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Etsy Seller Shipping Tips

There are plenty of how-to articles out there that claim to offer the best Esty seller shipping tips. The truth is, being an Etsy seller is hard work and a single blog post will not make you a shipping expert overnight. However, with a little practice, you will be able to master the art of Etsy shipping.

In this guide, you will learn the essentials of Etsy shipping. First, you will learn how to actually charge for shipping. After that, you will take a journey down free shipping road. You will discover the pros and cons of offering free shipping in your store. Lastly, you will discover the various transportation methods available to ship your merchandise. Choose wisely, each method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

How to Charge for Shipping on Etsy

There are many ways to charge for shipping on Etsy. The first way is by subsidizing the shipping fee. You can offer a single flat shipping rate on your merchandise. Next, there is breakeven shipping. With this method, you charge your customer the actual price of shipping. Lastly, you can charge more than the actual cost to ship – this is a great way to turn shipping into a revenue stream. You can download our free Etsy shipping price strategy eBook for more information.

How to Offer Free Shipping on Etsy

Etsy shops can easily offer free shipping if they wish. Free shipping is a great way to grab the attention of buyers. In fact, Etsy states that sellers who offer free shipping are prioritized in the U.S. Etsy Shop search results. All you need to do is set up a free shipping guarantee. This is what Etsy calls its free shipping program.

When you offer free shipping, you will need to adjust the total price of your merchandise to cover the cost. For example, if flat rate shipping costs $7 and your item is priced at $20, you will need to manually change the price to $27.

That brings us to the following burning question…

Does Free Shipping Increase Sales on Etsy?

Free shipping can increase sales on Etsy for some items. However, consumers are still looking for the best price possible. Simply put, if your item with free shipping ends up being more expensive than the same item with paid shipping, you will probably lose the sale. It is best to offer free shipping only when it makes sense.

Etsy Shipping Options

When it comes to Etsy shipping, there are many options to choose from. However, different shipments require different transportation methods. The most common Esty seller shipping solutions are:

  • Parcel: Parcel means that you are sending merchandise through the postal service. It is a great way to ship items that are less than 70 lbs.
  • Truck Freight: Truck freight uses large semis to ship your bulky Etsy items. This solution is not recommended for shipping fragile items.
  • Bus Freight: Items up to 100 lbs can be shipped via a passenger bus. The merchandise is stored below the bus with the luggage. Again, this is not the best Etsy shipping option.
  • Private Carriers: Private carriers can ship any sized item. This is the best Etsy shipping solution. uShip can help connect you with world-class private carriers. Click here to learn how uShip can help your Etsy shop succeed.

More Etsy Seller Shipping Tips

Here are some final Etsy seller shipping tips. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Find a shipping pricing strategy that works for both you and your buyers.
  • Always use the calculated shipping option.
  • User proper packaging to reduce damage.
  • Only use shipping services that offer detailed tracking.
  • Use trusted private carriers to safely ship large items.
  • Properly weigh and measure your Etsy shipments to avoid surprise costs.
  • Take advantage of combining multiple purchases into one shipment with combined shipping.

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