shipping on an enclosed trailer keeps your motorcycle safe from theft or loss.

Choose an enclosed transport trailer if:

  • Your motorcycle will be transported a long distance or over several days
  • Your motorcycle is particularly valuable or susceptible to damage
  • You have an open time frame and can be flexible

Open motorcycle transport trailers

Although most shippers choose an enclosed motorcycle transport trailer, there are some instances when an open trailer is the better choice for motorcycle transport service. If you are only shipping your motorcycle a short distance—under a few hundred miles—then your motorcycle can probably be shipped safely on an open motorcycle transport trailer. Since your motorcycle will be transported in one trip, it will not incur as much damage from the elements or be open to theft. If you are on a tight timeline, you may have an easier time finding a carrier to haul your motorcycle on an open transport trailer than having to arrange shipment on a large, enclosed, multi-motorcycle transport trailer.

Choose an open motorcycle transport trailer if:

  • You are shipping a motorcycle over a short distance
  • The trip will only take one day
  • You are prepared for damage from the elements
  • You need expedited shipping