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Getting Rid of Natural Debris by Composting

During major renovations or routine lawn maintenance, you may accumulate some natural debris. A great way to get rid of natural debris, other than hiring a junk hauler, is to compost.

What is natural debris?

Generally, natural debris is any type of waste that is biodegradable.  Natural debris includes:

  • Straw or leaves
  • Mowed grass
  • Sawdust or woodchips
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Fruit and vegetable trimmings
  • Animal manure

What is composting?

Composting of natural debris is a process that allows natural decomposers to work faster than they would have had the debris been left to decompose on its own.

Why should I compost my debris?

Besides the breaking down of your unwanted natural debris, there are other reasons to use compost piles. Most importantly, compost piles help develop compost. Compost can be used in any home garden as a soil amendment, helping the environment while your garden grows.

Some benefits of composting:

  • Compost contains a wide variety of natural nutrients, including iron and manganese.
  • Compost breaks down clay found in the soil, allowing roots to spread and water to drain more effectively.
  • Since they are made up of natural debris, compost piles are established ecosystems that can enter and thrive in any reasonable environment.
  • Compost prevents water runoff.

How do I compost my natural debris?

If you’ve decided to compost your natural debris, you will need to choose a proper location for your compost pile. A compost pile should be built in a level area, on dirt or soil. As compost piles can be unsightly (and stinky), try to find a discreet place to compost.

For a simple compost pile, all you have to do is pile your debris and let nature do its work. If possible, chop or break down your compost materials into smaller bits to speed up the process.

Composting is a great way to get rid of your natural debris. The environment benefits, your garden benefits, and you benefit—getting rid of your trash and putting it to good work.