United States Shipping Stories (Small Packages)

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best rate in shipping market place!

Finally a reasonible way to ship larger items the brown trucks either charge too much for, or say is too heavy for them.

uShip - My best/only option on getting tractor tires.

Finally I found the set of tractor wheels and tires I needed. Problem #1 they were 500 miles away. Problem #2 the seller was not willing to ship them period. Not willing to pack. Not willing to drop off. No time to mess with shipping. At this point I did not think the deal would happen. Then I called him back "What if I had my guys (uShip) pick them up after I pay you?" "That would be fine" ...

my first time using uShip

I was not aware of your service and the seller gave me your site. It worked very well for me and I already have passed the information on to three other people that were not aware of your service. The cost was a lot less than the gas it would have taken me to go get the Cub Cadet and bring it home, a win win for all involved. The service provided did an excellant job, lept me well informed and got ...

Great 21 century experience

This company handled everything perfect, technology comunication, phone, timing and handling. We were shipping a binding machine. The price was right. What else could we expect? Thanks a lot

76 boxes

SCO was absolutely fabulous. The boxes arrived early and in great shape!! I would use them again without hesitation!!

Picture frame delivery

Cooniebear is the best!!! On time in full and perfect service. Better than expected. Thank you U ship! Michelle Butler

5th wheel hitch

I live next to a FEDEX Freight facility and tried to use them to ship my 5th wheel hitch which was on a pallet. I was informed that I was not eligible to recieve the best pricing even if I delivered it to their dock. Hmmm that is not right. I posted on uship and had a bid within 6 hours and my item was picked up the next day. Great service. I have used uship 3 times and each time was a differ ...

Transmission Shipment

Needed a transmission shipped. Listed on Uship. I now have my transmission. Very easy, Highly recommended. Thanks Again

Great Experience Shipping My Items

I was so delighted to find your site. There were some items that I wanted to send to my sister in Atlanta. They could not be shipped via UPS or Fed Ex and I was really unsure about how to go about finding another alternative. I had just about given up hope and decided to just google shipping one more time. I was amazed to find that there was a company that was able to put you in touch with shi ...

uship experience

first time user seemed to work fine got to get use to but would definatly recomend the service. Charlie Kelley

Car Bumpers

I was forced to ship a very awkwardly shaped box. Uship really delivered with an awesome company that handled my package carefully and efficiently.

Large antenna

My item was a bit different than your usual item,had several pieces,Was well taken care of and was treated as it was his own,It was a bit of a rush as I was about to lose a bid for the item,shipper went out of his way to get the item ,I kid you not this guy is 1st class and on top of it all just a plain down to earth nice guy !!!!

Salt Lake City to Atlanta

This is the second time I have used U-Ship and second time I've been very very happy. I will use again, and again.

TWO [2] JBL 4408 Studio Speakers [professional studio monitors]

I had purchased two JBL Studio Monitors and the seller desired to use USHIP. I'm a well versed EBAY seller but normally what I ship is very small, high ticket packages - diamonds. So I use US Postal Service Registered Mail and US Postal Service Express Guaranteed Next Day Service. When I posted the JBL Studio Monitors for shipping on USHIP [again this is my first time], I stated that I had shippe ...

Antique Mahogany Chest

This was my first time using Uship and it was a great experience. I bought an antique chest from Maryland and decided to give Uship a try. It was great and I had numerous bids within hours. The carrier I chose was excellent and so was his assistant. My chest arrived sooner than I expected (within 2 days) and in excellent condition. Charles was in contact with me throughout the entire move. I ...

Florida to Ohio for an ebay buy-is this affordable & doable?

I bought 4 chairs on ebay at an unbelieveable price provided I moved them from Florida to Ohio. I called anybody, anywhere to no avail. I thought that I had to give up the chairs. Then I heard about uShip, connected with Mike at SemperFi and he drove them to Cleveland himself at half the price of other shippers. The chairs were in beautiful condition and it was evident that he treated them wit ...

John Deere Transmission

Had bought a John Deere Lawn Mower Transmission in Pennsylvania and advertized on U-Ship to get it to Ohio, Jared went to pick it up from the fellow and then delivered it to me, Great Service, I would use U-Ship and Jared again Thanks

A great man

This guy is a truly great American. He booked easy, did as he said he would and then when he could have been upset with me about being late and holding him up, he instead treated me with understanding and kindness. He really made things easy.

Shipment to South Africa

Thank you so much for shipping the boxes to South Africa! It was wonderful to have it picked up at my house and less than a week later arrived at it's drop-off destination. Jorgia also made sure that I have all the paperwork done! So thank you so much for your excellent service, I will be using you again!

Fast! Easy! Dependable!

This is my 3rd time to use this service! It has always worked for me! The providers I've worked with so far were all trustworthy, dependable and good at what they do!

My boxes

I have shipped 19 boxes with Uship, 10 have been on the missing list sent with 123 Shipmater, who wont return my calls nore respond to my e mails, the other 9 were sent in two shippments, and i was really pleased they came by air, fast in good cndition.UShip have sice dropped 123 Shipmaster, but too late for me, and my posetions.

Thanks LDMInternational - A++++ Shipping

Thanks for your quick and professional delivery. I do appologize on having to deal with such a flakey shipper (Regina). None the less, thanks for following through on her time frame. The ONLY suggestion to LDM is trying to talk with a company rep. You guys need more help. lol -Have a great day! William

shipped rims weight 200 lb

the shipper was great the eBayer was impatient and never left feedback or contacted me after he recived his item there needs to be a way to prove i shipped the item eBayer filed a claim 5 days after auction end and the item had to be shipped freight 1500 miles for $100 get real lucky he got it that cheap so i think that the shipper did a super job and would use again and recomend to anyone

Excellent delivery of my motorcycle engine!

I needed an engine for my motorcycle and was watching several on eBay. They were all about the same price, but the problem was that the better engines were the farthest away. I decided that shipping costs would be the deciding factor. I put all of them up for bid on Uship. I received many great bids on all of the listings, saving a lot of money over any of the shipping amounts in the eBay listings ...

Better than market suggested prices

This services allows the customer to directly interface with the service provider. Allowing the service providers to bid on the job optimizes the cost for the customer while still offering a profit to the service provider.

Problem Solved!

We had purchased a lawn tractor motor which the seller was supposed to strap to a pallet for shipping. The seller was unable to do so due in part to an accident and we were at a loss. Tony made contact with the seller and picked up the motor personally and got it to us for a price we could afford. Great service, attitude, and trustworthy. First class!

Using uShip

This is my first experience with uShip. The price was excellent. When the shipper ran into problems beyond his control, he perservered and made the delivery. It was obvious that he was protecting his reputation regardless of cost. I would certainly use him again.

Flawless Execution at a Reasonable Price

For substantially less cost I was able to ship a large box directly to Wisconsin from Texas. Not having multiple processing centers was a huge plus. My shipment was a memorial wreath for my Mother's grave site was very important to me and required careful handling. Most other carriers would have delivered my wreath in heartbreaking condition.

Shipping through snow

We needed to get our boxes out of storage from a friend's house quick and didn't know how to ship them without spending a lot of money. We either had to rent a car and go ourselves or fly to ship them using public shipping services. Either way we would have spent over a grand. So we found USHIP and Trail of Treasures were willing to ship our boxes to us for less than what we asked for. We are very ...

What a wonderful service!

I became familiar with uShip when I had to have a horse transported. I was very impressed with the smooth and simple connection with a transporter, Everything went along without a hitch. Then, recently, I had to have a group of items I purchased from eBay transported. The seller didn't want to ship it because he believed it would be much too expensive by USPS or UPS. I considered driving 600 mile ...

ebay items large unusual shipment

I had to ship items from a seller who had no arrangements made. I was able to find a shipper quick with no hastle.

Law Books

I found an auction site where a series of very old Supreme Court law books were being sold. The seller would not provide shipping, or even box the books. So I used uShip to locate a shipper who could go to the site, box the books and bring them to my house. This is really a great way to get in touch with smaller shippers.

Great experience shipping a 200 pound anvil!

I used uShip to request bids to ship a 200 lb. anvil. I had been quoted ridiculous fees by some others, some quoted $800-1,000.00 to ship the anvil from Tennessee to upstate New York. Jeff of JDX services bid low on the anvil, about $250.00, which included picking it up at the seller's business, padding it and delivering it to my home. It was a very positive experience for me, and I saved a lot ...



Special chair

I have used Ushio a couple times, all good experiences, the last one was a blessing for us, thank you Uship, keep growing and connecting, thank you.


My move from TN to VA was troublefree and right on time. This individual is terrific. You can't go wrong with him!

car engine

I had one of those odd shipments, not very big, but very heavy and the carriers experience made it happen. thank you for the trouble free service.

12 Boxes

My first uShip experience was great. It was easy to find a qualified shipper and they did a great job. I would definitely use the service again.

Belt Sander-Used unboxed

Recently I have had my first bad uShip experience in that the contracted hauler made several pickup dates with the shipping point, but never followed through. I canceled w/that hauler with uShip's help and reposted the shipment which was booked in less than 30 minutes. This hauler, tedsvtfl, was in contact often, picked up when promised and delivered merchandise in great contition. uShip is an ...

Personal staff 20 boxes

Mike is a god guy, very accurate, correct. took care of my goods. Look forward to do business again. Thanks!

Charitable Shipment-15,000 Water Safety Packets-

uShip and their member Street Ship helped us prevent drowning yesterday by moving 10,000 of our water safety packets from their stuffing location in North Austin into one of our target zip codes in Hays County & at no cost to Colin's Hope! We can now distribute this life saving information to families more quickly to raise water safety awareness to prevent children from drowning! Thanks again uS ...

Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)- Model 18-HE58D1

Excellent Service, Excellent Communication. Will Definitely Do Business Again. 5+ Star Service. Thank you again for such a GREAT service. A+++

32 medium boxes

USHIP worked great for me. I got 3 offers and chose Greathaulers because of their excellent feedback. The service was excellent, and, he saved me about $125 over the quote I got from the factory for shipping laminate flooring. Costco discontinued the flooring without any warning right in the middle of my job, so I was on my own. My son had used USHIP with good results and recommended I give it a ...

2 boxes

We were so impressed with the Irysh delivery service we would never use any other provider, the cost and prompt service was excellent.

Harley Saddle Bags

Bryan Justice with Justice Distribution LLC, is new to UShip. But the most polite and attentive shipper I've used. Definitely went the extra mile to make sure my shippment was taken care of. Thank you!

child's playhouse

Michelle was the best - our boy is already having fun w/his playhouse and car - a great experience from beginning to end - Thanks Michelle!

John Deere Z445 EZ trak lawn mower 54" mower deck

They delivered my lawnmower deck about midnight as I asked them to deliver it when ever it was in the area instead of having to laover.

1 glider rocker

I'll be back for sure. This was the best customer service I've gotten in a long time. Not to mention met a great young man and his little family! Will use Uship again!

Water Bottles in Corrugated shipping boxes

Sean is a nice guy, but he must be very busy. I had to check on the delivery to find out there were problems. Once the paperwork problem was resolved, the delivery took an extra two weeks! Thankfully, I had put in three extra weeks to get to the destination. It arrived one day before deadline.

Small Shipment Needed

Tran32 was absolutely AMAZING! My baby chihuahua was stuck in a shelter completely across the country! I got him home only by the grace of Tran32. He took such great care of my puppy who I am sure was scared to death as he had been lost while on vacation and was gone from home for a month! Thanks so much.

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